Christmas Gifts Made Easy: 9 Awesome Toys for School Kids


Have the kids already written their Christmas toy wish list? Are you starting to freak out that the big day is fast approaching? 

Wondering what’s cool to have under the Chrissy tree this year? Here at Mum Central, we’re making Christmas gifting easy peasy with our pick of the coolest toys for kids.

It’s never too early to get organised for Christmas, right? Plus, the more time you give yourself, the less panic buying there is. Indeed, here’s a round-up of some of the best toys for kids and guess what? You can snap them up without even stepping a foot outside your front door. Just hit the ‘Shop Now’ button. #tooeasy

Here’s the scoop on the toys for school-aged kids that are going to be a huge hit this Christmas. TIP: Get in quick and beat the crowds!

PICK #1. SPACETALK Smartwatch

The perfect solution for kids (and parents!) who aren’t quite ready for all the responsibility of a phone. The SPACETALK Smartwatch ($349) is a watch, phone and GPS device for kids age 5 to 12-years-old. Designed right here in Australia, the SPACETALK Smartwatch safely connects kids with parents. There’s no open access to the internet, therefore there’s no social media or watching 100 toy unboxing videos on YouTube.

The SPACETALK Smartwatch comes with a heap of exciting features. It includes two-way calling and SMS messaging (to pre-set contacts), a weather app and multiple reminder alarms (such as ‘Get out of bed!’ and ‘Don’t forget your library book!’). Plus, kids will get a kick out of using the stopwatch and step counting capabilities. What’s more, for parents whose kids travel to and from school on their own, there’s a location on-demand function so you can check on your child’s whereabouts! It’s a pretty awesome piece of technology for kids and gives peace of mind to parents. TIP: Afterpay and zip available.

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PICK #2. Luvabella Newborn Doll

Shhh, you’ll wake the baby! One of the greatest dolls to hit the toy aisle this year, Luvabella Newborn (RRP $109.99) is a doll that’s just like a real-life baby. You won’t believe what you’re seeing when you watch Luvabella’s facial expressions change, hear her giggle, watch her fuss when she’s tired and respond to being comforted. She really is the most life-like newborn doll that ever there was.

Your little one can feed, burp and play with Luvabella Newborn, as well as rock her off to sleep. See her tummy rise and fall with her ‘breathing’ and watch in amazement as her mouth and eyes move. Just awesome! Luvabella comes with two must-have baby accessories – a dummy and a bottle to keep her happy and content. Bring on the babysitting! Available now at Target, Big W, Kmart, Toy World, along with independent toy retailers.

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PICK #3. Cyclops Bike

Wooohoooo! Ready for some wheely good fun this Christmas? A brand new pair of wheels is a cool gift for active school-age kids. The Cyclops Interceptor Electroplated BMX ($89) is the perfect choice for thrill-seeking kids aged 4 to 7. An Aussie icon for more than 100 years, the Cyclops brand is synonymous with children’s wheeled toys. The durable 40cm steel frame features a super sleek and impressive blue paint job to ensure your kid stands out from the crowd. Certainly, the helmet heads will turn in awe at the BMX park!

An awesome BMX for beginners, the handlebars and seat are both adjustable. Plus, training wheels are included for those who are still mastering their balance. And, when it comes to stopping quickly, the front calliper and rear coaster brake will have your young rider halt to a stop safely and in a jiffy! Phew!

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PICK #4. Really RAD Turbo Bot

A really rad robot by name AND by nature! The Turbo Bot ($80) is a fast-moving robot with a just as fast-talking mouth! There’s plenty of laughs to be had with this guy. In fact, he may well be a robot but he has a huge personality and a whole lot of tricks to show off.

Use Turbo’s remote to activate a boost button or turbo mode and give his voice command recognition a go to see how smart he is. For instance, he can record voices, spin, dance, explore and even tell cool jokes on your command. Go Turbo Bot!

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PICK #5. Goo Goo Galaxy Goo Drops

Let’s be honest, space travellers have never looked SO CUTE! Goo Goo Galaxy Goo Drops ($25) have crash-landed on Earth and are looking for new friends – and a new home. These sweet, squishy-bellied space toys love to be snuggled. Just give them a gentle belly squeeze to see their glittery, sparkly bellies move around on the inside like magic.

In addition to the adorable-factor, each Goo Drop comes boxed in their own Goo Pod containing a special tell-all passport and an awesome DIY Galactic Slime Activity to discover. There are four adorable Goo Goo Galaxy Goo Drops to collect for some out-of-this-world fun!

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PICK #6. Laser X Gaming Experience Fun

Tag, you’re it! Get ready and get set to declare laser war in your own backyard. Laser X is just the ticket for bringing all of that cool laser arcade action into your home or garden. There’s no need for WiFi or phones for this real-life gaming experience, just grab a mate and get going!

Laser X Original ($39.99) is the ultimate laser gaming experience where all the gear (Double Blaster, Single Blaster, Double Micro Blaster and more) works together – so you can build up your Laser X arsenal. Laser X Morph ($49) lets the whole gang play together or as individuals. So what you waiting for? Choose team red, team blue – or go ROGUE!

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PICK #7. Micador Watercolour Paint Discs

It’s time to paint the town red, blue, green or any of the spectacular 48 shades with this Micador paint set! Micador Stylist Watercolour Discs ($25) has a whopping 48 colours for mini wannabe Monet’s to discover. The set includes 32 vibrant shades, 8 fluoro shades and 8 metallic shade tiles for kids to dab a wet paintbrush in (that’s included too, by the way)!

Micador’s paint quality is gorgeous, but, most importantly, the colours are strongly pigmented so a little goes a long way! Storage is convenient too, the neat snap-shut lid on this palette makes for ZERO mess when packing away. All that’s left to do is keep the paper coming! Oh, and the product is only available from October 17th.

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PICK #8. Magicube Free Building Set

Stack them and stick them! The sky is the limit for what can be built with the all-awesome Geomag Magicube Free Building Set (RRP: $80). The set contains 27 pieces, which stick together no matter how you stack ’em, thanks to the magnetic force within each block!

There’s really no limit to Magicube play. It’s construction play revolutionised, these magnetic cubes can be attached by every side! Kids will be entertained for hours on end as they work their way through creating solid 3D structures of different shapes, colour combinations and enjoying the creativity of open-ended and imaginative play. Be sure to check out the whole Magicube range available!

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PICK #9. Smithsonian Science Toys

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) is COOL and Smithsonian has a whole heap of great science and nature-based exploratory toys for kids! Awesome for kids who love to tackle problem-solving puzzles and enjoy toys that make them think, the range is a Chrissy must. Indeed, the Smithsonian Planetarium Projector ($59) brings all the wonder of a starry night sky into your kid’s bedroom! For instance, you can choose from over 50 stunning HD rotating scenes (including Planets, Nebulae, Moons, Asteroids, Astronauts) to project around the room, transporting you to a galaxy far, far away! Kids go crazy for this stuff!

Alternatively, keep your kids busy over the Christmas holidays with the Smithsonian Mega Science Lab ($39). The lab includes six epic activities; kids can grow crystals, learn about volcanoes, weather and dinosaurs, discover microscopic science or explore outer space. There’s also a big colour poster included. What’s not to love?

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Gift-giving sorted!

So there you have it, nine stellar gifts for kids of school age. Each one is sure to keep the kids busy and out of mischief over the Christmas holidays, which means less stress for you.Happy Christmas shopping!

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