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The Ultimate Halloween Hair – Barber Cuts 3D Haircuts that Scream WOW!

Need a haircut or a new hair-do before Halloween? This barber promises to deliver BIG.

Proving that a short back and sides request is so yesterday, this barber sets the bar high for stylish hair. Higher than high. Sky rockets it in fact.

Think we’re over exaggerating? Scroll down below to see the video for yourself!

From San Antonio, Texas, this barber better known as Rob the Original is taking the hair world by storm clippers. Not your average barber, I dare to call Rob a hair artist.

3D haircut
Source: Instagram

It’s spooky hair like we’ve never seen it

Like nothing I’ve ever seen before, Rob creates spectacular 3D hairstyles. Yes, 3D. Take this dread-lock spider for example, it looks so positively life-like it would certainly have arachnophobes running in the opposite direction!

3D haircut
Source: Instagram

It’s not just spiders Rob is a master at. One look at this extremely talented fella’s work and you’ll see there’s a plethora of jaw-dropping 3D haircuts he’s created. In addition to the spider, there’s eyelashes, eyeballs, hands holding paint brushes and all the insanely detailed afro wearing portraits in between – all using a scalp as his canvas. Of course. Because #hairgoals.

Watch the video below to see Rob the Original’s AMAZING talent!

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So, as I said earlier, if you’re due for a haircut before Halloween, seize the day! Head to your local barber and use Rob the Original as your #hairinspo to request some serious Halloween hair. Talk about impressing all the kids in the street!

3D haircut
Source: Instagram

Let us know how you get on in creating your Halloween hair – or if your barber comes back with “so, short back and sides then?“.

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    Thank you ~ saw this as a meme, and went thru a few sites trying to find the “barbtist” (barber + artist). Your post was the first to give him credit. I would love to see a time lapse of the incredible, painstaking process!

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