See Why Our Mums Went Popping Mad Over The Cobs Popcorn Sampling Project!

If there’s one thing that you’re bound to get a mix of opinions on from parents, it’s snack food for the kids.

From the moment they’re on solids it’s a daily struggle to have the right kind of snacks available to fill up their tiny growing tummies and tide them over until meal time.

What is healthy? What is easy? What is tasty? What is inexpensive? These are all important questions when considering snacks for the family. So when we put the call out earlier to ask a panel of mums to review a hamper of Cobs Popcorn – the response was pretty overwhelming!

Cobs Popcorn is an Australian popcorn brand started by John and Ravit Walys in 2004. Like many parents, they were looking for a healthy snack for their children and, like many parents, struggled to find anything. Dissatisfied with what was available on the market they did what many parents have done are thankful for and created their own.

Many of you may have already seen Cobs Popcorn on the shelves at the supermarket but we can almost bet that you didn’t realise how broad their range is! We know were blown away and our new favourites are flavours we never even knew existed! They have nothing artificial and they use the very best organic and natural ingredients plus their 100% wholegrain corn is made in small batches and are gluten and nut free!

We could quite seriously sing their praises for days but wait to ‘til you hear what our panel had to say!

Cobs-Results are inWe asked our reviewers who had kids of all ages the most important questions and got UNANIMOUS answers full of popcorn love!

  • 100% of our Mums said they would you be happy to include Cobs Popcorn in their kids lunchboxes

  • 100% of our Mums said they would recommend Cobs to other parents!

  • 100% of our Mums said they were satisfied!

Cobs-Reader-Trial-ResultsAcross the board the feedback was overwhelmingly positive. Here’s what some of our reviewers had to say:

“They tasted fresh and did not contain unpopped/hard pieces of corn. This is a product that we will certainly be purchasing in the future. It may well be my new go to snack food.” Paige, Victoria

“My whole family loved trying the different flavours. Each night we found a new favourite!! Whether taking a snack to the beach, or watching a movie, Cobs popcorn was fantastic….the only disappointment was when we reached the end of the packet!” Helen, South Australia

“It was a pleasure to review a product the whole family loved. Being Australian made, Gluten Free and nut free is a big bonus and the fact that it is Palm Oil free is a big win in my book. Perfect for lunch boxes, afternoon snacks and of course movie time!” Alisha, Western Australia


“Thank you!! I’ve loved sweet varieties of popcorn for years but never found a budget-friendly easy-to-find option until now. And nothing artificial AND Australian made just make it even more awesome! Plus it’s easy, a healthier option than salt-laden chips or sugar-laden biscuits, and it has a better fiber content to keep them [the kids] feeling full longer.” Lainey, Queensland

“Loved them all! Full of flavour and so fresh and crunchy! It’s nutritious, it’s convenient, it’s well priced, and the kids love them!” Kim, Victoria 

“Thank you Cobs!! We loved trying your different flavours! some we loved some we didn’t but all in all they were mostly a hit. Over all we all agreed that the slightly salty, slightly sweet was our favourite and will definitely be a regular in our pantry!” Gill, South Australia

“The small snack packs are perfect for either taking to school, work or university, or a handbag snack for mum. I would feel confident giving these to my youngest child to take to school, knowing they are easy for him to eat quickly during his recess break. My older daughters said they are great for taking to uni or work too. I will continue to buy this brand on a regular basis from now on. Thanks very much for the chance to sample this product.” Cecelia, New South Wales

“We will definitely buy this popcorn range again especially our favourites such as Lightly salted, lightly sweet and Aged White Cheddar, oh and all of the chocolate range. A great product and highly recommended.” Jane, Tasmania

“I’m a busy mum with 2 kids aged 5&2 always trying to find snacks that make them happy and keep them full. I also have a husband thats a truck driver and snacks instead of getting a big meal break and i have found Cobs Multipack to be the perfect product for everyone which doesn’t happen often in this house! Hubby takes a couple to work and my kids get one at snack time but they think its more of a treat than a snack! We are HUGE popcorn lovers in this house and now that we know all the Cobs range we are excited to buy more variety’s not just the multipack. Also Cobs is a much safer brand with its light and fluffy popcorn unlike other brands which still have half an un popped kernel still attached, so as a mum this is a huge plus for me! And the caramel and Chocolate flavored popcorn is to die for!!!!!!!!!” Amelia, Victoria

“I was so impressed with the quality and taste of every Cobs popcorn product we sampled. The lightly salted, slightly sweet popcorn was my favourite. The taste was exactly as described and incredibly addictive. The aged white cheddar was the only flavour I hadn’t been sure I’d like, but again I was blown away by how much I enjoyed it. I love supporting Australian made products, and I’d certainly be pressed to find a healthier alternative taste wise. There wasn’t a flavour that wasn’t delicious and the salted caramel popcorn, the dark chocolate & milk chocolate drizzle popcorn made a really lovely light treat after dinner. I’m going to keep my pantry stocked up with Cobs popcorn now I know just how great it is! Perfect for a filling and healthy snack or as a treat, for both adults and kids alike.” Sarah, Tasmania 

But by far, our most enthusiastic reviewer is Linda! Just look at what she had to say!

“Wow! Cobs Popcorn have outdone themselves! They’ve set the popcorn bar high! A healthy, nutritious snack that’s full of flavour in exciting, new flavours. A taste sensation like a circus in your mouth. Cobs Favourites & Mini Favourites on par with Lindts and Ferrero Rocher. Rich, little morsels of flavour bombs. A 2nd wave of flavour after initial smooth chocolate outer shell. Indulgent, deluxe and intense! Gourmet packaging in bright, vibrant colours resembling fresh and natural snacks.

Cobs ticks all the boxes….nutritious, tasty, exciting flavours, convenient packaging sizes (family packs and individual packs), made in Australia, natural ingredients. What’s not to LOVE!!!!

For my children, if a snack tastes great then they’re happy. But unless it’s nutritious and has natural ingredients with little fat and sugar then I’m not a happy mummy. So to find snacks with a balance of taste and nutrition is tricky. It’s awesome to discover Cobs Popcorn which ticks both boxes (and more!).” Linda, New South Wales

There’s just no disputing that EVERYONE loves Cobs Popcorn! From children through to grandparents, the reports are undeniably positive. For that, it’s certainly earned itself our Mum’s Choice Thumbs Up Award!

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