Get In My Belly! This Dadbag Gives You an Instant Dad Bod

Because the world isn’t strange enough, a young English man has decided that we need more Dad Bods in our lives. And bum bags too.

So, naturally, he decided to combine them. That’s right. The dad bod. And bum bag (or fanny pack, if you like). Together, at last. 

The Dad Bod Bum Bag, or the Dadbag, as it’s officially known, is taking the internet by storm (and well on its way to becoming the latest fashion dad fad you didn’t know you wanted).

Meet the Man Pouch

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27-year-old Albert Pukies, an art director from London, came up with the idea for his Dad Bum Bags after noticing just how popular the paunchy dad bod has become.

“My inspiration was seeing all the posts about dad bods being cool,” Albery tells Huffington Post. “I think people want them because of that reason. You can have a dad bod without any health issues.”

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The fabric pouch not only gives you an instant beer belly, but it also holds all the necessaries. As Albert points out, his bum bag is perfect for “typical dad items, like beer, medicine, a sandwich, wallet, sunglasses, keys.”

Six stomachs to choose from

But wait, it gets better. Not only is the Dad Bod Bum Bag an actual thing, but it also comes in six different styles.

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There’s The Sherman, which is by far your hairiest option. The Magnus comes with extra fat rolls, which is always handy. If you prefer a pastie white pouch, then The Bobby is definitely your best bet.

How will you ever choose which big hairy gut is best suited to your hubby?

Bag yourself a bum bag

Dadbag hairy belly bum bag or fanny pack

Although Albert says his invention came about for a bit of a laugh, there is some seriousness to the idea and he is looking for manufacturers. Albert is also considering launching a Kickstarter campaign to get his bum bags off the ground and attached to every man’s stomach.

And what will these Dad Pouches cost? Albert is thinking around $30 each.


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So ladies, what do we think of the latest man accessory to be plucked from the 80s that’s (possibly) soon to hit the streets?

I love perving on a sexy dad as much as the next mum, but would it hurt to design a few Man Bags that showcase a rock hard stomach rather than a prickly paunch?

Come on Albert! Let’s see The Chris Hemsworth Dadbag. That’s a fanny pack I’d gladly strap around my waist…

Looking to match your husband’s new Dadbag with something special for you? Have a look at the New Mum Vibrator (it’s not what you think). 

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