6 No-Fuss Chicken Recipes That Pack a Flavour Punch


Looking for a simple but super tasty dinner to feed the entire family? Here are six of our favourite easy-peasy chicken recipes that anyone can make!

That’s right, chicken doesn’t require a whole lot of care while cooking it, so there’s no need for any fancy Masterchef skills with these chicken recipes. Phew!

And if chicken breasts and thighs push out the budget too much, look to drumsticks and wings as a delicious, but cheaper, alternative. Yum!

Disclaimer: I make a LOT of easy chicken recipes for my family. Chicken is such an awesome all-rounder to cook with and plate up. The texture is just right for little chewers, helpful in persuading fussy eaters. Plus, chicken is SO versatile. There’s not a lot you CAN’T do with chicken. #winnerwinnerchickendinner

6 Winner Winner Easy Chicken Dinner Recipes

1. Easy BBQ Hawaiian Kebabs

BBQ season is nearly here guys and we want you to be READY. My kids love these BBQ Hawaiian kebabs (and who doesn’t love food on a stick anyway?) and I love them because they’re much tastier and cheaper than buying them at the supermarket. So everybody wins.

BBQ Hawaiian Chicken Kebabs recipe, easy chicken recipes

2. Honey Soy Chicken Drumsticks

Also a family favourite, these sticky honey soy chicken drummies go down a treat every. Single. Time. They’re blanketed in just the right amount of sweet marinade that they are gulped down with no complaints, vegetable side and all. For the coriander lovers out there, don’t forget to sprinkle that on for an extra kick of tastiness.

easy chicken recipes

3. Fake KFC Chicken

Bless that Colonel Sanders and his finger licking good chicken. Good news folks, we can totally recreate a very similar version of the much-loved crunchy chicken, which is just soooo good, you can’t stop at one piece. Try this recipe for Knockoff KFC Fried Chicken – all from the comfort of your own kitchen!

easy chicken recipes

4. Garlic and Lemon Drumsticks

An easy chicken recipe for the airfryer, coming right up! These garlic and lemon drumsticks are excellent served with a crunchy side salad and a big ol’ bowl of potato wedges. Mid week dinners don’t get much easier than that!

air fryer garlic and lemon chicken recipe, easy chicken recipe

5. Easy Chicken Pot Pie

Is there anything better than tucking into a steamy hot pot pie at the end of a cold day? Make individual pies (or a big family sized one) with this super delicious, creamy chicken pot pie recipe. Feeling super organised? You can even make pies in advance to freeze. Sweeeeet.

easy chicken recipes

6. Gutsy Chicken Noodles

Talk about a bowl of amped up chicken noodles, this bowl of chicken stir-fry noodles has some serious guts to it and tastes AMAZING. You can use chicken mince as per the recipe, but I can attest to using shredded leftover chicken or cutting up the meat from a BBQ chicken. It all works out the same, and tastes scrumdiddlyumptious. Plus, it’s on the table in under 15 minutes!

easy chicken noodles recipe, easy chicken recipe

For even more quick-sticks, easy chicken recipes, see what magic you can unfold with a store-bought BBQ chicken!

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