9 Cute Christmas Crafts For Kids That Are Super Easy to Do

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas. Or it will, when you set the kids loose for the afternoon on these fun and easy Christmas crafts.

So put on some carols, grab a glue stick, pick out an assortment of random household items. And get Christmas crafting!

We have got the best of the best when it comes to easy peasy Christmas crafts. Seriously, anyone can do them. Even crafty-challenged mums, like myself!

And the best thing about these crafts – no glitter or tinsel involved. Because glitter and tinsel ruin lives. And Christmas.

Let the crafternoon session begin!

1. Pom pom icy pole stick stars

Let’s start the adventure with icy pole star sticks. Cute, colourful, creative and cheap as chips!

You’ll need five sticks per star and some colourful pom poms. Simply paint them, glue them into a star shape and add pom poms.

cute Christmas crafts 2017 stars

See, we told you these crafts were easy to do!

2. Cotton ball beard

Next we have a bit of pretend play fun for everyone. If you’ve got a bag of cotton balls, some string, glue and white paper, then you’re ready to transform your sweetheart into Saint Nick with this ballin’ beard.

cute Christmas crafts fro kids 2017 - santa beard

Simply draw the beard template on the white card, glue on the cotton balls and secure with a string.

3. Pine cone Christmas trees 

The next time you head to the park, pick up some pine cones on your way. We use pine cones in our crafting activities all the time (but, I will admit, they never turn out as good as these pine cone Christmas trees, complete with plaster, or clay, stands).

pine cone trees - cute Christmas crafts for kids

Spray paint them, then add your decorations, including beads, pom poms, old necklaces, confetti, anything really! Just not tinsel. Because once you introduce tinsel to the house, it will ruin your clean floors forever.

4. Corky Christmas characters

Keep your wine corks! And make an adorable little reindeer using corks, googly eyes and a red bead.  There’s heaps of other corky Christmas characters you can make, including Santas, penguins and snowmen. 

cute Christmas crafts made from wine corks

How cute would they look sitting on top of your fireplace?

5. Ping pong snowballs

It’s a bit hard to find snow during summer. But, you can still have your white Christmas. You just need to make it. Pick up a ball of fluffy white yarn and some ping pongs balls and you’re halfway there! Then, using a crochet hook, thread the yarn through the ping pong balls until they are completely covered in soft fluffyness – the perfect snowball. Without the need to search for snow.

cute Christmas crafts fro kids 2017 - indoor snowball fight

Make a whole heap of them. And enjoy an indoor snowball fight!

6. Reindeer puppet

Give the kids a bit of a giggle with these cute reindeer finger puppets. Grab some brown card, a few red beads (or sparkly stickers), some googly eyes and two clothes pegs and you’re ready to rock ‘n roll.

mum central

You can even make all eight reindeer and have a finger puppet show! That should keep them occupied for at least half an hour!

7. Christmas tree peg garland

While you’re scouring through your selection of wooden pegs, you might as well grab a few more to make this elegant Christmas tree garland.

Christmas tree peg garland - cute Christmas crafts for kids 2017

You’ll need more felt (this time in green), string, pom poms and glue. You can make them into a garland or simply make individual peg trees to stick on your Christmas tree.

8. Tree Top Paper Angels

How about crafting the ultimate tree topper – a Christmas paper angel that looks just like your kid. And if you’re lucky, it might just inspire them to act like little angels too.

cute Christmas crafts for kids 2017 - paper angels

Another one for the super easy box, just print, cut and colour. Then add your kiddo’s picture to the top. And presto, you’re done.

9. Sock it to ya, snowman

We’ll end with an adorable little dude who is sure to be a hit with the kids. He’s heavy enough to be a book end or a door stopper and he’s cute enough to cuddle too!

sock snowman easy Christmas crafts

You can make your own socky snowman using a white sock filled with rice. Add another coloured sock for the hat, tie the socks off with elastic bands, glue on some buttons and a ribbon scarf. And then paint on his face.

So there you go – how to officially kick Christmas craft goals, keep the kids happily crafting and impress the pants off your entire family.

Once you’re done crafting up a storm, have a look at these clever Christmas hacks.

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