It’s beginning to smell a lot like Christmas, thanks to dusk and their AMAZING range of candles, oil burners, incense and festive decorations!

If you’re a lover of all things Christmas, then we’ve got a seriously scentillicious prize package that is sure to light your festive fire!

dusk Christmas candle set

Indulge in the most delicious Christmas yet and win our divine dusk Prize Pack, valued at more than $850. Featuring a sleigh-full of luxurious loot, delightful decorations and festive fragrances, Christmas has never smelt sooooooo good!

Whether you choose to keep them all to yourself (MINE, ALL MINE) or give a few away as gifts, this is one prize package you don’t want to miss out on!

Our most aromatic prize ever!

Fill your home with the smells of Christmas, including Panna Cotta, peppermint and vanilla! Check out what dusk is giving away to one lucky Mum Central reader:

dusk christmas candles

A delightful assortment of Chrissy decorations

Decorate your table, benchtop, front door and everywhere else in the house with dusk’s range of Christmas decorations, delivered to your doorstep.

  • Holly Christmas Crackers
  • LED Angel ornament
  • Wooden LED advent calendar
  • LED snowman snow globe
  • Red and brown Christmas wreath
  • LED Santa’s train snowglobe
  • Nutcracker musical statue
  • Cheery Santa cookie jar

Christmas candles in every festive fragrance

Christmas decorations aside, one Mum Central reader will indulge in a serious scentgasm with this incredible range of dusk Christmas candles and diffusers. The only question will be – which one will you light up first?

  • Christmas Pudding pillar and wick candle set (Yes, we said, Christmas pudding – YUM!)
  • Cherry Blossom and Rose wick candle
  • Peppermint Cocoa wick candle
  • White Christmas MoodMist oil
  • Butter icing, Osaka and Acapulco trio candle set
  • Panna Cotta Fragrance diffuser
  • Vanilla Royale / Burnt Sugar & Bergamot / Honey Blossom and Freesia trio reed diffuser
  • Oliver RoseGold MoodMist diffuser
  • Gaia Belladonna triple scented candle (with Jasmine, Guava and Nectar)
  • Plus heaps more!

Add a little sparkle to your summer – Head over to dusk for all things Christmas. They have an array of styles to help with entertaining, decorating and gifting. They also offer free standard shipping and have gift ideas for everyone on your list!


We’ve got one divine Dusk Christmas Prize Pack (total value $852.81) to give away to one lucky Mum Central reader. Will it be you?

Simply fill out the form below to find out!

Win a Dusk Christmas Prize Pack worth over $850!

Good luck!


Born and raised in Canada, Jenna now lives in Far North Queensland with her tribe. When the mum-of-three is not writing, you can find her floating in the pool, watching princess movies, frolicking on the beach, bouncing her baby to sleep or nagging her older kids to put on their pants.


  1. The White Christmas MoodMist oil because it would be the perfect addition to my oil diffuser for a beautiful Christmassy scent!

    • Jessie ‘Charlie Brown’ Bryan Reply

      I would love to win the defuser to enjoy the Christmas smells

      • I’d love the diffuser too! From DUSK till dawn the smells of Christmas will permeate my house ❤️️

      • So hard to choose from so many great items! But if I had to, I would love the Nutcracker musical statue – I’m obsessed with Nutcrackers this Christmas x

    • IDanielle Bailey Reply

      The Led Advent calendar looks devine. I am sure there are some luscious, scented candles behind those doors to keep my house smelling less like smelly socks and more like paradise.

      • Me too…love the Advent Calendar… nothing like counting down to xmas with beautiful calendar!

    • I would love the White Christmas Moodmist Oil to put in my diffuser to make may smell like Christmas

      • Oooooops! I would love the White Christmas Moodmist Oil to use in my diffuser to make my little home smell like Christmas

    • The wooden calendar would be lovely to have, each year you could get creative. It would be nice to win this pack so we can fill our house with lovely looking and smelling Christmas decorations.

    • I would love to win any of these beautiful products but if I choose one it would be Vanilla Royale / Burnt Sugar & Bergamot / Honey Blossom and Freesia trio reed diffuser. My house would smell divine & delicious

    • Wendy McKeon Reply

      I would love to win the Hoot Hoot Owl Tealight Holder because my best friend is nuts about owls and she would adore this for Christmas.

    • Anything that smells beautiful and can cover up the grubby smell of 3 boys.

    • Beautiful scents sending me off to dreamland every night…however the Christmas Pudding Pillar will be the perfect gift for anyone this Christmas.

    • I would love anything from Dusk, love all their products, the Led Advent calendar looks stunning.

    • Linda Opuni Reply

      I just love the Christmas Dusk Led snowman snow globe it takes me back to my childhood building snowmen in my backyard

    • Christine M Reply

      It would have to be the Christmas Pudding Pillar and wick candle set ……….anyone who would think to put this wonderful scent into a candle is a genius ………It would smell good enough to ear.

    • I would love a beautiful peppermint scent candle. Gingerbread and something with plums all remind me of Merry Christmas time !

    • Katrina Stanton Reply

      To me it is just to be able to give something to my kids and Grandkids, in the joy of Christmas. My favourite are all your products. Thankyou

    • Wooden Advent LED Calendar. It’s gorgeous, very dainty and it looks like a tiny European Village I would love to visit one day. My dream.

    • sharon clinton Reply

      The gorgeous wooden led advent calendar. Very cute love it. Thanks

    • The LED advent calendar looks like a special decoration thats beautiful and a bit of fun for the kids 🙂

    • I would love the butter icing, Osaka and Acapulco trio candle set

    • ANYTHING Christmas smelling!! Its so hard to choose one! I love christmas

    • Quite honestly each and every product would be a godsend .ANYTHING TO MASK the smell of 2 teenage boys at their complete and utter smelliest

  2. Tracy Mackay Reply

    It would have to be the Dusk Christmas Pudding pillar and wick candle set because it sounds perfect and would smell devine and delicious, setting the mood perfectly for Christmas.

  3. Nicole Woods Reply

    The wooden LED advent calendar looks beautiful! I adore Dusk products and love all the different fragrances. This would be amazing to win!

  4. The christmas Pudding Pillar is divine! Nothing I love more than burning a gorgeous smelling candle and relaxing after the kids are in bed!

  5. I would have to say that the LED advent calendar would be a must have, as I love the tradition of counting down the days until Christmas.

  6. Very excited to start a new tradition with the advent calendar also love the santa train snow globe

  7. Nicola James Reply

    The Christmas Pudding pillar and wick candle set sounds divine and perfect to light up on Christmas Eve to get us all into the Christmas mood!

  8. Angela Myers Reply

    I love it all but the Panna Cotta fragrancel diffuser really caught my eye.
    I think it would add a lovely layer to our traditional Christmas and really set the festive mood.

  9. Corrin Fleming-Morris Reply

    I have always had trouble finding a Christmas scented candle that wasn’t too sickly smelling – I am very excited by the Dusk Christmas pudding candle this year, I can’t wait for December so I start burning it!

  10. The signatures mood reeds. I love having the constant gentle scent in the room.

  11. Georgina Daniels Reply

    I would love the advent calendar. I have 3 beautiful daughters who would love it too.

  12. Kylie Embury Reply

    White Christmas candles! So pretty with the perfect, Christmassy scent to fill our home with festive aromas!

  13. Cheery Santa cookie Jar. The kids would go nuts. Brighten up the kitchen

  14. I love all the Christmas deco at Dusk! My favourite would have to be the wooden Advent calender!

  15. The peppermint cocoa wick candle is to die for, it is just the right delicious aroma but what I really would like to win is the wooden advent calendar! IT would be the perfect addition to my growing collection of all things Christmas!

  16. Love the wooden led advent calendar, get into the christmas spirit by counting down the days.

  17. A peppermint cocoa wick candle sounds just like Christmas. I can light one & imagine I am sitting in front of an open fire with a warm pepperminty cocoa looking out at a white Christmas instead of sitting in front of the fan with my feet in a bucket of cold water

  18. Who wouldn’t love a bit of real Xmas smell from the adored dusk❤I love everything dusk has to offer, I’m a very frequent shopper at their stores, theirs products are AMAZING

  19. The MoodMist diffuser would be amazing come Christmas! Lots of Christmas parties equals too many late nights and too much sugar for my three kiddies. With the MoodMist I can burn some calming essential oils and try to ensure our family makes it to Christmas Day intact!

  20. Jenny Woods Reply

    I would love to win this beautiful prize but in particular the Cherry Blossom & Rose Wick candle for my daughter who has had a tough couple of years & deserves something good to happen.

  21. I would love the wooden advent calendar to give to my grandma.

  22. Dusk is synonymous with beautiful and elegant products that delighT the senses. The Gingerbread merry and bright candles caught my eye and heart but the vintage advent calendar sparked that Christmas spirit .

  23. Would love the advent calendar, what a beautiful alternative to the chocolate one

  24. The glorious smell of Christmas puddings and cinnamon, the warm senses that Dusk brings to our family at Christmas, reminds me of all the wonderful things this season brings, all thanks to Dusk scents and candles!

  25. Holly-anne Reply

    Cherry blossom and rose wick candle. It reminds me of cherry picking we do every year. I would love to win as we are hosting for the first time ever with my children their cousins, aunts, uncles and grandparents. This will really set the scene/mood and ensure it’s a magical day. So delicious to smell!

  26. I love the Starflakes Silver Mirror Plate. I NEED this to put Christmas treats on for my guests over the holidays.

  27. I’m would the vanilla Royale reed diffuser, vanilla is a soft perfume

  28. A fragrance diffuser. It makes me dream that I am in some nice exotic place! 🙂

  29. Bernarda Robinson Reply

    The Christmas Pudding Candle so that I can reminesce about nana’s pudding and delicious brandy sauce all the time and be fondly reminded of all of our departed loved ones during this special time of year.

  30. I have wanted a diffuser for some time now so to get one would be awesome. Everything looks amazing.

  31. C McCarthy Reply

    Merry Mistletoe Merry & Bright Candle: all the smells of Christmas. Mistletoe, holly and most importantly pine…….the fragrance of a fresh pine Christmas tree is what Christmas is all about!!

  32. Kerry Rosser Reply

    Oh the wooden LED advent calendar please! Such a beautiful ornament – and perfect for treats for my dairy intolerant kids!

  33. The Wooden LED advent calendar would be perfect to put my handmade goodies in for my girls to find! I’d love to win as I live in the country – nowhere near a Dusk store. Every 2 -3 years we get to the city and I can get my Dusk fix!

  34. Laura Power Reply

    Love The wooden LED advent calendar , I have the perfect spot for it go!

  35. Stacey papagni Reply

    I would love the diffuser to fill my house with the beautiful scents

  36. I would love the LED Advent Calendar. Christmas to me means family and spending time with loved ones. The shared experience of opening the advent calendar with my children would help to reinforce this sentiment whilst building memories together at the same time. Memories and moments to cherish❤️.

  37. Silver Wreath Candle, it will take centre stage on my dining table, creating a beautiful setting.

  38. Omg……there is too much gorgeous stuff to choose, so to have the perfect Christmas looking and smelling house I would need, need, need and want it all.

  39. I have too mamy favourite dusk producds to choose but the Christmas range of scents as a candle would smell and look stunning on Christmas day.

