It’s Time You Stopped Hating on Halloween and There’s Good Reason

It’s that time again in Australia when the Halloween haters come out. From ‘We’re not Americans’ to the ‘Stranger Danger’ argument, people seem intent on doing anything but put a pumpkin on their doorstep and handing out a few sweets to local kids.

The thing is though, why!?

Why are Australians so adverse to Halloween? There are so many things to love about this celebration and we’re meant to be ‘fun loving people’. I don’t understand Australia – what’s not fun about getting dressed up, silly giggles and plenty of lollies?

My family may be the exception but this year we’ll be celebrating (again!) and here’s five reasons why you should consider it too!

[mc_block_title custom_title=”1. It’s great spooky fun!”]

Getting dressed up and lugging around bags of lollies is kid heaven. It’s also great fun choosing costumes together, planning treats and watching your kids have a blast. When it’s good, clean, wholesome happiness on the offer, why be the fun-police? Halloween is an excuse to create memories and family traditions – and really who needs an excuse to have a good time? Not us!

[mc_block_title custom_title=”2. Your kids are only young once”]

Much like Santa, The Tooth Fairy and the Easter Bunny the window for whimsy and joy in a child’s life is sadly smaller than ever before. For me, every year of my children getting older is a moment closer to losing the magic. I know that one day my kids’ want to do this stuff will be over and they’ll be grunting at me from behind a closed door or without looking up from an iPad. Seize the moment mumma!

[mc_block_title custom_title=”3. Halloween is about community spirit”]

The first time we celebrated Halloween in our street another family organised it. They were people I’d never met but they put a flyer in my letterbox inviting everyone to join them on their lawn at 6pm. We arrived nervous but excited and were welcomed with open arms. There were families young and old who lived in our own street we’d never met before. These people in later years have opened their doors to us and shared a little Freddo Frogs or Smarties joy with my kids. Now we see each other and wave and say hi. Halloween did this and there’s no way we’d have been acquainted otherwise.

[mc_block_title custom_title=”4. Halloween is about give and take”]

Our street does the ‘opt in’ version of trick or treating where you place the balloons on your letterbox to let people know they are welcome to knock. We have several older couples in the street who delight in the children coming to the door. If your children have lovely manners and are gracious to their hosts what’s not to love about the world’s smallest ghost on your doorstep? When my son was two and too small to trick or treat he took great delight in answering our door, seeing the costumes and handing out treats. There’s pleasure in the giving and taking of Halloween, I promise!

[mc_block_title custom_title=”5. It’s a chance to talk about all the things you claim to hate Halloween for”]

Too many lollies? Halloween is a great chance to talk about moderation. Too American? Actually it’s European but either way isn’t this a reason to discuss custom and culture? Stranger danger? Yep, let’s talk about safe people, safe foods and crossing the road with Mum carefully. Bad manners? Not in my house! The minute I don’t hear a please and thank you you’re benched for Trick or Treating.

From my home to yours, Happy Halloween!

I hope you’ll consider if Halloween is for you and your kids this year! Halloween need not be an epic roaming of the streets for hours on end. There’s plenty of fun in just visiting the immediate neighbours or having a little party with your friends.

However you choose to celebrate (and I really hope you do!) remember do it safely, politely and respectfully. Because that’s what makes Halloween happy for everyone!

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    Also it’s not American (although it has been commercialised there like everything else) It’s an ambiguation of All Hallows Eve which is a christian celebration and has taken some elements from Gaelic and Celtic traditions, which if people are being picky puts the origin squarely in the UK.

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