Hands up if you celebrate Christmas with your fur, feathered or finned family members! Many of us put a little something under the Christmas tree for our pets, after all, they’re part of the family too. Here are our top picks of Christmas gifts for pets!

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Premium Dog Booster Seat for Small Pets

PERFECT FOR: Small pets who like to travel in the car
PRICE: $99.95

Regardless of whether your dog likes to ride in the back, or shotgun upfront, this Premium Dog Booster Seat ensures they’ll be riding in comfort and style!

Designed with small pets in mind, the Premium Dog Booster Seat from Modern Pet features tall walls to help your dog feel more secure and comfortable as well as a removable cushion cover for easy washing. The seat can be rolled up for easy storage and the cool leather handles and accent straps make carrying the seat a breeze. Great for Fido AND your car, the booster seat protects car interiors from flyaway fluff, dirt and nail scratches – which will mean less detailed car cleaning in your future. Win, Win!

gifts for pets

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Pups in the Pantry Dog Treats

PERFECT FOR: Food motivated dogs and rewarding!
PRICE: From $2.10

For delicious, lip-smacking treats, Pups in the Pantry will have your dog thinking all of his Christmases have come at once!

It’s no secret dogs LOVE peanut butter, so one sniff of these rawhide scrolls with their delicious peanut butter centres will soon set their tail into a serious wag. Great for a reward treat, they’re also fab for helping keep your dog’s teeth clean. Check out the Mutt-ello Choc Biscuit with Carob dog treats too – they look delicious with their pup-friendly carob centres! Perfect for the last-minute gift, they’re SUPER easy to shop because you can find them in the pet food aisle at Coles! EASY PEASY.

Pups in the pantry

Pet Circle Bundle Boxes

PERFECT FOR: Dogs, cats and pet owners who love a surprise!
PRICE: From $24.95

Who doesn’t love a mystery surprise box of goodies?! Treat your cat or dog to a box full of awesome surprises with a Pet Circle bundle box!

Fantastic value for money, Pet Circle has the perfect selection of gift boxes for your pet at Christmas. From The Curious Box (a perfect little value hamper for popping under the tree) to the larger New Puppy and New Kitten Boxes, which have everything you need for setting up life with a new fur baby including a variety of pet goods, put together by experienced vets containing premium food, parasite prevention, toys, treat, grooming bits and bobs, training aids and more.

Pet Circle’s bundle boxes are brilliant to spoil your furry friend with and a great way to try new products. The entertainment (and the savings) are pawsome!

Perfect Pet Cat Cube House

PERFECT FOR: Kitty cats who love to hide
PRICE: $25

Does your kitty cat love hiding in boxes, cupboards – anywhere dark and quiet? If so, this is the house for them!

From Perfect Pet, the Cat Cube House makes a brilliant – and perfectly safe – hiding space for your cat to sleep and play in. A super-soft base pad is perfect for snuggling in and if it gets too hot, or your cat gets too big, it can be folded down to make an open bed. Sweet dreams, it’s purrfect!

The Chicken Swing

PERFECT FOR: Chickens of all breeds and sizes!
PRICE: $40

Believe it or not, chickens like to have fun too, but what toy do you buy for a chicken? A swing, that’s what!

The girls will soon be lining up to take a turn on The Chicken Swing. Chickens actually learn to swing themselves by shifting their weight (no need for a push) and will be swinging themselves silly in no time. Just you wait and see! Send us the pics!

Cat Christmas Scratcher

PERFECT FOR: Felines who like to hide and play

Nestled nicely in the under $10 price bracket, Kmart’s Cat Christmas Scratcher is sure to bring a gleam of scratchy joy to any playful cat’s whiskers.

A Christmas caravan themed scratcher, this is a perfect budget-friendly gift for inquisitive cats (and might just save your couch!). There are windows to climb through, cosy corners to curl up in and even a couple of stars to swat at with a paw. Just assemble and leave your cat to it. Merry Christmas!

Christmas Toy Gift Packs

PERFECT FOR: Cats and dogs who like to hide and play

Regardless of whether you’re firmly rooted in team cat or team dog – these are super cute festive-themed toy gift packs for your furry friend can be found at Target at just $9 each!

Packs are available for both cats and dogs, each presented nicely in a box, ready to give. Toy boxes contain a variety of entertainment such as a ball, Christmas themed toys and a festive drawstring sack for hours of playful fun. All for under $10!

Christmas gifts for pets

Parrot Explorer Box

PERFECT FOR: Busy birds who love to forage
PRICE: $59.99

Convenient instant foraging in a box. Remove the lid, sprinkle some Toy Topper and let your bird forage in the prefilled box packed with different shapes, textures and colours.

It’s the present every spoiled bird will want to discover under the tree this year. There’s a bounty of treats to discover, including delicious freeze-dried mealworm and cricket treats, as well as gum nuts and seed pods!  Not just for parrots, the Explorer Box is suitable for every type of bird that likes to have fun, from Finches to Macaws!

Christmas gifts for pets

Petzy Personalised Collars

PERFECT FOR: Dogs and cats who fancy a snazzy collar update
PRICE: $39.95

For extra small to extra large dogs and cats, treat them to a brand-spankin’ new, personalised collar this Christmas!

Petzy personalised collars are made from a vegan leather material to provide your pet with the most stylish, comfortable and durable of collars. Choose from a gold or silver buckle and you can have your pet’s name stamped in the same metallic hue, using premium foil stamping. There’s a colour to suit every personality from bubble-gum pink to chic black, making sure your pet looking their best!

Christmas gifts for pets

Guinea Pig Snuggle Pod

PERFECT FOR: Adding some colour and fun to a guinea pig hutch
PRICE: from $42.50

The secret is out, guinea pigs LOVE to snuggle! The Bree and Co Snuggle Pod ticks ALL the boxes. Perfect for little piggies who love to cuddle and also amazing for sleeping, hiding out in and keeping warm on cool nights, this is a must-have for the hutch.

Made from a machine washable, quick-dry fleece fabric, this pod is going to jazz up your guinea pig enclosure instantly and fits up to two guinea pigs. Choose from several prints, each Snuggle Pod comes with a free absorbent mat pad, very handy if someone hairy wets the bed. Get ready to snuggle in style!

Christmas gifts for pets

Furbo Camera and Treat Dispenser

PERFECT FOR: Spying on your dog (or cat!)
PRICE: $359

If ever you’ve wondered exactly what the fur kids get up to during the day – Furbo is the ultimate spy tool! Sure, it’s pricey, but you can’t put a price on keeping your pet safe – and amused! There’s plenty of cool features to this camera set up, including:

  • SEE – Furbo features a 1080p Full HD Camera and Night Vision, 160-degree wide-angle view and zoom function, so you can see your pooch clearly day or night.
  • TALK – 2-way chat and barking alert. Furbo will send you a phone notification if it senses your dog barking. Check on what’s happening and comfort them easily. Or tell them to leave the cat alone, either way, handy.
  • PLAY – Fun treat tossing! Fill the Furbo with over 100 pieces of your dog (or cat’s) favourite treat and play a game of catch. Play remotely via the free Furbo app – yes, you don’t even have to be there to reward your pawed friend!

Christmas gifts for pets

So there you have it, a Santa sack full of awesome gifts for your pet, which they’re SURE to love!

Don’t forget to shop the rest of our Christmas gift guides.  From babies to stocking stuffers, we’re making it SUPER easy to get your shopping done this year!

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