  40. The peppermint candles would remind me of candy canes .. I love their Christmas range so fun and inviting

  41. Christmas pudding candle – reminder nd me of cold winter Christmases x

  42. Nell Cooper Reply

    Merry Mistletoe Merry & Bright candle sounds like the perfect scents of Christmas

  43. Christmas scented candle with the fragrant lingering on , enjoying the Christmas spirit with family and friends.

  44. White Christmas mood mist oil – its the closest we’ll get to a white christmas in Queensland.

  45. Gaia Belladonna Triple Scented Candle, love the Dusk Candle Scents!

  46. Amanda Wilson Reply

    i would really love the MoodMist diffuser and would love to win because it would be so awesome to have my house smelling amazing at Christmas and i just maybe might give some as lovely gifts.

  47. Michelle Burger Reply

    Festive house ceramic tealight holder because it is so beautiful and unique, I’d love some Christmas pudding tea lights to pop inside it, they smell devine!

  48. I feel in love with the Christmas tea light characters, but when it’s not Christmas I love calm signature.

  49. Advent calendar. Heaps of fun for the lead up to Christmas. Something exciting everyday and if you make your own you can get very creative.

  50. The white christmas mood mist oil! Not only does it fill our house with festive spirit but i also found it nicely covers the odour of the poop that my son did on the carpet.

  51. Hayley Parker Reply

    The white Christmas mood mist oil would be my choice and would naughtily spray it around my parents house before my sister arrived and pretend that I had this year stolen her role family festive season job of making the white Christmas!

  52. Jo jackson Reply

    I would love the fragrance diffuser! There is nothing better than a beautiful smelling house!!

  53. I know i will find the most beautiful Christmas candles to add to our collection at Dusk,this year we love a Tropical spice soy.

  54. Renee Quilliam Reply

    The dusk advent calendar something to keep and pass on to generations years to come

  55. Nicole Lambden (bambalam) Reply

    The advent calendar is a great idea. id rather not give my child chocolate everyday so this allows me to choose suitable items for him. I can also use it for the grown ups in my life who might enjoy a special treat in the lead up to a Christmas.

  56. Santa’s train snow globe would be a beautiful centre piece for my Christmas shelf

  57. Catherine Dickie Reply

    Now that I know it exists, the Christmas Pudding candle will be a must have from this year on! Yum!!

  58. Jessica Camilleri Reply

    Panna Cotta Fragrance diffuser….I would love to win so I can use this to smell the beautiful sweet dessert smell instead of eating the kids chocolates that they get in their stocking

  59. I think that peppermint is such a Christmas scent for me. Who doesn’t love candy canes?!?! Peppermint candles would be just amazing at Christmas!

  60. I love the cherry blossom and rose wick candle. I love anything with cherry bloosom.

  61. Christine B Reply

    The trio reed diffuser is a must-have this season! With pets and a teenage boy in the house, I need all the help I can get making rooms smell delicious!

  62. I enjoy the lovely smells of the candles, the kids on the other hand have to be dragged out of the Dusk store every time they see the snow globe or Nutcracker….

  63. Amanda Giffard Reply

    The pudding pillar would have pride of place in my home to bring the delicious aroma of a Christmas feast into each and every room in the house! I’d love to win as we are having family Christmas lunch at our house for the first time and I’d love a little bit of Dusk Christmas magic to really make the day extra special!

  64. The Christmas pudding candle of course! I mean Christmas smelling candles are amazing!

  65. Sarah aspi Reply

    Definately the holly christmas crackers! Who doesn’t love sitting around the table trying to win one of those suckers. I love the fact that these are full of cute little candles and not useless junk. If I won, my family would be in awe that I went to so much effort, but shh, it would be our little secret.

  66. The Christmas Pudding pillar and wick candle set sounds amazing, I feel hungry thinking about it!

  67. Maree Gray Reply

    The Cherry Blossom and Rose wick candle sounds divine. I just love everything about Christmas.

  68. Christmas pudding smelling candle – OMG i want smell and live this Christmas all around my house

  69. I would love to smell the Christmas pudding burning. Our closet dusk is 2 and a bit hours away so I would love to win this.

  70. The LED snowman snow globe takes me back to my childhood, so many memories of just staring with wonderment at the glittery snow slow falling and dreaming of imaginery places.

  71. I would love to win this for my mother in law, she isn’t going to have Christmas this year with us, as she will be away. Would love for her to have something nice with her to remember we are with her this Christmas

  72. My must have is the Panna Cotta Fragrance diffuser, as it keeps the house fresh without being over powering, and it smells like I’ve been baking!

  73. I think the Christmas Pudding would be appropriate to have as the smell would be a warm and inviting aroma in my home at this time of year

  74. Nadine Hill Reply

    My must-have Dusk Christmas item would be the Festive House Ceramic Tealight Holder – what a stunning centerpiece for our Christmas table! What an amazing prize pack! I adore Dusk products so this would be a wish come true to win!

  75. I love candles, the Christmas Pudding pillar sounds delicious as well as the Panna Cotta, it would definitely save my hips this festive season!

  76. Heather Hopley Reply

    It’s Christmas Eve, kids are in bed, we’re enjoying a quick pre-Christmas Day cocktail and infiltrating the air is the beautiful scent of Dusk’s Peppermint Cocoa Merry and Bright candle burning. Pure bliss!

  77. Since its so hot here OZ, I can dream of a white Christmas with a dusk White Christmas MoodMist oil.

  78. I love Christmas and Christmas decorations. Each year dusk have some really lovely Christmas tealight holders and I can never have too many. I have their Mr and Mrs Skiing Snowmen. Another snowman with a great big black floppy hat and the most wonderful Santa. I was so upset that i missed out on a really lovely reindeer one year. Dusk really do have the best Christmas decorations and they also make your house smell divine.

  79. I need the candles in my life! Nothing beats the amazing scents of Christmas… especially Christmas pudding. I think that will be my favourite candle

  80. I would love the Musical Nutcracker Stature or any of the Belladonna candles

  81. Alison Hunble Reply

    So hard to choose!!! Love all Dusk products and the Christmas range is divine. I guess if I had to choose one it would be the advent calender. Sure beats chocolate!

  82. Think I would just go alphabetically because deciding on a favourite to start with will be impossible.

  83. i would love any of the Belladonna candles. they would look perfect on my dining table and smell delightful. The smell of christmas without having to get a real tree!

  84. Samantha brown Reply

    I am in love with the diffusers, if I could afford to buy all of them I would!

  85. It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas and with this wonderful pack it will be smelling like Christmas too
    I’m unfortunately am not in the position where i could buy all this, so thank you for the opportunity to win such an amazing prize

  86. Xzavia green Reply

    Seeing the musical nutcracker brought back beautiful memories of my childhood. Prior life getting in the way, my parents divorcing ect. We had a trio of wooden musical nutcrackers. A different style of course. That have since been lost through my parents seperation.
    A reminder of happy family times.
    I would love the nutcracker as a special keepsake for my own children. Mixing with the traditional and beautiful scents of the dusk candles throughout December. It would make for a truly magical Christmas.

  87. Kate Slack Reply

    I love the Musical Nutcracker, such a Christmas classic. I would love to win to make my new home the most Christmassy it can be!

  88. I would love to win the advent calendar. Would look gorgeous in our house

  89. It’s my baby’s first Christmas! I’d love to decorate the house and have it smelling amazing for him and us!

  90. Christmas Pudding pillar and wick candle set
    Now this would be cool, so yummy sounding id have to remember there no pudding after Christmas usualky

  91. The White Christmas MoodMist oil sounds divine and would definitely get the Christmas spirit flowing throughout the house .

  92. Debbie Mowatt Reply

    The led light advent calendar is absolutely gorgeous would look beautiful in our house!

  93. Fiona Charlton Reply

    Shimmer LED Tree Décor Large! Perfect for the Christmas table!

  94. I’d adore the advent colour, I love the anticipation counting down to Christmas brings! I’d love to win this prize to help beautify my house for Christmas whilst making everything smell divine!

  95. SelenaBaker Reply

    Christmas pudding pillar and wick candle set!! (YUMMO)
    This would have to be my favourite Christmas smell of all time. It reminds me of when my Nan was around and she would cook up heaps of Xmas puddings and hang them from the kitchen blinds to mature. BESTEST smell ever!!

  96. Peppermint, Christmas pudding, where do I start. I love the scents of Christmas.

  97. The LED Snow globe it’s so beautiful and decorative. I would be proud to show it off in my home this holiday season.

  98. Natalie Rose Reply

    My must have would be the Chocolate Pufding Pillars, they sound amazing! I have been eyeing the 12 days of scents online! I would love to win as I have been buying Dusk for years because they have the best quality I’ve ever seen and nothing better than smelling a beautiful aroma through the house.

  99. Wendy Winters Reply

    The Oliver RoseGold MoodMist diffuser from Dusk would be a beautiful addition to my home as I could burn Dusk oils throughout the day while at home with my newborn and son.

  100. Jacqui Harrington Reply

    The cherry blossom & rosewick candle. Sounds AMAZING! Perfect scent to compliment our festive celebrations!

  101. Sally blazely Reply

    My must have is the 12 days of scents set soy, A gorgeous new scent to enjoy everyday while we listen to carols, decorate the house, wrap gifts for others and eagerly await Santa and the celebration of the birth of Jesus.

  102. I’d love the Christmas pudding candle! Something spicy to remind me of christmas, because many happy memories are associated with this smell.

  103. Angela Vearing Reply

    I didn’t think you could top of all those delicious sounding candles, but that Advent calendar is pulling at my heart strings. It makes my inner child happy, and I know my four kids would get many years of magic from it.

  104. The wooden LED advent calendar. It looks amazing and opening those doors everyday to find a Dusk treat would be so exciting. Merry Christmas

  105. Love love an Advent calendar for myself – I’m buying them for others but this one is one perfect for me! Would love this Dusk Christmas to Christmas up our home for our son.. the first time he can enjoy Christmas

  106. That advent calendar is magical and would become a treasured tradition each Christmas in my family! Each off the other prizes are devine also and is going to make someone very very lucky

  107. My mum has been recently diagnosed with diabetes and Parkinson’s, so this Christmas will be lacking on the sugary goodness. So this years must from Dusk is the Christmas pudding candle (at least then it’ll still smell like Christmas!)

  108. The Led Advent calendar is my favourite. There us nothi.g else better that can get the family exvited about the count down to Christmas.

  109. I hope Santa has me on the nice list this year so I have a chance of winning this divine prize! I would be in awe to have our home adorned with all these stunning products. The wooden advent calendar is beyond beautiful.

  110. Stephanie Veljanovski Reply

    Christmas Pudding pillar and wick candle set. Christmas pudding reminds me the most of the Christmas as since I was a child eating Christmas pudding while watching Carols by Candlelight has been a family tradition.

  111. Merylin Wilmott Reply

    Gaia Belladonna triple scented candle (with Jasmine, Guava and Nectar) The Gaia Belladonna triple scented candles smell divine and spread the feeling of Christmas throughout the house – makes me feel like Christmas angels are soaring through the air!!

  112. The triple scented candles sound divinely amazing. Prior to seeing the prizes in this competition, I was not interested in decorating this year, but dusk products have made me excited!

  113. Duane Van Schoonhoven Reply

    ~ I like the Wooden LED advent calendar, and it would be a ‘must have’, as it would be fun to have on display at Christmas! ~

  114. Danielle E Reply

    I would love the LED snowman snow globe. It looks so beautiful and I would love more Christmasy decor to display in my home.

  115. Peta Jauch Reply

    I would love anew diffuser for my lounge room to enjoy all the yummy Christmas scents.

