10 Ingenious Kmart Hacks For All Your Kids’ Stuff

Have kids; acquire a WHOLE HOUSE FULL of toys, crafts, clothes, shoes, blankets, teddies and cheap Kinder Surprise figurines.

But how are you going to store all of this new stuff? Because clearly culling isn’t an option your children are going to agree to without a meltdown.

Thank the storage organisation lords that there is such a thing as Kmart. And thank the social media gods for Kmart Australia Facebook groups, where mums across Australia share their completely amazing hacks that turn everyday Kmart items into extra useful baby and kid products.

As it turns out, I am not the only person obsessed with Kmart. If you’re a fan of the Kmart range of homewares, decor, toys, kitchen goods, furniture and more, then you will LOVE these ultimate Kmart hacks (all shared with permission from the super clever mums, of course).

Welcome to our Kmart Hacks Part Two, where we delve into the wonderful world of kids’ crap. Oh, and if you missed our Kmart Hacks Part One, check them out as well.

For their hair accessories

Wine rack into hair band holder 

Kmart clever headband storage hack

Wine racks are great for storing wine. But drinking the wine is better. And using the empty bottle holder ($4- BARGAIN) for your little gal’s collection of hair accessories sounds like the smartest idea we’ve ever heard.

Thanks Joanne Cooper for this Kmart wine, I mean, win!

For their stuffed animals

Folding storage into teddy holder 

Kmart clever toy storage hack

Storing stuffed teddies is a nightmare and a half! You can always use a Kmart towel rack to get the job sorted. Or, you can use these nifty folding storage containers, like Megan Nicole (image supplied) did, which gives each teddy their very own special home. It’s fab for Barbies too.

These foldable storage units aren’t listed on the Kmart website, but they are there in store! I saw them this morning when I went to Kmart for a birthday card (and walked out $159 poorer…)

For their tools

Kitchen into workshopmum central

What mini builder wouldn’t love their very own work bench, complete with space to store hammers, spanners, saws and all those other faux DIY tools.

The Kmart Toy Kitchen ($89) should do the trick. A bit of paint, a few Snap-On stickers, some minor DIY, and voila! Your little dude (or dudette) has their very own man shed (thanks Tegan Grace Ferguson for the top shelf idea). 

For their books

Shelf plus stools into book organisation station

Kmart kids' book storage hack

Easy, accessible and organised! Welcome to book storage heaven. And it’s all thanks to the Kmart’s three tier shelf ($15) and two wooden stools ($12 each). Mum Sam Barnes found this hack and made it her own, adding alphabet stickers to the storage unit.

Soooo much easier for little ones to browse books and find their favourites – and to put them back when done! And you can’t put a price on that, now can you.

For their fairies

Peg board  into fairy garden

Kmart peg board fairy garden hack

If you haven’t yet discovered the joy that is the Kmart Peg Board ($29), then you will want to after viewing this clever hack. Simply add the Fairy Kingdom Door ($15) to one of the shelves and you’ve got yourself the perfect Fairy Garden, complete with different levels.

Clever mum, Sarah Mary, plans to add a tiny bowl to the bottom shelf, “so when my little girls lose their teeth they place it in the fairy tooth bowl and their fairy surprise is left there”.

For the nursery wall

Puzzle into family treeclever Kmart hacks for kids - family tree puzzle

You can choose to add this cute Kmart Tree Puzzle to your current puzzle collection… or, you can think outside the puzzle box and make your very own family tree, the perfect addition to any nursery or hallway wall.

Mum Kellie Shepherd shared her clever craftiness with us and we just love it!

For sensory play in the backyard

Outdoor storage bench into mud kitchen

clever Kmart hacks for kids - storage bench mud kitchen

What little adventurer wouldn’t want their very own outdoor mud kitchen, perfect for making mud pies (and a massive muddy mess).

Enter the Kmart Timber Storage Bench ($45). Add a few accessories like Fiona Daly did and you’ve got the ultimate outdoor space for hours of imaginative play.

For the bath

Pool noodle and pillow case into baby bath

clever Kmart hacks - pool noodle into baby bath

And the Baby Bath Hack Award clearly goes to Courtney Frew and her clever pool noodle design. Simply take a $3 Kmart pool noodle, a humble pillow case and, voila! You’ve got your very own floatable baby bath.

As Courtney shares, “Bubba loved floating in the bath!”

I want one. For me.

For their dolls

Dresser into doll house

clever Kmart hacks for kids - doll house

Does your little one have a basket load of dolls without a home? Give Homeless Barbie a place to call her own with this innovative dollhouse. Simply flip a cube unit ($35) on its side, add a bit of flair to the back (Kmart contact paper works a treat) and Barbie’s ready to move in.

For their crapload of craft supplies

Caddy to craft supply holder

clever Kmart hacks for kids craft storage

Craft supplies have got to be one of the worst things to organise in the history of kids’ junk. But not anymore, thanks to the Kmart Caddy ($15) and a bit of innovative thinking on the part of mum Dawn Anglicas. 

Add a few matching buckets, some storage containers and you’ve got a portable craft area to help them release their inner artists. And, best of all, the craft caddy is easy to move (preferably outside where glitter and glue belong).

Well that concludes this instalment of clever Kmart Hacks For Kids. Stay tuned for Favourite Kmart Birthday and Sleepover Party Hacks (coming soon!). In the meantime, check out these brilliant IKEA Hacks for Your Kids’ Bedroom

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