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She Eats, Sleeps, Coos & Breathes! So Much to Love About the Luvabella Newborn Doll

There’s a new doll on the shelves and she’s sure to light up your little one’s life.

Allow us to introduce you to the Luvabella Newborn doll – the most realistic doll we’ve set eyes on. Just wait ’til you see what she can do and expect to be wowed!

There are hours and hours of love, play, and cuddles to be had with Luvabella Newborn – the little sister to the hugely popular Luvabella. She’s sure to be a big hit with your little one (and with us mums too), because Luvabella Newborn is certain to bring hours of independent play to our households!

Discover why we think know that Luvabella Newborn is going to be one of the hottest toys of the year!

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You may remember Luvabella from last year’s Christmas wish lists. She was (and still is) incredibly popular. But this year, it’s all about Luvabella Newborn.

She’s cuter, cuddlier, smaller and does ALL the adorable things newborns do, but without the poonamis or the night wakings. She blinks, she talks, she even breathes and giggles. Imagine how cool this would be to a child?! Heck, I think it’s cool and I’m 35 years old!

luvabella newborn with soother

Luvabella is more realistic, more interactive and more expressive than her big sister. These are all big ticks for us, especially come the lead up to Christmas when our kids are making their lists!

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Many dolls on the market do one or two cool things, but what makes Luvabella different is that she does the lot! She’s as expressive as they come with soft, moveable and interactive features that bring her to life. #socute

little girl listening to luvabella newborn's hearbeat

Luvabella comes with two accessories – a soother and a bottle and a whole slew of cute ways to play with her:

  • She eats – Give her a bottle and she will respond with sucking sounds.
  • She gets gassy – Make sure you burp out all of those extra milk bubbles.
  • She sleeps – Rock her and she will start to doze off.
  • She gets fussy – Rub her back or give her a dummy and she will start to settle.
  • She breathes – Watch her tummy rise and fall as she sleeps.
  • She giggles- Tickle her tummy and she will laugh and coo.
  • She cuddles – Designed with a soft and snuggly body, Luvabella Newborn is easy to cuddle.
  • She talks and blinks – Talk to her and she will respond by blinking and moving her mouth.
  • She loves – This is the best thing about Luvabella – she is so real that she manages to bring love to life, especially in the eyes of your little ones.

Luvabella Newborn takes two AA batteries and is incredibly easy to set up too. Have a look at the video below for a quick unboxing and demonstration on what she can do. Plus, stay tuned as Mum Central will be doing our very own unboxing next month!

YouTube video

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Children learn through play, which is why finding toys that offer a real-life experience are so popular. There is something so heartwarming about watching your child play quietly (and independently). Especially as it means you can fold a load of laundry or enjoy a hot cuppa without having to constantly entertain your little one.

Through pretend play with dolls, kids learn how to be compassionate, be caring and be a loving mummy, daddy, and friend. These lessons will stick with them (hopefully) forever. They build their imaginations, their vocabulary, their social skills and so much more.

Luvabella newborn and little girl

Luvabella makes a great patient when playing Doctor and a wonderful student when playing school. She’s a happy passenger on a trip to the moon in a cardboard box rocketship and she’s always up for a camping adventure under a pile of blankets in the lounge room.

With a doll as realistic as Luvabella Newborn, the sky is the limit when it comes to pretend play. new luvabella newborn and girl playing on bed

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Every year there is a new must-have toy on the shelf … the one every kid is talking about, is on every Christmas wish-list and is sure to make their special day even more special. Well, we’re predicting that Luvabella Newborn will be THE must-have toy of 2019, so get in quick!

Luvabella Newborn is available now at Kmart, Big W, Target, Toy World and all other major toy retailers.

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