12 Cute (and Totally FREE) Easter Printables Guaranteed to Eggcite the Kids

Attention mums: it’s almost time to don the annual bunny ears and transform your backyard into a chocolate egg treasure hunt.

But before you do, check out these Easter printables which will bring even more magic to the Easter long weekend. Plus, it gives you and the kiddies something to do other than binge on egg-shaped chocolate.

From masks to placemats, we’ve got everything you need to ensure an eggcellent Easter.

Bunny Masks

Bunnify your kiddies with a cheeky bunny mask. These ones are easy to make and require very little craftpertise. In addition to the printable mask template, you’ll need ribbon or string and glue. Easy peasy.

easter mask

Easter Chatterboxes

Remember chatterboxes? Or, as some people call them, cootie catchers? I swear I spent hours making them and playing with them as a kid. You know, before iPad. Anyhow, they still exist. And you can craft a cute little critter to add to the Easter basket. You’ll need the printable cootie catcher template, scissors and glue.

Easter printables crafts

Egg Hunt Ideas

Are you ready to up your Easter egg hunt game? Skip the chocolate eggs and buy some plastic eggs instead. Fill each one with a few puzzle pieces and let the kids put it together after finding all the eggs. Add a note with a fun surprise for what’s in plan for the day.

easter egg hunt printable

If your kids would mutiny without chocolate, you can stick to a traditional Easter egg hunt with this helpful Easter egg hunt printable. Bonus, it’ll have them stopping to smell the flowers too!

easter egg hunt printable

Easter Printables Placemats 

Make their Easter meal a little more special with these Easter placements. They are loaded with activities to keep the kiddies entertained. They are good for a one time thing or you can even laminate them (and use a dry erase marker) and store for next year.

easter printables placemats

Colouring In Sheets

Who doesn’t like a good colouring-in sheet? This one is extra funky as it combines a picture with text. Great for developing fine motor skills. And silencing children.

easter printables colouring in

Another cute colouring in sheet is this egg hunting puzzle sheet which doubles as a number puzzle.

easter printables colouring in

Star Wars Easter Boxes 

Little Jedis will love these clever Star Wars themed Easter boxes. We’ve discovered Easter printables for Chewbacca, BB-8, R2D2, C-3PO, and a Storm Trooper.

easter printables star wars boxes

Pop Up Easter Card

Give your Easter card a bit of a lift with these pop-up cards. Hop to it!

easter printables pop up card

Carrot Chocolate Holders

How clever are these Easter printables for carrot chocolate holders? In addition to the templates, you’ll also need glue and scissors. Oh, and chocolate eggs, of course.

mum central

Paper Puppet 

An Easter bunny that waves, kicks and shakes his cute little bunny body? Make it a reality with your very own Easter puppet. You’ll need the template, cardstock, scissors, a hole punch and brads to bring this little fella to life.

printable easter puppet

Easter Bunny Note

It wouldn’t be Easter without a visit from the Easter bunny! This personalised Easter bunny note is sure to bring some happiness to your Easter morning. You know, before the sugar high from all the chocolate sets in.

easter bunny note

Looking for more ways to brighten up your kids’ Easter? Check out these super sweet (and sugar free) Easter gift ideas. 

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