WATCH: Save for Christmas With These 11 Savvy Shopping Tricks

The Christmas decorations are on display, the fruit pies are on special and the kids have started circling items they want in the catalogues. 

Yep… Ol’ Saint Nick and all the Christmas capers that follow are officially on their way!

But when the funds are running on empty, it can be tricky to get into the festive spirit. Instead of singing Christmas carols and helping the kids write letters to Santa, you’re probably cursing your bank account and hoping you win Lotto.

This is why we’re sharing a few of our favourite Christmas shopping tips and ideas that our own Mum Central team use to help keep the festive costs down. These tips are all super easy to incorporate into your shopping and budgeting routine and can make a huge difference to your holiday spending habits.

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Deck the halls with lots of savings

Keen to save some cash? Check out the video below and let’s get this savvy shopping party started! We’ve listed ALL the money-saving tips below too to make it even easier. Just keep scrolling to start saving.

Savvy Christmas Shopping Tips

1. Use loyalty programs

Like a Woolworths Rewards Card. It’s free, people. And seriously, so worth the two minutes it takes to fill in a form! You can set your account to ‘bank your savings for Christmas’ so that you can bank all your $10 savings for your Christmas shop. Your savings will be automatically triggered (i.e. become available on your Woolworths Rewards card) between 1 December and 1 January each year. Following 1 January, any remaining points in your balance will be saved for next Christmas.

2. Buy a $10 or $20 gift card during your weekly shop

A little bit can go a long way, as this hot savings tip shows. If you can, shave a bit from your weekly shop and use it to grab a gift card at the checkout. Stash the cards away until Christmas and, depending on when you start, you can have $500 or more to play with. Merry Christmas, indeed!

3. Set up a funds transfer in your bank account

Another easy way to save a little bit is to set up an automatic funds transfer every month into a special Christmas account that you can’t access through your debit card. It works better than putting cash aside in a jar because you can’t actually see it or ‘borrow’ $50 out of it whenever the urge for takeaway strikes. #guilty

Save $100 a month and you’ve got $1200 come December. Of course, you do need to have the funds in place in order to make this idea work.

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4. Start a Christmas spreadsheet

Or track your spending in a journal or chart. Have separate columns for food, decor, entertainment, gifts, and so on. Bonus points if you make it extra pretty with different colours and highlighters.

5. Don’t overbuy – write a list and stick to it

The best time to impulse buy? During Christmas, of course, when all the Christmas stuff is out loud, proud and shiny on the shelves. Avoid the urge to BUY ALL THE CUTE CHRISTMAS THINGS.

Instead, take a photo and, if you still LOVE it and there’s room in the budget after the main buys, get it for next year when it’s half off after Christmas.

6. Check the toy section

Woolworths has heaps of toys and often have great promotions. Keep an eye out every time you shop and you just might score a bargain or two for under the tree or in the stockings.

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7. Buy extra when on special 

When items are on special, buy extra and hide them away for Christmas. This only works on certain items, of course, like wine, pantry foods and boxes of chocolates that are often on sale after Halloween.

8. Set up a Christmas cupboard or box

Where do you store your Christmas loot? Pick up a big storage box to keep your Christmas goodies. Then hide it in a closet or cupboard where your nosy kids and hungry husband won’t find it.

9. Freeze for later

If you happen to stumble upon a sale on meat or seafood, you can also buy in bulk and save for later. Just make sure you have enough room in your freezer!

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10. Go for Gold

We’ve already done the maths on how much swapping to Woolworths branded products can save you in the long run. But trying out the Woolies Gold range is another super smart way to save while having something super indulgent.

Christmas is when the Gold range really shines. They are designed by top chefs and include must-haves like mince pies, puddings, biscuits, pavlova and cakes. There’s heaps of different gift ideas and decorations in the Gold range too.

11. Share the love… and the spread

If you’re having a family Christmas, ask everyone to bring a plate, platter or dessert so that you don’t get stuck feeding 20+ people on a small budget.

A little planning and you will have a delicious spread without having to slave away in the kitchen or selling your firstborn to pay for it.

mum centralAnd that’s how to do Christmas for the whole family without doing your block. Or blowing your budget. Good luck to all the mums about to embark on the festive season frenzy.

Woolworths is our go-to shop for all things Christmas. The selection is fantastic, the prices can’t be beat and the quality never disappoints. Plus there’s heaps of shopping options like pick-up, which is especially handy if you’re time poor.

Check out Woolworths online for current Christmas specials, recipes, entertaining ideas and so much more. Remember to shop at Woolies and the odds of bagging the bargains will be ever in your favour!

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Got a hot Christmas savings tip of your own? A savvy shopping tip that can save other mums big bucks? We’d love to hear it!

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