  116. I’d love the Panna Cotta Fragrance diffuser – looks awesome and the smell would be delightful

  117. The Panna Cotta Fragrance diffuser would be on all Christmas at my house so I could enjoy the aroma of dessert all season long. What a treat winning this amazing prize would be because I love all things Dusk but so do my sisters so I could share the Christmas spirit with them.

  118. Chris Sheppard Reply

    I would love to win the Peppermint Cocoa wick candle because it would make my home smell like a candy cane (& peppermint keeps spiders away!).

  119. It all sounds fantastic, I love Dusk!! But if I had to choose one thing, I’d pick the White Christmas MoodMist oil to make my home smelly festive!

  120. I love the Alessa Silver Glass Pillar candle holders. They are so beautiful and would make a great addition to the Christmas table!

  121. Monique Franklin Reply

    Oh my goodness
    I would love too win the is amazing and generous prize
    My home would be decked out with all the Christmas cheer and smell delicious

  122. Phoebe Phillips Reply

    My favorite is the advent calender, it would become a new Xmas tradition with my little girl who is having het foray Christmas this year.

  123. Nadia Wilmott morales Reply

    I would love to win the diffuser to solve the smelly kid and husband problem in my house. 🙂

  124. Love the Sparkle Luxe Christmas Crackers which would look great on our table on Christmas Day. I would love to win to get our home smelling great for all of our guests and to hide the smell of our pets.

  125. Linda Griffiths Reply

    I would love the Heirloom Wooden Advent Calendar to use now for my 3 boys and to pass on for generations to come.

  126. I would absolutely love the wooden advent Calendar to add to my growing christmas collection. Would make it that extra bit special.

  127. Madison Ryan Reply

    ‘Green Christmas’ it’s my all time favorite scent! It’s literally Christmas in a jar.

  128. Love the Lemongrass & Citronella Medium Pillar candle to make a gorgeous aroma in our home. I would love this prize as its sure to make our home more welcoming to guests and smelling sweet.

  129. I love the triple scented candles… love that it has different scents. I would love this prize so i can share with my sister whos had a shocking year.

  130. Lauren Anderson Reply

    An Heirloom Calender is my must have item something to last the generations

  131. Amy McCarthy Reply

    Definitely the advent calendar! My husband bought me one for my birthday and I would love to win one for him too so I can put some personalised gifts in each drawer for him to open too!!!

  132. Rachael Maddock Reply

    Peppermint Cocoa wick candle……these two scents combined remind me of hugging a mug of hot chocolate which I infuse with blended candy cane. Yummy!

  133. The advent calendar! Who doesn’t love the excitement of opening one everyday and seeing what little surprise is in store!

  134. Leicia Mathers Reply

    I love the Glitter Roses as they remind me of my late mum and smell divine

  135. Dusk is one of my favourite shops! It smells amazing and everything is always so beautiful. The Christmas stock is srtbbubf and such a great range. I absolutely love the penguin blackboard and cookie jar I think it’s absolutely gorgeous.

  136. Chelsea Smart Reply

    The Cherry Blossom and Rose wick candle. I love the smell and mood it adds to any room.

  137. The wonderfully amazing Advent Calendar!
    My grandma would absolutely love this!

  138. Bee Bowdlert Reply

    Love the combination of Dusk, Mandarin and Musk 2 wick candle, beautiful combination and one that would make my home smell delightful at Christmas.

  139. I’m pretty sure my twin girls would love the advent calender (I would love any of the delicious candles though!) It’s our first Christmas that my girls understand what is going on, and I would love to make wonderful memories for them by having a house full of Christmas cheer. We are still working on building up our Christmas decorations stockpile, it’s a bit lacking!

  140. Cecilia Warrick Reply

    The Wooden LED advent calendar would be a huge favourite with the kids…. hang on, not just the kids, I love it!! 🙂 It certainly speaks to my inner child. While the thought of Christmas often makes us parents panic, this calendar is the sort of delightful thing which puts the fun back into it.

  141. I would like to win this for my BROTHER! He loves candles and must always have the best quality candles. I always buy him or his girlfriend candles and it has to be dusk candles as I know they’ll last plus they also have cute Xmas products each year!
    The advent calender would be the best prize, brings us back to our childhood with parent’s buying us an advent calender but this would be something unique instead of chocolates like when we were kids lol 🙂

  142. angela mcneilly Reply

    hands down the festive red apple wreath for my front door!

  143. I would LOVE the advent calendar for my 2 boys! Anything to make my house smell nice and Christmassy too would be lovely!!

  144. I would absolutely love the peppermint and cocoa wick candle. The smell would just bring back so many memories of good times, especially family christmas’. I would love to win the Christmas set, so that each time I can light a new candle or use a new fragrance and have it remind me of the good memories I have enjoyed in my house with the people I love.. The each time I smelt it again, it would bring it all back again.

  145. Sam Allen-Stephens Reply

    I would absolutely love the Christmas Pudding. When I have guests over for Christmas celebrations, I love to create an entirely Christmas atmosphere including food, decor, gifts and scents. This would be perfect!

  146. Veronica Christensen Reply

    The Oliver RoseGold MoodMist diffuser because I use and love having diffuser’s around my house.

  147. Ann-Maree Flossy Bostick Reply

    White Christmas Mood Mist please . Nothing smells as good as Christmas.

  148. I’d love the peppermint and cocoa candle. Just the name brings back the memories of my grandmas peppermint crisp pavlova mmmmmmm

  149. Kerry Boehm Reply

    Ummm…. the entire shop is my favourite !! Every single time i walk in, i walk out with something. My children are constantly trying to divert me, but once inside say get this and this mum… LOL. I have to say the christmas range is stunning this year… especially my favourite the nutcrackers.

  150. Marnie Rogan Reply

    The Christmas Pudding candle would be amazing and get all the family in the Christmas spirit

  151. Sung to jingle bells

    Red and brown christmas wreath
    Happily would hang
    On our door and welcome all
    To our wonderland

    Nutcracker musical
    Statue would sound great
    Singing out its festive tune
    Until its really late

    Cheery santa cookie jar
    Filled with gingerbread
    Ready to eat with eggnog
    Then its off to bed.

  152. Stephanie Dyson Reply

    Scented candles, give a beautiful soft glow as well as an amazing scent to smell around the house

  153. I love the Mood Mist oil in Green Christmas. Great for blocking out the lingering dog smell, and get me in the Christmas spirit.

  154. Yaasemin Resmii Reply

    Santa Baby the Dusk Prize Pack is all I want for Christmas, Been an Angel all year round..
    Santa Cutie, the Wooden LED Advent Calendar would bring lots of Cheer to my 3 babies, and the delicious Christmas Pudding wick candle set will fill our home with lot’s of Christmas magic.
    So Santa Honey, won’t you hurry down the chimney with this scentsational smelling pack for me… this Christmas!

  155. Amy Peters Reply

    Would love the white chocolate mood most oil. It would definitely help set the mood for my son’s first Christmas!

  156. Hello to get in the jolly swing of things the white christmas mood mist would be just the thing if we find the christmas cheer is waining well just give it a spray for a rockn christmas cheers !

  157. Lucinda Maloney Reply

    Anything from Dusk would be lovely but i would love to try the Panna Cotta Difuser – its one of my favourite deserts too

  158. scent is important. It can change your mood. Even by walking past a Dusk store, it brings good feelings

  159. I’d love a dusk diffuser, the slow scent that they release is amazing

  160. Charmaine Campbell Reply

    The Panna Cotta diffuser is gorgeous, it has a shiny silver bottle which is really unusual for a diffuser set. I love it!

  161. Angela Ruhland Reply

    The LED Advent calendar looks devine! It gets this adult super excited for Christmas!

  162. Nicole Marie Williams Reply

    Peppermint Cocoa Wick Candle. Perfect scents to put anyone in the Christmas spirit. Nothing better than peppermint candy canes and a hot chocolate. Yummo..

  163. Sheree louise Reply

    Gaia belladonna sounds like the most amazing combination! I love using fancy, scented candles throughout my home. They’re my guilty pleasure.

    When you’ve got a toddler at home the house often smells of dirty nappies so its nice to air it out and light a few candles to make everything smell beautiful again

  164. Could not go past the Christmas pudding candle set!! The perfect scent for Christmas at home and would make your home smell inviting all year round.

  165. Louise Patterson Reply

    The Christmas Pudding candle ! This would be lovely to greet our Christmas guests with in our hallway:)

  166. I would absolutely love the peppermint and cocoa wick candle. The smell would go with all the great memories of good times, especially a family christmas’. I would love to win the Christmas set, so i could experience new smells with each day of new memories

  167. Christmas us all about creating memories.
    Having special moments and sharing with friends and damily. We all have brunch together and sometimes don’t get home until very late. Or meet up with others and have a great time sharing

  168. I would love a diffuser. All my friends have been raving about them and after the stressful year I have had I would love some calm energy in my house.

  169. Amanda Holland Reply

    The wooden LED advent calendar! It would provide many years of surprise for each day it’s opened by the kids. So much better than the plain same old ones you buy at the supermarket or target/kmart.
    It’s something I can also pass on to the kids when they get older for when they have kids.

  170. Never had a luxury to have these kind of products in our home, would love to win one.

  171. Kimberley Nagle Reply

    Every year my mother in year gifts my husband and I a beautiful Dusk Christmas candle. We love how it fills our house with festive scents. We also buy a bag of Christmas tea lights – but I haven’t managed to find any throw year yet!

  172. The wooden LED advent calendar! What a gorgeous place to find a treat!
    I would love to win so I can buy myself some candles to keep me going through the black-outs SA is sure to have this summer! lol

  173. The Christmas pudding candle so I can enjoy the smell and know I won’t end up looking like Santa.

  174. Sara Mercuri Reply

    Would love absolutely anything but if I have to choose something it would be the Oliver RoseGold MoodMist diffuser. I would give this to my mother in law to enjoy.

  175. Julia Todd Reply

    The LED wooden advent calendar would look beautiful and provide a novelty every Christmas!

  176. MoodMist for sure.. brings sight and smell in 1 package.. if anything says “Christmas” it is that!

    • Stewart Ball Reply

      why i would like to win .. we recycle the same Christmas spirit every year around the house, this will help change things up this year

  177. Michelle Budge Reply

    Christmas Pudding candles…What else…I love them so much.

  178. I’d have to say the Christmas Pudding pillar and wick candle set! 🙂

  179. I just love the gingerbread candle. It smells good enough to eat and my daughter’s havw already had me lighting tjem well before christmas.
    They bring back memories of childhood Christmases to me x

  180. Melissa Turner Reply

    I’d love to get the Panna Cotta Fragrance diffuser and have that yummy smell wafting through my home!

  181. Sally Anne Martin Reply

    It would have to be the Wooden LED advent calendar. But the wreath would look beautiful on our front door

  182. Amanda-Mae Zwanenbeek Reply

    I would love one of the Nutcrackers, but everything is lovely

  183. Anything really it all smells beautiful. But love the id a of the advent calender looks cute

  184. White Christmas MoodMist oil , my Mum has always dreamed of a white Christmas and this would be perfect.

  185. Dust has a uniqueness like no other from their secretly scented cherry blossom candles to their rose gold smelling diffusers.. you create not only a smell but a memory… each candle you smell or each mist you spray takes you back to a memory you cherished at Christmas time…This year I would love to be relaxing in a bath surrounded by dust pudding candles a smell like no other, a special gift that would be.. I hope my wish comes true..merry Christmas dust!

