How to Have a Spook-tacular and COVID-Safe Halloween This Year!

In years gone by, Halloween has been the green light for dressing up, knocking on strangers’ doors, eating lollies and treats from unknown sources and generally having a whole lot of not-so-sanitary fun. So how to go about Halloween in pandemic times?

Find out here!

First and foremost, Halloween is NOT cancelled.

Sure, Halloween is going to be different and likely not to be a replica of the care-free nature of last year, but for the love of all things fun, don’t rain on the kids’ parade. You can STILL have some quality Halloween fun this year.

COVID-19 safe Halloween
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Her Canberra shared some great tips on how you can keep yourself, your family and your community safe while celebrating Halloween:

  • Don’t go trick or treating if you’re feeling unwell or have been around people who aren’t well. Duh!
  • Always go trick or treating with people you DO know. Children should always be accompanied by a responsible adult.
  • Social and physical distancing is still a thing! Keep at LEAST 1.5 metres away from other trick or treating groups and people you don’t know. If there’s a crowd forming as people wait turns at door knocking, just come back later. TIP: Take a (witches) broom to keep a safe distance from others!
  • Keep it clean! Don’t forget to keep your hands clean, wear a mask (if you can/are required to) and avoid touching too many things. Bringing your own tongs or a scoop (even a kitchen ladle) would be a good idea!
  • Keep a bottle of hand sanitiser handy and sanitise your hands often! Germs can live on treats and all the other creepy-crawly things hanging around at Halloween!
  • Keep the handling of treats to a minimum. Think LESS communal and MORE individual. Making little treat bags to hand out (or keep on a table for children to grab themselves) is a great idea. Make sure your treats are all individually wrapped – for safety (and freshness – no one wants stale lollies!)

Check out this candy slide tutorial below – Halloween is SAVED with this zero contact delivery!

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If you’d rather celebrate Halloween at home…

If you can’t (due to state restrictions) or don’t want to go trick or treating around the neighbourhood, rest assured we have ideas for you too. You won’t miss out on any of the fun!

  • Trick or treat – the “at-home” version. You can dress up and set up a scavenger (or Easter egg-style) hunt for Halloween treats. That’s a pretty fun way to fill up your Halloween buckets and will keep kids busy!
  • Get busy in the kitchen! Cook up a ghastly lunch for the family! There are lots of spooky shaped biscuits, cranium cupcakes and eyeball pizza ideas floating around the internet – why not have a cook up with the kids! We’ve got a few spooktacular recipes too!
  • Decorate your home for Halloween more than ever before. Bat wings, cauldrons and spider webs, oh my!  Woolworths has brilliant decorations at budget-friendly prices that you can pick up with your weekly shop.
  • Have a virtual catch up Halloween party with family and friends. Everyone can dress up and show off their outfits to each other. Fun!
COVID-19 safe Halloween
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Finally, if you’d feel much more comfortable skipping over Halloween altogether this year that’s perfectly understandable.

To avoid having to repeat yourself to a crowd of kids every time the doorbell rings, place a sign on your gate/letterbox or front door to let people know you’re not participating in Halloween festivities. Easily done.

Jack-O-Lanterns at the ready? Let’s go get Halloween ready and have some fun!

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