Unique Christmas Trees: 24 Ways to Make a Statement With Your Tree

We all love a bit of Christmas tree porn. I swear my Facebook newsfeed is currently a flurry of flickering lights, seagrass tree collars and more oversized baubles than you can point a stick at. 

While traditional tinsel-laden Christmas trees are always a crowd-pleaser, we do love it when families think outside the box, especially after the year we’ve had. I mean, we could ALL use a unique Christmas Tree towering in our living rooms, adding a bit of extra glow to our days. 

We searched far and wide across social media to find that extra Christmas glow, and, boy did social media deliver the goods!

Get ready to glow the house down with these unique Christmas trees that sparkle with rainbows, unicorns, sunflowers, candy canes and so much more! 

Would you be game to give any a try? 

Rainbow Bright

Colour me happy! Love the idea of using a painted tyre as the Christmas tree collar.

rainbow christmas trees
Source: @Treetopia and @dutchdecorstyle

Rainbow Ombre

If you suffer from POPD (perfect ornament placement disorder), then these two trees are sure to please your senses. Aren’t they stunning? 

mum central
Source: Pinterest

Nightmare Before Christmas

This is especially fitting for 2020 and a perfect combination of Christmas/Halloween. The original poster explains that she actually used leftover Halloween decorations for the tree and tree collar – LOVE! 

Night Before Christmas Tree
Source: Kmart Inspired Homes

Merry Dinomas

It’s amazing what you can do with a bucket of dinosaur toys and some spray paint. Dinosaur-obsessed children will be in heaven! 

mum central
Source: Kmart Inspired Homes and @sortaobsessed

Candyland Dreams

Calling all bakers: here are a few ideas to sink your teeth into! So. Much. Candy. Goodness. 

mum central
Source: @christmasmakers and @justchristieslife

Unicorn dreams

You too can have the magical land of multicoloured unicorns in your living room by pairing blue, pink and purple baubles with massive flowers or an extra-long mane of multicoloured tulle. Spotlight, here we come! 

mum central
Source: danila.napolitano and @alwaysdream1231

Disney Christmas

Holy Mickey! That’s a lot of old school Disney. Pluto. Goofy. Donald – they are all there.

The Frozen-themed tree is pretty amazing too, if you’ve got kids who refuse to let that movie go. 

mum central
Source: PrettymyParty and @edder9

Flower Power

The tropics called. They want their trees back. You can keep the flamingo tree topper though. But, in all seriousness, these trees are oozing with summer vibes and floral freshness. What a unique idea! 

mum central
Source: @mymodernmet and Pinterest

A ray of sunflowers

A symbol of optimism, faith and unconditional love, a sunflower tress is a beautiful way to show 2020 whose boss. You can take away our toilet paper and travel but you can never take our sunflowers!  

mum central
Source: Traveler’s Market Events and Teresa Mary

Oh my succulent!

We shared this idea earlier on in the year and loved it so much we had to include it again. Skip the traditional tree and opt for a succulent tree, or at least a mini one for your Christmas table! 

succulent christmas tree trend
Source: Etsy

A shoe in

Ballet shoes or thongs – take your pic with these interesting tree choices.

mum central
Source: Pinterest and Pinterest

The 2020 Tree

It’s just not a round-up of unique Christmas trees without two paying homage to the year of toilet paper shortages, face masks and hand sanitiser. What a year it’s been!

mum central
Source: @Petty365 and Kmart Inspired Homes

So there you have it – 24 unique ways to decorate your Christmas tree that are sure to make a statement this December.

Which one is your favourite? 

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