  186. The wooden advent calendar reminds me of the traditional Christmases i had growing up.

  187. Vanilla Royale diffuser! I love vanilla, and it would sure help with covering up the stinky kid smells around our place.

  188. Christine Dattilo Reply

    The wooden advent calendar is beautiful and you cant go past the delicious scents of the white christmas mist or the amazing christmas pudding candles.

  189. Dannielle Watters Reply

    Oliver Rosegold Moodmist Diffuser these are heavenly serene. Just the perfect gift to unwind.

  190. Lisaolivia Reply

    The wooden advent calendar is so delightful and would be such a treat for the kids to follow through the month of December. Merry Christmas everyone

  191. I have a confession to make. I’m a terrible cook. My only saviour this Christmas might be to win the Christmas Pudding pillar and wick candle set and light them before the in-laws visit for store bought pudding… so I can *pretend* I’ve been cooking!

  192. The LED snow globes. An awesome festive way to combine two of my favourite decorations lights and snow globes

  193. Kylie Marks Reply

    Cherry blossom and rose wick candle so my house smells amazeballs

  194. I’m dreaming of a White Christmas mood mister. Spread the joy! In the air is the magical mood that lifts us all. Share the love via Dusk x

  195. Andreea Nicolescu Reply

    Wooden LED advent calendar, oh my wow, this would be amazing, ive always wanted to do the advent calendar, they were not that popular or around much when I was growing up so i never did, this would be amazing I can join the kids and be excited waking up haha, would love to experience this

  196. Dusk’s Panna Cotta Fragrance diffuser smells good enough to eat!

  197. Kathy Pogas Reply

    Oliver Rosegold Moonmist Diffuser sounds so beautiful! Full of all things Christmas.

  198. Mumma Bear would really enjoy the reed diffuser, and Baby Bear would adore the advent calendar! Beautiful products from a favourite store!

  199. Di lawrence Reply

    Really hoping to get an electric melt burner for Christmas so my house can smell amazing all the time and I don’t have to worry that I’ve left a candle burning.

  200. Melynda Close Reply

    Oh the advent calendar please. How much fun and magic i could being to the kids with this. Counting down to the most magical time of the year

  201. I would love the advent calendar my husband and I saw it in store the other day and we both instantly fell in love. Mayb I can finally get him on board with my Xmas crazy obsession

  202. Sharon Johnson Reply

    Cherry Blossom and Rose wick candle a little touch of the orient to ring in the season.

  203. Being a diffuser kind of girl I’d give the Sugar and Glazed Chestnuts Naughty but Nice Fragrance Diffuser a whirl. A bit of sugar and spice to scent the house all Chirstmassy and nice.

  204. Megan Marot Reply

    My must have product is the Christmas Pudding candle,
    Festive aromas filling my home and adding to the Christmas spirit. Yum yum!

    In fact every Dusk product is amazing,
    Such beautiful decor and scents divine!

  205. Jamie angus Reply

    Vanilla Royale / Burnt Sugar & Bergamot / Honey Blossom and Freesia trio reed diffuser

    I’d love to win this amazing Prize Pack so my house smells amazing we have an old terrible house so it needs freshening up every day this pack would give us pretty much a life time supply of amazing smells

  206. Jacqueline Reply

    The nutcracker musical statue. ❤ As a girl my favorite Christmas story was ‘The Nutcracker’ with all its magical Christmas characters. I adore all the magic, beauty and wonder in Christmas time and decorating my home with my daughter & sharing my love of Christmas with family & friends is my favorite time of the year. ❤

  207. Armanda Di Toro Reply

    The Peace, Love and Joy tealight holders – super cute and oh so festive : )

  208. Amy Barbour Reply

    I would love the White Christmas Moodmist Oil to put in my diffuser to make my house smell nice and festive and add some more Christmas cheer

  209. Rita Maguire Reply

    The scent of the Christmas Pudding candle greets my visitors as they enter the house and envelops them in the Christmas magic as it wraps its tendrils tenderly around them!

  210. james pizzey Reply

    Advent calendar its a present that would be used over and over

  211. caroline A'vard Reply

    My must have Dusk Christmas product would have to be The Large Snowman Musical Snowglobe because eery year I buy a new snow globe for the house and my grandsons have to guess whats new for that year..They have so much fun…

  212. Melinda Mahlberg Reply

    Cherry Blossom and Rose wick candle because I am obssessed with Cherry Blossom and love rose scent.

  213. The Peppermint Cocoa wick candle sounds simply divine. It would be a gorgeous sweet scent to smell around the home at Christmas time.

  214. Aimee McCloy Reply

    I love the advent calendar! I would love to win this as there are so many amazing gifts that I would love to share with my loved ones this Christmas!

  215. I love fragrance diffusers and I love receiving them as gifts. They are great for having around the house and not having to worry about putting out a candle! The fact that the giveaway scent of diffuser is Panna Cotta, that makes that top of my list!

  216. Margaret G. Reply

    A DUSK diffuser would bring an aromatic and calming ambience to a very hectic day.

  217. I love love dusk… I would love to fill our house with the gorgeous smells as it’s our first family Christmas with our 10month old twins.

  218. Nothing says Christmas like the smell of pudding…so the Christmas Pillar set!

  219. The peppermint cocoa wick candle smells delicious! Having said that, I’d love to win this because I’d share it with my sister and my mum and it’s my first Christmas in my own house and some extra pretty decorations would make it even more special!

  220. Adrienne Harries Reply

    It’s beginning to smell a lot like Christmas all sweet
    Peppermint cocoa wick candle will be kind of neat
    Chocolate and candy wafting around
    Happiness will be found

  221. Panna cotta diffuser!! Yummy! I’m a big sweet tooth so hopefully it will stop me from eating it all! I can just smell it all day

  222. As much as I love the smell of all the scented candles, I would have to say the advent calendar and drummer would be perfect christmas present. I try to keep traditions of my childhood going for my kids and they both remind me of the ones I adored at my nanna’s house at christmas.

  223. Would love to win the Dusk Advent Calendar. My little miss is 13mnths so would be wonderful to start a new family tradition.

  224. The decorated tea light holders are gorgeous to help add that extra touch of sparkly light over the Christmas period

  225. The peppermint cocoa wick candle brings the classic smell of Christmas with peppermint and chocolate aromas filling the air

  226. sonya cerny Reply

    My Vanilla Royale reed diffuser to keep the house smelling fresh (especially now I have adopted two kittens!)

  227. Michelle fay Reply

    The wood advent calendar please as it is so unique and cute like my little family

  228. Anything that would make my house smell less like dogs and children, more like Christmas and then it is one less thing I need to worry about on the big day.

    • Erin Mowett Reply

      One of my favourite things to do is bake cookies with my 3 young sons, so I’d have to say the cookie jar, although anything from dusk would be wonderful!

  229. Kerensa soteriou Reply

    I would love the led advent calender! The kids get their chocolate one so this is somthing special for mummy!

  230. Id love to win the White Christmas Mood Mist oil. The house is all decorated now all we need is the scent to match and really set the Christmas mood. Or the nutcracker…my 3 year old son is obsessed with nutcrackers this year so a musical one would make his day. Thank you

  231. Peppermint cocoa candle!, beautiful Christmas scent, and invokes amazing memories for me as a child and I would love to do the same for my little boy .

  232. jane gardam Reply

    Love the Nutcracker Musical in classic, I don’t have anything nutcracker related and have always wanted a nutcracker ornament, a musical one would be even better. Would love to add him to our families heirloom christmas ornaments. along with the treasured ones handmade by my little ones.

  233. Tina Kristensen Reply

    My must have would definitely be Christmas Pudding candle. How can you go past Christmas Pudding anything. My other must have would be the advent calendar. I’d love to win this to make my house smell beautiful and christmassy even if I do burn my Christmas turkey and also to start using that gorgeous advent calendar – A keepsake to start using with my toddler and create a new tradition.

  234. Trudy Spreadborough Reply

    The LED Christmas angel. My daughter is obsessed with bright lights and angels. This would light her up for sure!

  235. Nutcracker Musical Statue reminds me of a Christmas spent in Europe many years ago. This beautiful ornament would be cherished along with my Christmas ornament collection that has been collected with love and sentiment from many destinations.

  236. Bathing in a tub full of bubbles in the glow of a christmas pudding candle,this is my Christmas wish.Please santa i promise ive been good.

  237. The Festive Cherry Bauble tealight holder looks so bright and cheery.
    I’d love to win the candles so I could infuse my house with the scents of Christmas.

  238. Nikki Gibbs Reply

    I’d love the wooden Advent Calender, cause with 6 kids in the house I don’t want the ones filled with chocolate

  239. Nicole Powell Reply

    The Christmas Pudding scented candle, as my Nanna is no longer here to make the whole family her famous Christmas pudding, so the scent of the candle would be a lovely tribute and reminder on Christmas day.

  240. Would love the beaut smells of the panna cotta scent on christmas day what better way to tantalise the guests taste buds as they arive

  241. Rachel Strauss Reply

    Oh there is so much I’d love to get from Dusk this Christmas! I ADORE the Nutcracker musical statue, LOVE the Winter Wonderland Wooden LED Dome, and HAVE TO HAVE the Wooden Alpine Scene! We have just bought our first house, and the Dusk products would add the perfect finishing touches.

  242. Anything berry. I love the amazing aromas that dusk share with us but there is just something so beautiful about the berry especially when pared with vanilla!

  243. Sharon Mcnair Reply

    I would love the wooden calendar it wouldn’t have chocolates in it but little toys that my 3 girls could play with instead of getting sick eating junk the calendar is my favourite

  244. The Christmas Pudding candle would be amazing. I would love to win as this is my first year hosting Christmas lunch and also my little 9 mo boy’s first Christmas

  245. Yum! With so many scents I could create my own 12 Smells of Christmas! Love the advent calendar, such a beautiful keepsake

  246. Christie Majorek Reply

    It would have to be the White Christmas MoodMist oil- to fill our home with a heavenly scent that will be a familiar Christmas smell that we can use each year at Christmas time. Best way to lock in special memories is with scents to match and make you feel at home anywhere!

  247. Dawn Taylor Reply

    Panna cotta fragrance diffuser , oh yum, imagine the house smelling like that, yum.

  248. The candles cos then I don’t have to cook to get the smell of Christmas!! I love the peppermint and vanilla the most but love them all!!!

  249. I love their lighter, so easy to use and I love how they will refill it for us.

  250. Jessica lee Reply

    The Cherry Blossom and Rose wick candle i a sure would smell as divine and delicious as it sounds. I would really love to win this pack to make my house have an amazing Christmas smell

  251. victoria mcquade Reply

    Wow the the wooden led advent calendar is absolutely stunning. Plus to top it off would have the the Cherry Blossom Rose wick candle burning just to add to the christmas festivities. Hmmmmn can smell it now.

  252. The panna cotta reed diffuser! I love Dusk’s reed diffusers especially their orange one which smells delightful, but if I got this diffuser I would give it to my mum because panna cotta is my mums favourite!

  253. The cherry blossom and rose wick candle. My fiancé proposed in a cherry blossom orchard and it is my absolute favourite scent.

  254. Alex Trichilo Reply

    Wow, I love the advent calendar. I have been looking for a nice one for my kids that we could start as a xmas tradition.

