Mum Sells Newborn Twin Babies for $13,300 to Pay Off Credit Card Bill

Imagine selling your own children? A Chinese mum has been arrested for doing just that. She sold her newborn twin babies to pay her credit card bills. Say WHAT?

An unbelievable act from anyone, let alone the children’s mother – the babies were sold to separate families for 65,000 Chinese Yuan (that’s around $13,300 Aussie dollars).

The Chinese woman (known as Ma) is a single mother in her twenties. Her twin boys were born prematurely, incubated and considered a burden by the mother.

The babies’ father (known as Wu) fails to show up for the birth and it’s believed his family has no interest in helping Ma raise the children.

These circumstances led Ma to sell her newborn twin babies. The boys were less than two weeks old when the mum sold them to separate families. Apparently, the families lived more than 700 kilometres away from the babies’ birthplace in Eastern China.

Asian twin boys, twin babies
Twin newborn babies sold to separate families. Source: Bigstock

Sells newborn twin babies to settle her debt

You can’t put a price on love, but allegedly this mother did. According to news reports, the two boys were allegedly sold to two separate families, fetching 45,000 (AUD$9,227) Chinese Yuan for one and 20,000 (AUD$4,100) Chinese Yuan for the second baby boy.

It’s believed Ma used most of the money to clear her credit card debt. She uses the remaining money to buy a new phone.

Reports also state that upon hearing that the infants had been sold, the children’s father did actually come forward. Not to stop the transaction but to demand a portion of the sale for himself. That’s right, he requests profits to pay off his own gambling debts.

Unfortunately for him, he was told the money had already been spent.

Police intervene

Thankfully for the babies, the police hear about the case and go looking for the twin boys. Both baby boys are found, each with their adoptive parents – who agree to give the babies up.

Police hand the babies to Ma’s parents, before arresting Ma and Wu. Indeed, Chinese law states that people found guilty of trafficking can be jailed for up to 10 years.

mother sells twin sons
The rescued boys Source: Metro UK

Selling your baby is child trafficking, just to be clear

Selling your baby isn’t a form of adoption – it’s child trafficking. Therefore, you are committing a crime. People who are found to be guilty of such a crime face a lengthy jail sentence.

Additionally, the people who purchase children this way don’t get off scot-free either. They can also face a hefty punishment.

Help is always available

Becoming a mum can be overwhelming. If you feel you’re struggling you DO NOT SUFFER IN SILENCE. If you’re at all concerned about your new-mum state of mind, talk to your doctor, midwife or child health nurse. Alternatively, you can call the following helplines for immediate advice and support:

Beyondblue — 1300 22 46 36

Pregnancy, Birth & Baby — 1800 882 436

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