If You’re a Costco Lover, Here’s Four Stories You Can’t Afford to Miss!

Who doesn’t love Costco Australia? Well, we do! And here’s why you should give this big box discount retailer a look or two.

Apparently Australians like Costco. Um, maybe not just like. They really, really like it. In 2016 alone Australians spent $1.5 billion (yep, that’s BILLION with a b) at the store. Whoa! Even though there were only eight Costco stores across Australia in 2016, their sales accounted for five percent of the retailer’s entire international revenue. Maybe that’s why the Costco Australia is planning to open three more stores for Australian shoppers in 2017.

So, if you’re a Costco Australia lover (and why wouldn’t you be?), check out some of the top stories we’ve shared lately.

Whether you’re a regular shopper already or you’re just learning about this US important, we’ve got the lowdown on this warehouse giant!

Story 1: Major Expansions Underway with 3 New Stores in 2017


Yep, Costco is growing. Like we already noted, the retailer has plans to open three more stores over the next year. So who’s getting one of these discount super-stores? In July of 2017 the next new store is set to open in Sydney’s Marsden Park. Along with huge savings the store will have a petrol station, bakery, optical department and hearing aid centre.

Where else is Costco Australia expanding to in 2017? Take a look at our breakdown on the company’s three new stores!

Story 2: Our First Costco Visit with Top Tips for Costco Virgins!

Costco-TrolleyNot sure what to expect from your first Costco trip? Neither were we! That’s why we organised a little field trip of our own to the warehouse club.

Along with chronicling our very first shop at the store, we put together a list of tips for Costco virgins. Take a look – it might just save you some time and money. Um, what mum doesn’t like doing either of those?

Story 3: How to Maximise Your Costco Membership


You went to Costco. You bought a membership. And now – now, you’re ready to shop. Yes, you’ll save money. Hey, that’s the whole point of joining this warehouse club. Right?

Well, we’ve got a few extra tips and pointers to make the most of your brand new membership. Like what? Try teaming up with a friend! Huh? Some of those bulk purchases just aren’t worth it. You know your pup will never eat the body pillow-sized bag of dog food that the store has on special. That’s where your friend comes into play. The two of you can split purchases, and the prices too!

Want some more tips? Of course you do.

Read on for even more ways to maximise that membership of yours.

Story 4: 11 Things We Thing You May Not Need to Buy in Bulk

Costco-ConfectionaryNot everything at the wholesale giant is a total steal. There are just some things that you don’t need. And, some that don’t even make sense to buy – even if you do have a friend splitting the bill.

Before you waste your money on over-sized, over-stuffed or just not necessary items, check out the 11 things that we think you don’t need at Costco. Keep in mind, there are still plenty (okay, way more than plenty) of things you do need!

So tell us, if you’re a Costco Australia loyal, what’s your ‘must have’ buys each time you visit?

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  1. Avatar of erin

    I’m a costco member and i don’t recommend buying huggies nappies there. It is cheaper to buy them at coles/woolies when they are on special.
    The cheaper petrol is probably the best part. As I am australian I find a lot of their food to be not my taste (buckets of rib sauce etc) although the meat and veg quality is excellent and i never leave without bulk frozen berries!

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