  255. Love, need, want and most of all DESERVE The Moodmist diffuser! I am in need of a lift!

  256. samiksha joshi Reply

    what can i say i love dusk i have a bunch of dusk candles in home ready for christmas
    and the thing i am most excited to win in the giveaway is the wooden led advent calendar as i always loved it when it lit up and if i win i will put it on the shelf right next to my christmas tree

  257. Angela Aschberger Reply

    All those candle and diffuser fragrances sound amazing but I can’t go past that beautiful Dusk LED Advent Calendar! Such a beautiful piece that will last for years to come, making Christmas special every year for our family.

  258. Tracey Newman Reply

    I’d love the peppermint coca candle, it isn’t Christmas without a candy cane but this year I could have all the smell all no sugar!

  259. You had me at Christmas pudding!!! Need that pillar candle ( better make sure I don’t try eat it!)

  260. Michelle J L Leach Reply

    •Nutcracker musical statue – I love nutcrackers they are so cute

  261. Peppermint Cocoa Wick candle then I can smell. Christmas all year round! 🙂

  262. Diane Heriot Reply

    Nutcracker musical statue. My Mum would adore him for years to come. She has been talking about one for a while now.

  263. Siobahn Knox Reply

    I love the Merry Christmas Wooden LED Advent Calendar. I’ve never had an advent calendar when I was a child but this Dusk one looks beautiful, maybe this is my yeaR. My family would have so much fun filling up the days with treats to surprise me. Who knows what I’d get each day!

  264. Rachel Te Puia Reply

    I have loved dusk for many years now. Even if I’m not purchasing anything just wandering through the store and being immersed in all the scents is heaven. And it being Christmas the smell of the Gingerbread Merry and Bright candle is so delicious, that it is at the absolute top of my must-have list!

  265. Kim Lasogga Reply

    I would looove the LED advent calendar for the kiddies! Actually everything listed sounds amazing but that really stood out . Would love to pull that out every year and fill with goodies for the kids.

  266. Kim Lasogga Reply

    I would looove the LED advent calendar for the kiddies! Actually everything listed sounds amazing but that really stood out . Would love to pull that out every year and fill with goodies for the kids.

  267. Ooohhh I have had my eye on the Advent calendar for a couple of weeks now. It is just gorgeous! The Christmas scented candles sound devine! Oh some lucky person is going to have an amazing Christmas with this prize pack. Fingers crossed!

  268. Robsie Tilley Reply

    Love Dusk fragrances , our home is always perfumed by their candles @ oils.
    Christmas Day for me is full of joy & sadness, as it was the day my mum was born.
    Not having her with us any longer is difficult, but this year I will burn the White Christmas fragrance in her honour, one of it’s fragrances is vanilla, my mum’s favourite scent.

  269. Would love the led advent calendar for my kids they have gotten so excited for christmas this year after a really rough few years for us we finally feel like this christmas is really special.

  270. Anything from dusk is gorgeous and adding Christmas scents to my house would be magical!

  271. LED snowman snowglobe. I am 60 and have never had a snowglobe , I remember going to my Grandparents home and fascinated by their snowglobe a village with pine trees that when i shook it snowed.I would sit on the lounge with my beautiful Grandma turning it while she read me a book or told me a story. The best memory of her that I treasure always.

  272. Sensory issues mean diffusers are perfect for custom aromas for individuals

  273. Katrina1972 Reply

    Merry Mistletoe Merry & Bright Candle would be the perfect addition to my Christmas decorations and festivities

  274. My wife if a candle fanatic….. a candatic?? A Christmas scented candle would make her year. She would be Dusk delighted.

  275. Sarah Stewart Reply

    I’m obsessed with their new Raspberry & Rosewater fragrance!! I’ve stocked up because it’s limited edition and I already know I’ll be heartbroken when it goes! I also got a 12 days of Christmas, tealight advent calendar that I can’t wait to rip into! ❤️ I love Dusk products, and having my house smell fresh & amazing 100% of the time …. even though with 5 kids it certainly ain’t fresh & clean 100% of the time

  276. The little drummer boy is my must have, it’s just so beautiful & different and just magic! My little miss 8 and I love lighting our house up with candles and this would delight her inner magic soul

  277. I’d love the Advent Calendar. I remember watching all the Christmas movies when I was kid and being in awe of the stunning advent calendars they had, and I always thought to myself ‘I’m going to get one of those when I’m older’, well I’m older now, and still no calendar…… yet lol

  278. Red and silver glitter tea lights for Christmas eve dinner would be beautiful since it’s the last time we will eat normally for a few days it’s worth making it special.

  279. Peta Strategos Reply

    I would love the LED wooden advent calendar. I want to start a tradition with my son to count down the days to Christmas!

  280. I would love the advent calendar but anything thing dusk would be great

  281. Gingerbread Merry and Bright candle! As soon as the smell hits the house it really does feel a lot like Christmas!

    • I would love to win because it’s the first time my mum and brother will spend Christmas at my house so I want to make it special!

  282. Viv churcher Reply

    The reed diffuser trio guarantees he whole house to smell festive and inviting

  283. Vicki Boyle Reply

    Christmas candles they make my house smell so festive for Christmas

  284. Leah Palmer Reply

    How amazing would this make the house smell on Christmas Day
    The Candles from Dusk are my favourite ❤

  285. I would love the LED baubles! They are beautiful and my girls are always looking for new things to hang on the tree 🙂

  286. The drummer. My mother loves The Little Drummer Boy christmas carol and loves Dusk so she would be over the moon with this as a Christmas gift.

  287. Kristina L Reply

    I would love to win this and feel my house with Christmas. Christmas is my favourite holiday and I want to share that with my daughter. It’s been a very rough year and not really in the Christmas Spirt and this would just make it feel like Christmas again

  288. Ooh, I love Christmas Crackers and the fabulous silver Sparkle Luxe ones Dusk have would be the perfect finish to the Christmas Table! Thanks!

  289. Ooh the Christmas pudding scented candle would be amazing. All the wonderful scents without the calories!!

  290. Must have from Dusk is the Merry Mistletoe Merry & Bright 1 Wick Candle. Helps set the Christmas mood and I can kiss hubby anywhere under the Mistletoe scent

  291. Nadine Cameron Reply

    The wooden LED advent calendar as I’ve put a stop to buying the cheap disposable ones for the kids. This could be the start of a lovely Christmas family tradition. Thank you!

  292. My wife would love this i be in her good books at least until the new year

  293. The assorted Christmas melts would be great to make my home smell nice over Christmas.

  294. I would love the christmas pudding candle. That would make my house smell just like christmas!

  295. The Panna Cotta Fragrance diffuser sounds like it would be a perfect scent for Christmas

  296. Sylvia Hrehoresen Reply

    The entire shop is my favourite. I can never resist walking in and without fail always buy something. If I had to pick I’d choose the Advent Calendar as I’m sure the scents in every candle would be amazing and make my home ready for Christmas

  297. Love our Dusk Novelty Candles and this year we will be adding Peter the Penguin to our collection and to win a glorious prize from Dusk could increase who we share such amazing products with

  298. Julia Mason Reply

    The Wooden LED Advent Calender will bring a touch of magic to my home this Christmas, it’s classically beautiful and will go well with the scent of Vanilla candles.

  299. i absolutely adore the scents of the Peach and Orchid 2 Wick Candle from DUSK (My mother loves orchids especially). Id like to win so that i can give my mum the best Christmas gift ever! She is always collecting new candles and she does so much for me and everyone else in the family which is why i want to give her something truly amazing that i know she will really enjoy and appreciate. My mum is the best and i love her very much <3

  300. Kim Hardacre Reply

    Any of the Christmas scented candles – they all sound amazing. I would also love the wooden advent calendar. I like the idea of activities or little gifts rather than chocolate

  301. Kristy Winters Reply

    12 Days of Scents Set Soy with a house full of four boys I am always after new scents to disguise the boy house smell lol.

  302. kerry mcgugan Reply

    Christmas pudding candle , brings back Memories of my Nanna , her puddings were legendry , they had sixpenses in them and hung on the clothes line for days , in anticipation for christmas day

  303. janis white Reply

    I adore dusk I love walking past the shop and the fragrances lift me up and in I go. I would love the White Christmas Moodmist Oil. TO FILL MY HOME WITH A DELICIOUS FRAGRANCE THANK YOU

  304. Panna Cotta Fragrance diffuser.

    To have the aroma of one of my most favourite desserts tantalising my senses by dusk, I could not wish for more really!!!

  305. I particularly love the Merry and Bright Mistletoe, Candied Cherries and Gingerbread candles. They would suit my colour theme which is red, green and gold.

  306. Michelle M Leach Reply

    I would love the Wooden Advent Calendar! A wonderful tradition I could use for my niece who is one. As she grows I could put in different things age related for her. Little surprise gifts or chocolate. Something we both can cherish every year. Thanks for the chance xx

  307. Phyllis J George Reply

    I like the diffuser best because I have a variety of my own blends that I am hoping to diffuse to get us all into the Christmas cheer.

  308. The Santa Train Snow Globe. It looks absolutely beautiful. I love everything about Christmas, but especially the joy in my kids. This would be beautiful to have with our decorations

  309. This mum is worried
    the in-laws are looming.
    They should bring joy
    but instead they are glooming.
    The White Christmas MoodMist Oil
    would help with my stress
    and sending my MIL home with some candles
    would surely impress!

  310. Kylie Clark Reply

    Oooooo so much to choose but i would love the white christmas moodmist oil

  311. Heather Pitkeathly Reply

    How exciting it would be, to countdown 25 days of Christmas glee.. An advent surprise each day to discover for my daughter and her brother.

  312. I would just love the Christmas Pudding Pillar & Wick Candle Set- being gluten intolerant, this is the closest I’ll ever get to Christmas pudding!!!! This would be a glorious prize to treat the senses not only for myself but for all of my family to share & enjoy.

  313. Amy Shelton Reply

    The advent calendar it looks so beautiful. They all look so beautiful would l8ve to win to make my house up so nice christmas would be complete if i won this awesome prize.

  314. Tina Hopkinson Reply

    Christmas Pudding pillar and wick candle set besides the divine smell this would trigger some awesome childhood memories and share in creating new ones.

  315. Melissa Okimoto Reply

    This is an amazing prize. I adore the 12 days of soy scents set. Its a great gift. I would love to deck our house with amazing smells and gift these gorgeous products to friends this christmas.

  316. I just love using oil burners, the fragrance can last for hours, the Bennett itself is decorative and you can set any mod you want. What a wonderful way to celebrate Christmas, than to include the smell of Christmas around the house? What fun!

  317. Kim Friend Reply

    It would have to be the Snowflake Bottle Stopper & Wine Charm Set. At Christmas, my mother is known for drinking out of everyone else’s glass, as she can never remember where she put hers down. So this little set would be fantastic to help my forgetful mother and keep everyones drinks safe.

  318. Berry Christmas 1 Wick Candle (65hrs!) is my choice with a lovely aroma of berries and orange with a touch of cinnamon and rose. Such a lovely added aroma to fill the air at Christmas, presented in a lovely Christmas jar.

  319. The Angel ornament. To remind our family of those family and friends who are no longer with us but, who still surround us with their love.

  320. Vanilla Royale / Burnt Sugar & Bergamot / Honey Blossom and Freesia trio reed diffuser – It has every mood of Christmas covered 🙂

  321. Blastoplex Reply

    Cherry blossom and rose wick candle I can’t escape that beautiful scent.

  322. The LED Advent calendar, how amazing, and would be so exciting being able to fill it up every year

  323. Can’t go past the Wooden LED Advent Calendar! It would make the 24 days leading up to Christmas day extra special!

  324. Deanne Deluca Reply

    I’ve just renovated my bathroom gone from a bland beige to a gorgeous grey and I would love a melts warmer and some melts to give it a pop of colour and smell divine in there.

