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What Your Child’s Favourite Colour Says About Them

We all have a tendency towards certain colours. Give me blue over orange any day. But no one is more attached to a specific colour quite like a toddler! Just ask a mum who has accidentally given their toddler a red cup instead of his favourite colour blue one.

Colour preference develops pretty early in children and can play a key role in uncovering a child’s personality. According to child wellness expert Maureen Healy, author of The Emotionally Healthy Child, toddlers attach to specific colours as it actually helps to calm them.

“From my own perspective, colours are like food to children, From a colour theory perspective, every child is drawn to the colors they need emotionally at the moment. Sometimes a particular colour makes a child ‘feel better’, whether it calms them or simply puts them at ease.”

These colour preferences are also often associated with symbols or representational. For example, a heart usually represents love and is closely aligned with red and pink. Purple, on the other hand, is often associated with magic – unicorns, fairies, that sort of thing.

Toddlers are most likely going to change their favourite colour over the course of time but not always. My son has favoured the colour blue for over 12 years now while his sister has gone from pink to blue to purple.

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What your toddler’s favourite colour means

So what does your child’s favourite colour say about them? Here’s what the experts have come up with:


This is one of the most popular favourite colour choices for children and it’s understandable. Blue is a calming colour that often represents harmony. Toddlers who love the colour blue tend to be sensitive, stable and pretty chilled out.

They are also really motivated to go the extra mile so you may have a competitive child on your hands and one that thrives from a challenge.


If your little one’s favourite colour is red, it may mean they are strong-willed, stubborn and determined. Red can also signify a toddler who is athletic, energetic, adventurous, passionate about nature and a touch impulsive.

Of course, it could also mean your toddler loves firetrucks and perhaps this is why they are so attached to this certain colour.


Pink is often associated with princesses, make-believe and having fun. If pink is the colour du jour, this probably means your little one is creative, playful and imaginative.

Pink is also associated with children with an affectionate nature so many little ones who love pink are also considered sensitive, empathic and very loving. 

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Purple-loving toddlers also live in a world of magic. Your little one is most likely artistic, unique and sociable. They are also known to be chatty, charismatic and creative.

Purple lovers may march to the beat of their own drum a little bit and also have excellent intuition. 


If your toddler loves green, it could suggest they are loving, affectionate and excellent cuddlers. Green is often associated with security and comfort.

Kids who love green may also be aware of what others think so may be extra sensitive if they think they are in trouble for something.


I have to admit I’ve never met a toddler who preferred orange but, I’m sure they are out there. Orange lovers are the friendliest of the bunch. They are easy to get along with, have a unique zest for life and are in general, an absolute pleasure to be around.

They may enjoy being the centre of attention and are sure to keep you on your toes!

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Yellow lovers are the logical kids – the ones that are good at planning and love routine. Yellow toddlers tend to be quite smart and might be a bit standoffish but they are also always thinking.

If your little one loves yellow they may also be imaginative, love learning and be great at sharing.


Toddlers who love black are often artistic and sensitive. You may find that your tot is detail-orientated, strong-willed and careful, even from a young age. They also might have a bit of drama with sharing with others.


Toddlers who love the colour brown are considered to be social, reliable and dependable. They also may like poo.

What do you think? Does your child’s personality match their current favourite colour? For more personality-type stories, check out:

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