RECALL: Cot Mattress Recalled Due to Risk of Entrapment

Attention parents of little ones – before you lay your tot down to sleep tonight, please check your cot mattress. 

Product Safety Australia has issued a nationwide recall on certain Danish by Design Troll cot mattresses sold between January 2013 and October 2017.

The mattresses are sold online and through several different retailers, including Baby Bunting, David Jones and Baby Kingdom. The cot mattress recall relates to mattresses suited to popular Sun, Nicole and Lukas cots. 

danish by design troll cot mattress recall

What’s the problem?

According to PSA, “Some Troll mattresses to suit Nicole, Sun and Lukas cots may be undersized. Undersized mattresses that result if a gap greater than 4cm between the cot and the mattress do not comply with the mandatory standard ‘Consumer Protection Notice No.6 of 2005 Consumer Product Safety Standard: Children’s Household Cots’.

Gaps between the mattress and cot that are greater than 4cm can cause a risk of entrapment.”

sun cot mattress recall
Parents with this Sun Cot need to check the mattress

Get those measuring tapes out

While not all mattresses will be undersized, the only way to tell is for the consumer to check. Danish by Design have supplied instructions on checking your child’s cot mattress. 

If the gap between the cot and the mattress is less than 4cm, the product is compliant and NOT part of this recall. You can continue to use it. If the gap is greater than 4cm, please contact Danish by Design, emailing photographs and information as described in the attached set of instructions. A replacement mattress will be sent to affected owners.

Consumers should contact Danish by Design on 03 9588 0999 for more information.

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