  325. Would love the White Christmas Mood mist oil as this would put a beautiful perfume around the house, and make it like home. It’s hard as all the products are lovely.

  326. Kodie McMullen Reply

    I must have the Oliver RoseGold MoodMist diffuser. i love diffusers and rose gold is my new favourite colour

  327. The Nutcracker as I have a small collection of them. Christmas day is also more fun with the dusk Christmas crackers.

  328. Judi Damon Reply

    I would love to win the Christmas wreath because I don’t have one.

  329. Kiani rose Reply

    I absolutely adore all of it but the wooden advent calendar is simply stunning.

    • Kiani rose Reply

      I would love to win this as my house is very simple (boring really) and these would help make it the beautiful home my family deserve.

  330. I’m going to be a first time nanna in April and the calendar wood be a wonderful family tradition and its awesome too

  331. cheerie murnane Reply

    I would love the battery candles, they are so beautiful and a really good idea for someone who is a little scared of having candles on for too long, The reed diffuser is a present I love to buy at Christmas, always a special present.

  332. My girlfriend wants a white melt warmer with different coloured scented melts

  333. Well there are so many lovely Dusk candles and diffusers,they are so ideal for everyones home, but I would like the LED wooden advent calendar as the children love this.

  334. Rosalie Bernacki Reply

    Would love the Oliver RoseGold MoodMist diffuser – for a touch of romance on Christmas eve in the master bedroom – please xxx

  335. Candice Milner Reply

    So many amazing products, but if I had to choose one it would be the Merry Christmas Wooden LED Advent Calendar. It looks absolutely gorgeous and would make the countdown to Christmas even more exciting. We would have a very special place in our home for this and enjoy filling it and opening it every year..

  336. This year, my daughter is old enough to enjoy Christmas and understand what it’s all about so the Wooden LED advent calendar would be perfect!

  337. Kim Morgan Reply

    Winter Wonderland Wooden LED Dome is one of my favourites, just such a serene & unique decoration,which would add a festive touch to any home.

  338. Sonia Chang Reply

    There’s no celebration more uplifting than sharing dusk’s Christmas decorations and Limited Edition Silk Shimmer Collection Candles with my friends and friends. dusk is truly an iconic Australian’s favorite brand with the finest fragrances and stunning designed for bringing Christmas spirit. Silk Shimmer Collection has luxurious, versatile, romantic fragrances with Swarovski crystal holders. My house would look stunning and effortlessly with dusk .

  339. Michelle Ward Reply

    I love candles and I love Christmas so I would really enjoy the 12 scents of Christmas soy candles – the perfect alternative to the Advent calendar.

  340. Any of the Christmas scented candles would make my house smell beautiful and keep the feel of Christmas around for longer.

  341. Joanne Cardamone Reply

    I must have the Peggy Penguin Chalk Board Cookie Jar so that we can have our favourite homemade goodies inside with a lovely new Christmas Message every day

  342. Gregory Bell Reply

    The cookie jar would go down a treat, as well as what goes in it!

  343. Amber Baines Reply

    I would love to win the advent calendar! It’s just stunning!

  344. A gorgeous dusk candle to create a Christmas feel through the house with a sensational scent. Pure festive happiness:)

  345. The triple scented Candles are just so divine it would be awesome to have these scents through the house just pure joy.

  346. Maree Wood Reply

    I just love diffusers & candles, so I would choose, the White Christmas Moodmist Oil for my defuser & their beautiful scented candles..

  347. There would be more exciting to enjoy Christmas Wonderland Wooden LED Scene and 12 Days of Scents Set Soy from dusk this Christmas , These beautiful and handcrafted Christmas decorations do bring joys and magical of Christmas for everyone. As a dusk fan, dusk’s products have provided many wonderful moments for my family. This is truly an incredible prize to share with my family and friends. Thank you.

  348. White Christmas Mood Mist Oil is needed in our home this year. We are just not in a festive mood. Recently losing my 2 grandparents and Father-in-law. We’ve decided not to celebrate this year. We are just not in the festive mood. Maybe with some Mood Mist our spirits will pick up.

  349. Such a beautiful package, imaginenot just how pretty all that would be, but the magical smells…. omg delicious … would be nice 🙂

  350. Richard Harrison Reply

    The Cherry Blossom and Rose Wick candle sounds like it will smell amazing!

  351. Bec Rigoni Reply

    My daughter has a dusk gingerbread house candle that her grandma bought her. It is proudly sitting in the centre of our table waiting for christmas day!

  352. bronwyn evans Reply

    Definitely has to be The Christmas Pudding Candle Set cause who doesn’t love christmad pud!! Honestly though the whole lot looks amazing and would help brighten our home this christmas as we lost all of our christmas stuff in the storm this year.

  353. Chelsea Hurring Reply

    I could shop in dusk all day, I love the variety they have and the different scents. I also love their homewares that go with candles. Beautiful items

  354. the musical nutcracker. My son loves them whenever he sees them he gets more excited for Christmas

  355. Sounds devine, so yes please!! What a beautiful way to smell Christmas

  356. Joanna Lau Reply

    Any of the diffuser to set up the mood of the house for Christmas! 🙂 Akk if their products are so lovely and smells amazing…

  357. Edwina Fletcher Reply

    I love dusk diffusers, I don’t have a favourite scent as they are all beautiful. Dusk scents always make my house smell inviting.

  358. Suzanne Blommaert Reply

    One of my favourite scents in the world is guava and thus my favourite (and absolute essential) product would be the Gaia Belladonna triple scented candle. The scent of guava always reminds me of my unbringing in South Africa as my mum always used to make me and my siblings tinned guavas and custard for dessert after our Sunday lunch. Mmmmmm, such a fond memory and the smell reminds me of my home country which I haven’t lived in for over 20 years now! I absolutely adore Dusk products but with four children I never seem to be able to afford it. This package would make the perfect Christmas gift for myself and how lovely would it be if I could burn the Gaia Belladonna candle on Christmas Day to help me not miss my family too much!

  359. My must have item would have to be the Christmas Pudding pillar and wick candle set so that my house can smell like Christmas anytime of the year!

  360. sarah martin Reply

    i would love the pretty candle holder bauble looks pretty nice.I havent tried the scents but heard there very nice


    A gorgeous Heirloom Calender so that I can begin to create some traditions for my grandson…. memories last a life time

    • LED advent calendar because my boys love all things that light up at Christmas and then getting their countdown treat at dusk….this would be the perfect combination

  362. I need some help getting in too the Christmas spirit this year. This dusk package would certainly help with that!

  363. The wooden advent calendar – such a gorgeous keepsake, to pass down.

  364. Caroline White Reply

    I love all things from Dusk and would love to gift the calendar to someone speacil..

  365. I think my must-have Christmas Dusk product is a Vanilla & Almond Liqueur Naughty but Nice 2 Wick Candle to have going while I clean and decorate my house and a Gingerbread Merry & Bright 1 Wick Candle for when everyone is opening their gifts!

    I would love to win this prize pack because visiting Dusk is a Christmassy occasion for me as I only really get the luxury of visiting at Christmas time. ♡

  366. The nutcracker statue is divine and reminds me of my childhood but I also love the mood diffuser to help wind down from the crazy lead up to Christmas and get into the spirit!

  367. I must have the advent calendar! it would be a centrepiece in our home for years to come! I love the magical mystery of counting down and the excitement building as you find tiny presents every day. , I’m so excited to share this with my first child this year!! Merry Christmas xx

  368. The wooden LED advent calendar – I’m a kid at heart, and this wonderful treasure would bring back all the excitement of anticipating Christmas’s past, present and future.

  369. I would love to have the Berry Christmas one wick candle…so beautiful!

  370. Trace Clifford Reply

    White Xmas Mood Mist oil, would really set the ambience for the day, even thinking about it, I can smell it’s beautiful aroma..

    • Trace Clifford Reply

      I would live to win the White Xmas Mood Mist oil because not only the beautiful aroma but also because I will be with my teenage daughter on our own first the whole Christmas season and the house will smell like our family is with us, even though they are all thousands of kilometres away..

  371. holly christmas crackers for my family to enjoy over christmas

  372. The musical Nutcracker sounds wonderfull. I dont have any nutcrackers so would love to add this to my collection

  373. Courtney Lummis Reply

    I love the Dusk wooden advent calendar, it is beautiful and It would be perfect for me to start a Christmas tradition with my daughter!

  374. I would love anything from Dusk, love all their products, the Led Advent calendar looks stunning for christmas!!

  375. Oliver RoseGold MoodMist diffuser would definately help me to relax after the stress of organizing Christmas. Christmas would be joyful when the cook is unstressed

  376. I love the Dusk wooden advent calendar. Anything from Dusk would be amazing 🙂

  377. Anne Davies Reply

    I would love the Panna Cotta Fragrance diffuser. Subtle but sweet, it would make my home complete!

  378. Tracy Carroll Reply

    Dusk till dawn, dusk candles leave your house smelling festive ,put a little light into my life with your Christmas cheer!

  379. I just love the LED snowman snow globe! The Snowman is one of our most favourite Christmas stories, so this will be a perfect reminder of his magic of display.

  380. The White Christmas MoodMist oil… It would be the perfect addition to my oil diffuser for a lovely Christmassy scent!

  381. I’d love the Santa train snow globe. One of my kids loves trains, another loves snow globes… Perfect.

  382. I would feel very Merry and Joyful this christmas waking upto the sweet smell of the May Oil Burner & Soy Melt Set

  383. To get me into the festive spirit, I hope to win the “12 Days of Scents Set Soy Candle” Gift. I have brought my daughters their Christmas advent calendars to kick off the countdown, so it’s only fair I have an adults version of an advent calendar!
    As each candle glitters away and the scents permeate throughout our house, future Christmas’ will no doubt become a sensory experience for my children. as they reflect on Christmas childhood memories.

  384. Christmas pudding scent! Omg i would be the envy of all the family. Being a single mummy my teenager is always at me for dusk candles and i just cant do it. Imagine her face if i could put all these under the tree!!!!

  385. All of them – my house smells like two wet dogs at the moment and I’d rather it didn’t!

  386. Sue Collins Reply

    It’s the little things
    That I remember –
    And one Christmas tradition
    Still glows like an ember;
    I adored anticipating the daily thrill –
    Opening wee paper doors
    And windows till …..
    Hip Hip Hooray –
    It was Christmas Day!
    So “Deck the halls with boughs of holly” –
    I’d be in bliss
    And oh so jolly
    To own this heirloom
    For all time ….
    A ‘forever’ Advent Calendar
    How sublime!

  387. Karen Mashford Reply

    I love the Wooden Advent Calendar, I love surprises and it will take me back to my childhood waiting each day to discover what is hidden behind the door.

  388. The LED Wooden Advent Calendar looks divine and so individual. There is nothing better than the smells of Christmas throughout the home!

  389. aleisha Austbo Reply

    Dusks Advent calender would be the
    Ultimate Christmas gift I have
    So many ideas to
    Keep the Christmas spirit alive

  390. Christmas pudding candle would smell Devine and evoke memories of cooking with my grandma at Christmas time

  391. My whole family would love this prize. The advent calendar is spectacular & we love to use oils to cleanse our living spaces!

