Destined for Greatness? Your Baby’s Personality Based on Birth Month

Is it possible to predict a baby’s personality? You can certainly try!

According to some, in order to find out just what your little one will be like when they grow older, all you have to do is look to his or her birth month.

Whether you believe it or not, have a read of the common characteristics of people born in each month to see if it matches your cheeky cherubs.

Remember, this is just for fun. Although science does support the idea that seasons affect personality, there is not adequate evidence to suggest a baby’s personality is shaped by our birth month.

Baby Personality by Birth Month

Leading the Way: January Babies

January babies are said to be born leaders, oozing with independence and charisma. They are the ones racing for the gate at the playground and checking back to make sure everyone is watching them. You can also expect your January baby to be shouting “me do it” A LOT.

Other traits: Charming, creative, clever, cautious, motivated, ambitious and stubborn

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Hearts of Gold: February Babies 

Babies born in the month of love have the biggest hearts of all. The most common characteristic of February babies is their compassion. They are kind, empathetic and caring. They are the toddlers who are more than happy to share their toys and give kisses to other kids when they scrape their knees. Naww.

Other traits: Intelligent, loyal, shy, highly sensitive 

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Off with the Fairies: March Babies

Babies born in March are cute, charming and often found in their own little world. They have great imagination and are especially awesome at pretend play, dress up and imaginative play. Get the costumes ready!

Other traits: Impulsive, secretive, dreamers, generous, understanding 


Bossy Boots: April Babies 

Who’s the boss of the playground? April babies, most definitely! Born leaders, April babies are smart and creative. They are also incredibly social and won’t have any trouble making friends wherever they go. April babies also have A LOT of energy to burn so expect to be racing around after them for years and years to come.

Other traits: Dynamic, decisive, energetic, active, fearless and stubborn

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Dual Ambition: May Babies

Babies born in May tend to have a split personality (blame the Gemini in them). They are social and active, but they also crave solitude to decompress and be creative. Expect your little May baby to love music, drama, and writing – they may even grow up to make a career out of these things!

Other traits: Hardworking, strong-willed, imaginative and understanding

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Cuddly Koalas: June Babies

June babies are the affectionate ones of the bunch. They love kisses, and cuddles and will grow up to be the ones who love romance. Kind-hearted, talkative and polite, June babies are an absolute delight to be around. However, they also have trouble expressing their emotions, which can make them hard to read.

Other traits: Considerate, chatty, friendly, sensitive and easily hurt

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Smarty Pants: July Babies 

Expect a lot of know-it-all sass from your cheeky July baby! These little wizards are the next-gen of baby geniuses with plenty of ambition to keep them going. July babies have ALL the answers and are not afraid to share their two cents worth. However, they also can be lone wolves in the pack and misunderstood.

Other traits: Funny, witty, honest, sarcastic, friendly and sensitive

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Happy Chappys: August Babies

You know those babies who are ALWAYS smiling? Even when they are teething or overtired, they still seem happy? These are the August babies, the enthusiast, positive and cheery cherubs of the classroom. August babies are easy-going, loving and adventurous, which is a great combination for their lucky mummies!

Other traits: Optimistic, generous, caring, friendly, funny, fiery and fearless mum central

Routine Hunters: September Babies

Some babies thrive on chaos. Other babies need a controlled environment and September babies definitely fall into the latter category. These little ones love their routines and you may find they become unsettled quickly if they miss a nap or two. As September babies grow older, they will have no problems cleaning up their toys and keeping their rooms tidy which is a huge bonus for their mums!

Other traits: Organised, careful, calm, emotionally intelligent, sympathetic and secretive 

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Lucky Ducks: October Babies 

Those born in the month of October are said to have Lady Luck on their side and tend to get what they want, when they want it. Part of it comes down to luck and the other part comes down to their powers of persuasion. They are born leaders and great debaters! Be prepared to do a lot of negotiations (aka bribery) with your October baby!

Other traits: Opinionated, fair, loyal, emotional, decisive and honest

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 Think Tanks: November Babies 

November babies are born for greatness. They are the early crawlers, the quick walkers and the toddlers building massive cities out of blocks. Creative, full of ideas and determined to give everything a go, November babies often work best alone and tend to stick to independent play over social activities.

Other traits: Hard-working, intuitive, empathetic, sensitive and secretive 

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Social Butterflies: December Babies 

Babies born during the festive season are all about the party! They are outgoing, social and busy little bees that love to be out. They also tend to get bored easily and will need a lot of stimulation.

Other traits: Ambitious, impatient, hardworking, generous and active

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Baby Personality Predictions 

Of course, there are A LOT more factors to baby personality than just birth month. Many experts swear that a child’s temperament is shaped by the birth order (oldest are the leaders, youngest are the attention-seekers, middle are the peace-keepers). There is also the argument for nurture over nurture, which suggests that how we raise our kids is what shapes their personality.

There is really no way to know for sure why your child is a cheeky little spunk, an independent soul or a free-spirited wild child. But, whatever personality they have, make sure you nurture it, love it, and celebrate it.

After all, it’s what makes your baby so amazing!

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