  392. Christmas Pudding pillar and wick candle set making the house smell homely and heavenly

  393. Any of it and all of it!!! I love all the amazing fragrances and I especially love the advent calendar!

  394. rebecca foster-noble Reply

    I would love the Butter icing, Osaka and Acapulco trio candle set as it would be a centre piece on the dining table to make our Christmas meals so much more Christmasy and add a luxurious style. Oh and smell delightful too. 🙂


    I love my Christmas pudding on Christmas Day…… the Christmas pud candle wins out…….but there is so much more I’d opt for including the advent calendar for my grandies to open

  396. Diffusers & Candles and smelly things oh my…….As a mum to 3 teenagers beautiful smells are usually the first thing your smell in my house.

  397. I’d love to win the wooden LED advent calendar. It just exudes Christmas spirit, which you can never have too much of at this time of the year 🙂

  398. The Santa’s train snow globe is the cutest thing, i would love to display it as a centre piece on my Christmas lunch table

  399. Vicki Johns Reply

    I like the Wooden LED advent calendar.Counting down to Christmas Day the excitement on my grandson’s face as he looks in each day to find Dusk gift inside.

  400. The peppermint cocoa candle!!! Divine. Honestly all of it is must have but especially the candles.

  401. Favourite would have to be the butter icing, Osaka and Acapulco trio candle set. Why I’d love to win? To see the look on my wife’s face as she receives $850 dollars worth of candles/aromartic gifts… She would be beyond ecstatic and extremely surprised! She works so hard she deserves it!

  402. I absolutely LOVE the melts. The smell and flavour combinations they come up with make me want to eat the air. Just Di-vine. Yum

  403. Dianne Childs Reply

    I love the Blood Orange & Grapefruit / Orange & Wild Berries / Raspberry & Rosewater Soy Mini Candle Trio because those scents are definitely my cup of tea!

  404. Erin Le Good Reply

    I would love the rose gold diffuser because it will match perfectly with my rose gold theme this year!

  405. Tracy Painter Reply

    I would really like the Advent Calendar as my first child has just turned 1 and this would be perfect for creating an exciting family tradition for her to enjoy for years to come. Thank you

  406. Kimberly Green Reply

    I would love to win the LED wooden advent calendar because I love the simply classic rustic look and would go perfect with my Christmas theme thought the house this year. And I just love anything dusk.

  407. Sarah Matthews Reply

    Two words – Christmas Pudding!!!
    Can’t wait to smell that burning in our home on Christmas Eve when I get home from my job as an Emergency Nurse!

  408. Carrie Jackson Reply

    Santa’s Train Snowglobe for my son – he adores trains and is loving snow globes this year!

  409. Bernd Rittner Reply

    I like the musical nutcracker statue, very unique, a great table centrepiece.

  410. yvonne ryan Reply

    I Absolutely Adore my Dusk Candles and Reed diffusers . I always get exited going into Dusk and feel like a big kid in a Candy Store. I absolutely love Dusk Jasmine Reed diffusers , among so many of the other beautiful range that they stock . This really is a lovely prize pack that I would love to share with my family. I have a gorgeous 4 year old granddaughter that would be so exited by the event calendar . thanks for the chance to win this wonderful prize pack

  411. Ingrid Hirvonen-Burgess Reply

    The Christmas pudding pillar and wick candle, its my favorite Christmas smell ever. I’d love to win so that I could actually burn some divinely scented candles, as at the moment my teenager is stealing all my favourites to burn in her room.

  412. Kelly Manning Reply

    The Christmas Pudding candle. How amazing to not only taste and see Christmas in your home but now we can smell it throughout the whole holiday season. Would be amazing!!!!

  413. Massouna Najjarine Reply

    Gaia Belladonna triple scented candle (with Jasmine, Guava and Nectar).. Excited about winning this… as my ‘house’ would smell like a ‘home’ inviting to everyone

  414. Maria Gillies Reply

    I would love the Advent Calendar because it could be handed down to my Son and then he could hand it down to his children when the time comes. What a beautiful keepsake!!!

  415. Jessie Chibber Reply

    I love the light up advent calendar. I have had my eye on it since the Christmas range came out. I love cute and different advent calendars. This one would look perfect on the mantel.

  416. blake haugen Reply

    Mandarin & Musk
    2 Wick Candle is our delight.
    All year round smells outta sight!
    Friends and family notice
    our home is inviting
    From Dusk, its bliss.

  417. The Winter Wonderland Wooden LED Dome is a must have for me this Christmas & a perfect addition to my collection. It will add the perfect touch to our White Christmas home theme this year.

  418. I’d choose the adorable snowman globe as my kids collect them and they’d love to add a Christmassy one to their collection!

  419. Kathleen Ostapenko Reply

    I just love a beautiful diffuser it just makes your room come alive and a candle for the evening whilst your relaxng any fragrancce will do

  420. Mary Preston Reply

    The berries and cinnamon of the Berry Christmas Wick Candle won me over.

    The Dusk Christmas Prize Pack would just be the cherry on top of the Christmas cake. Everything to appreciate and enjoy.

  421. Jennifer Peachey Reply

    I would love to win the LED Santa’s train snowglobe to add to my Christmas snowglobe collection. It is a tradition I started when my son was born and have not yet found a new snowglobe for this year to add to the collection.

  422. Nicole maree Reply

    Peppermint cocoa wick candle.. love those Christmas scents and the sound of crackling wood.. one of my favourites!

  423. I’d be happy to win any of these, anything from dusk is beautiful

  424. Lennareinhard Reply

    Candles and tea lights my kids and I love lighting candles Xmas eve and Xmas and sitting in the ambiance with Xmas decorations with Christmas songs playing and spending time as a family

  425. Kirsten Olliffe Reply

    Well, where do I start! Dusk, my fave candle shop. I couldn’t pick one must have item, I love everything there. It is all so beautiful and smells devine. Not to mention all the gorgeous decorations and holders and, well, everything

  426. it would have to be the Gaia Belladonna triple scented candle because i just can’t get enough of the jasmin scent!

  427. I can smell the beautiful dusk scents from just looking at the picture. That beautiful scent always leads me towards a dusk store when I am out shopping, Yes this is a gift I would keep for myself, but everyone who cocmes to share Christmas with me (over 30 people this year) will benefit from it

  428. I currently can’t afford to buy products from Dusk but everytime I walk past the shop I fall in love with the amazing smells

  429. The peppermint cocoa candle would be my favourite. Those scents plus cinnamon always remind me of Xmas.

  430. Amanda Evans Reply

    The advent calander. My 6yr old daughter is autistic and loves counting and this year is so excited to start the count down for Santa but refuses to eat chocolate so normal kid advent calanders are out. This would be perfect! I could fill it with sensory toys!

  431. Lauren Munro Reply

    The wooden LED advent calendar is gorgeous! Would love to fill it with Christmassy things to do each day, watch a Christmas movie, read Christmas stories, bake Christmas cookies, Christmas crafting day etc We love Christmas!

  432. I would love to have the advent calendar! It would be a great addition to the house. The whole prize is just devine! Would love them all!!

  433. Alicia Kimberley Reply

    Anything that has the scent of vanilla I love dusk and with Christmas what an even better combination a Christmas treat for me this would be!

  434. Would love the LED Advent Calendar for our 2 little girls. A perfect keep sake & a lovely tradition to start Christmas with.

  435. Teresa Clark Reply

    Peppermint Cocoa wick candle, this one smells delicious, I would love this prize to add some delicious smells to our house to hide the smells of my all little men family (me excluded)

  436. Kim Campbell Reply

    I’d love the Nutcracker musical statue it would look wonderful on my Mantel. It would certainly put my other decorations to shame.

  437. A difusser, I was so sceptical of them, but my daughter purchased one, and goodness me the Scents are amazing! I definitely need one

  438. Georgia Thiesfield Reply

    C-christmas smells are filling the air
    H- holly is being found everywhere
    R- red, green, silver and gold
    I – it’s all about about to be sold
    S -somehow it’s going to be hard to choose
    T- trying to decide with scent to diffuse
    M- my favourite flavour would have to be
    A-a Christmas pudding candle (yummy!)
    S-so much to choose from, so much to see,i hope you pick me!

  439. Michelle Penn Reply

    I would love the advent calendar. So beautiful and a great family tradition!

  440. Tricia Leonard Reply

    Dusk has so many beautiful products, but I really love the Nutcracker Musical Classic. It brings back so many memories and would amazing at my place. I would be thrilled to win because I love everything in the prize.

  441. I contracted food poisoning last year the day before Christmas and was in hospital for two days (had to cancel our first Christmas in our new house, was also my sons first Christmas!). I would really love to do a full blown out Christmas this year and this would help! I love Dusk products!

  442. The sense of smell evokes so many memories – people passed, fun shared and memories to make.

  443. Paige Yang Reply

    Merry Christmas Wooden LED Advent Calendar is lovely and fun. My kids could use it for Christmas countdown.

  444. Bek Dominy Reply

    The Nutcracker musical statue. I love Nutcracker’s and would a collection. My puppy recently knocked over and broke my big nutcracker…

  445. Amanda Collins Reply

    I like the Naughty but Nice Diffusers. A little exciting but a beautiful aroma to get you in the festive feeling

  446. Kylie hensler Reply

    Omg too many great dusk products to choose from its a toss up between the led advent calender or the diffuser i love candles and oils and love the beautiful smells it diffuses with 3 boys i need some nice smells in the house lol

  447. Emma Bournes Reply

    It would have to be the Green Christmas Fragrance Diffuser. The smell of a actually Christmas tree reminds of my childhood and brings me back to being a little kid again. I’d love to have my own children smell what i smelt waking up Christmas morning.

  448. My daughter loves snow globes so i would loive to win one for her

  449. I’m a sucker for scents so the Dusk Sparkling Patchouli Candle & Diffuser Set, for that all day and night home scent coverage. It would just be a lovely surprise to win.

  450. I would love to go into Dusk and follow my nose to all the beautiful smells and be able to pick out some beautiful decorations !

  451. The holly crackers, nothing says Christmas like crackers, even better when they are dusk styled

  452. I would love the wreath fr the front door. Would make a stunning entrance feature. My son though would be fascinated with the snow globe – train and Christmas all in one, how awesome!

  453. I’d love the Wooden Advent Calendar…what a gorgeous Chrissie decoration and I’d love to put a little surprise in each box, and allow the kids in the household to take turns at opening a box….way better than a chocolate one.

  454. Louise French Reply

    Cherry blossom and rose , 2 of my all time favourite scents….. Christmas pudding could be my new favourite

  455. I love the Ornate Metallic LED Angel Décor Large. It’d deliver “Peace on Earth” and my family will laugh louder, dance longer and live more extraordinarily than last Christmas!

  456. I would need the Rose/Jasmine/Lavender mini diffuser trio especially in my son’s bedroom and throughout the house to have the beautiful scent wherever I go. I love Dusk, such a beautiful range of products, it was really hard to choose only one.

  457. I would love the diffuser, so we can enjoy the Christmas smells throughout our house.

  458. I love them all, so I will let you pick, will be over joyed with any of them Thank You and have a very Merry Christmas and good luck to all the Mums

  459. margie sincoe Reply

    My granddaughter and I would enjoy opening the advent calendar together and anticipating what gorgeous goodie is behind each door.

  460. Tamara Robinson Reply

    Absolutely 100% be the Gaia Belladonna triple scented candle I’d use first and the wooden LED advent calender is just adorable!

  461. Can’t go wrong with Dusk products – I particularly like diffuser for a beautiful scent to waft through the house.

  462. Kyla Heufel Reply

    Living in such a small town it’s hard to find these products and would be happy to have any of these beautiful scents in my home 🙂

  463. The Chrstmas pudding pillar. What’s Christmas without some Christmas pudding

  464. I would love the Wooden LED advent calendar, since I was a child we always had a Christmas Advent calendar and this would bring back wonderful, exciting memories of Christmas as a child.

  465. Rhiannon Jakobasch Reply

    Oh wow – they all sound amazing. Having the house filled with Christmas scents would be so good!

  466. Peppermint cocoa to match my candy cane fudge I make every year. I love Xmas traditions

  467. Emma Finnigan Reply

    The wooden LED advent calendar looks adorable! Would bring back such fond memories of opening our advent calendar as a child.

  468. Brittany D Reply

    Christmas is my favourite time of year, so I would love the diffuser so I could have my house smelling like Christmas all year around which would be AMAZING!

  469. Amy Murphy Reply

    Love all candles but that LED advent calender is amazing would be a perfect addition to our Christmas traditions each year.

  470. The Gingerbread House Novelty Candle will bring merry joy to our home over the Christmas season.

  471. Vanessa Ahern Reply

    My favourite Dusk Christmas product is the Snowflake Bottle Stopper & Wine Charm Set, perfect for when entertaining.

  472. The LED snowman snow globe would be popular here, the kids just love snow globes!

  473. Kodie McMullen Reply

    would love the wooden advent calendar such a good idea 🙂

  474. MichelleAnn Reply

    The Cherry Blossom and Rose wick candle is my must have Christmas Dusk product. I’d love to win as I like my home to be filled with the soft glow of scented candles and aromatic oils. And Christmas just wouldn’t be the same without the traditional Christmas decorations I remember from my childhood.

  475. I love filling my house with beautiful smells and setting the mood with candle light. Cherry blossom and rose wick candle for Christmas Eve ambience.

  476. Stephanie Herringe Beauchamp Reply

    The diffuser, with little girls that love to blow out candles it’s the safest option for my house to smell amazing at christmas time

  477. I’d love to win this for my mum. Her favourite dusk item is the mixed bag of tea lights.

  478. LED snowman snow globe reminds me Christmas in snow. I’d love to win these items and decorate all for this Christmas.

  479. LED snowman snow globe would be fantastic for me, just another reminder of its Christmas time,,

  480. dusk has perfect Christmas decoration and fragrances for everyone and every occasion.

  481. johanna rees Reply

    Gaia Belladonna triple scented candle – not only would it smell divine, it looks absolutely gorgeous.

  482. Penny Wiltshire Reply

    The LED snowman snow globe is gorgeous. Would look and feel very much like Christmas. Perfect for the entire family to get into the spirit.

  483. Tania Hardman Reply

    I would absolutely LOVE the Gaia Belladonna triple scented candle!!! With the scent of Jasmine, Guava and Nectar wafting through my house – I could pretend i was on a tropical holiday everytime i walked in the door.


    Very Berry Candle & Diffuser Set by Dusk will bring all the freshness and summery feeling to my Aussie Christmas, where fruit is the most popular part of our family Christmas feast.

  485. Berry Christmas pillar. A lovely table centrepiece for Christmas lunch.

  486. I would love the Oliver RoseGold MoodMist diffuser as I’m after a diffuser fir my bedroom.

  487. I have a tooth that’s sweet,
    I can’t resist any delectable treat;
    I hide chocolates round the home,
    so I can graze while I clean and roam;
    I do sometimes feel contrite,
    after I’ve taken an indulgent bite;
    but with Santa’s smiling eyes approving me,
    I reckon I’ll be munching entirely guilt free;
    so my must-have Christmas Dusk product by far,
    is the Cheery Santa Cookie Jar;
    which is why I would love to win it,
    together with the Candles that transmit,
    delicious Christmas smells to whet my appetite,
    plus the other gorgeous festive goodies that might,
    all be reminders to my brain that in my Santa Jar’s tummy,
    is an assortment of sweets that are Yuletide yummy!

  488. Leeann Hendrie Reply

    I love these beautiful products and I would love to share them with the special ladies in my life.

  489. Any of the lovely candles… im deeply in love with all the gorgeous smells.

  490. Karen Turner Reply

    The Jasmine & Ylang Ylang Fragrance Diffuser and Bird Topper Set looks lovely

  491. Caroline Lissaman Reply

    A Nutcracker musical statue would fill my home with festive sounds. Winning a Dusk pack will offer me a variety of festive fragrances too. My senses will be overloaded with the sounds and smells of Christmas. What a way to be!

  492. Christiane Reply

    The advent calendar as it will become a part of Christmas tradition to be used for years to come

  493. The Nutcracker Musical Statue, can’t go past that for traditional Christmas feels.

  494. Lianne K Jackson Reply

    A gorgeous Christmas scent diffuser would be lovely in my home this year, Thankyou 🙂

  495. stacey coppin Reply

    I would love to win an amazing Dusk pack because with all the bills, I’ve had to avoid their store these days and i absolutely love the berry christmas pillar. It’s gorgeous!

  496. Jasmine Stanford Reply

    The Christmas pudding pillar candle! Omg Christmas pudding candle!!!!! Can you think of anything better? No!!!!!!!!

  497. Shannon Wotton Reply

    The Christmas Pudding Candles sound amazing, nothing could be better than filling my home with the sweet spicy aroma of my favourite Christmas treat!

  498. dusk has magnificent fragrances and home decorations for everyone and every occasion with great prices. dusk . A perfect prize for creating welcome Christmas for those closet to you.

  499. I spent a white Christmas as an exchange student (many!) years ago, and since then, Christmas has smelt to me like cinnamon, pine needles, and the cherry liqueur my darling host parents used to drink, so the trio reed diffuser sounds just divine!

  500. The wooden LED Advent calendar is divine, how much fun it would be to open leading up to Christmas!

  501. Linda dleary Reply

    The beautiful advent calendar, it is so unique and would be envied by all who see it. Once emptied means I can restock or hint at my hubby and kids to put notes or little treats and candels and reuse over and over again

  502. FRANKIE MS Reply

    My neighbour just lost both her parents within a few months of each other – her Mum through Cancer and then her Papa was killed in a car accident last week on his way to the cemetary. I choose both the LED ANGEL and the NUTCRACKER. The Angel to represent the love we have for 3 souls including my cousin around us that we lost this year and the nutcracker would be for said neighbour ( and a few other goodies ) as she is obsessed with Nutcracker dolls. She has some that are about 5ft!! Thank you for the chance!!!!

  503. JOHANNE STONE Reply

    I only just purchased the Rudolphs Toy shop but also absolutely love the Festive House , though my local Dusk is out of stock. It is an absolutely stunning centre piece I would so dearly love to add to my Dusk collection. my favorite tealights are Lemon myrtle. Gorgeous

  504. Susanna Martin Reply

    I love their stock this year and I have been baking my little heart out so to have their Peggy Penguin Chalk Board Cookie Jar would be a real treat and a lovely decoration for the kitchen…. I would write “One biscuit at a time!” hahaha!

  505. dusk home fragrances and decorations are perfect addition for any home and any occasion. This is very special prize for creating magnificent Christmas moments. I would never forget.

  506. Kylie Travis Reply

    The Oliver RoseGold MoodMist diffuser as I now have a rose gold theme in our house and would love a little mood lift when needed! <3

  507. Debbie Dye Reply

    I’m dreaming of a white Christmas….
    Dusk’s white Christmas mood mist oil will get me in the festive spirit!

  508. Roz Nordin Reply

    Love all that is listed. The advent calendar is great. And love to make my house and room smell like Christmas. Will definitely light up White Christmas MoodMist oil in every room.

  509. Kat Barber Reply

    the advent calender! Imagine the kids faces when its filled with cut up carrots! 😛 😛 😛 😛

  510. Lynette Merrick Reply

    All things Christmas as it’s too hard to choose just one. Having so much winter Christmas themed goodies makes me want to have a white Christmas one year so badly

  511. The wooden advent calendar is gorgeous, classic and timeless! Plus, think of all the special things that could be hidden in those drawers! Truly the embodiment of the magic of Christmas, particularly for those little people in one’s life!

  512. The advent calendar is gorgeous. Something you could use each year.

  513. Tracy Terry Reply

    The advent calendar!! A new smell a day to keep the smell of the stinky dog away

  514. Melissa Virtue Reply

    OMG this would be my dream Christmas present from my favorite shop Dusk, what’s not to love there.

  515. I want a diffuser for Christmas and would love to get the White Christmas Moodmist Oil to put in it!

  516. I love the Luna Mood Mist Diffuser. It would look amazing in any home and make your home smell beautiful.

  517. Tina Elvins Reply

    The Gaia Belladonna triple scented candle (with Jasmine, Guava and Nectar) sounds positively delish! This would quench my thirsty Christmas list and be my number one wish!

  518. Lisa Sanday Reply

    I would absolutely love to win anything from dusk! All smells AMAZING!!!!!!! Good luck everyone ❤️

  519. Jacinta Nimmo Reply

    My whole house would smell great!! and not like stinky sweaty feet, anything to dull that smell is worth it!

  520. The red and brown christmas wreath would have to be my pick! I love having something hanging on the front door at the start of December, to spread a bit of Christmas spirit to everyone who stops by – whether it’s a friend, or a courier, or the guy who delivers our vege box! Share the love!

  521. Joanne sampson Reply

    There bath bombs are awesome after a long Christmas Day a long bath is just what we need

  522. Barbara Fehmel Reply

    The wooden Advent Calendar, although it is a hard decision as everything from Dusk is so beautiful, that is why I buy so many Christmas presents there.

  523. Tiffany Parslow Reply

    I would love to win and spoil myself and my loved ones with some Christmas magic from Dusk 🙂

  524. Lynette Smith Reply

    The Oliver RoseGold Moonmist Diffuser would look and smell fantastic set amongst my homes decor!

  525. The led wooden advent calendar looks stunning! Will suit the style of my themed Christmas.

  526. I am in heaven when I visit Dusk. So much to choose from… I love the aromatic fragrances the best. A Diffuser set would be awesome. Thanks for the opportunity

  527. Kori Kollmann Reply

    Cherry blossom and rose wick candle as scents always stay in your memory and this would be a beautiful one to have.

  528. dusk has perfect fragrances and home decorations for every special event with great prices. It is one of my favourite brands . My Christmas has dusk with me side-by-side.

  529. Sarah Phillips Reply

    The Snowflake Bottle Stopper and Wine Charm Set is an absolute necessity in our household for Xmas Day – need I explain why? Lol

  530. A vanilla scented candle from Dusk is a must so I can have my home smelling sweet for all my guests.

  531. Anything to do with Christmas. Such a great time of year my daughter and I love all the Christmas ornaments.

  532. my house smells like kids and men, would love the nice dusk aromas for a change

  533. The Commet Gold Reindeer Tealight Holder will bring a warming Christmas spirit to any room and the kids will absolutely love it.

  534. Angel Stars Glitter Tealight Holder, I get one (sometimes 2) every year. Beautiful glass ornaments for my Xmas display!

  535. I cannot draw my eyes away from that Wooden Advent Calendar! The lights, the little Christmas scene, the endless possibilities of treats each day. I love it so much I went to Dusk’s website to see how much it is……but after making it rain on Christmas gifts I cannot spend $69.99 on an advent calendar….officially bookmarking the website in the hope they’ll have some leftover after Christmas and they’ll be cheap cheap cheap 🙂