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Mmmm We’re Lovin’ it! Parents Create an Epic Maccas Playland from eBay Purchase!

How cool would it be to have your very own Maccas Playland? Two very creative parents always dreamed of owning one and their wish came true when they scored an old McDonald’s playground on eBay.

After hours and hours of labour, the couple transformed their backyard into a Maccas mecca complete with a cubby house, play palace and waterslide. Incredible!

Maccas playland backyard - Tattoo Maggie
From this, to this. WHOA! Source: Facebook
Maggie Brennan or Tattoo Maggie is an exceptionally talented artist from Victoria with a keen eye for design and, alongside her husband, the pair turned their regular backyard into every child’s dream.
Backyard Maccas playland
Source: Facebook

It’s a Little Bit Fancy

It all started when the couple found an old McDonald’s Playland on eBay. They picked it up, cleaned it, repainted and restored it. The playland looks identical to the ones still used in some Maccas today with several slides, climbing areas and windows.
Maccas playland in backyard
How amazing would the birthday parties be? Source: Facebook
To complete their backyard paradise, they added grass, a firepit, some picnic tables and sitting areas, a Maccas cubby house, a mega water slide and a trampoline. 
Maccas cubby house
You can’t have a Maccas playland without a Maccas cubby! Source: Facebook
Tattoo Maggie shared the epic transformation on her Instagram page and it’s a work of art! Maggie admits that, while the kids, Billie and Murphy love it, she and her husband are also huge fans of the space. 
Maccas playland
Summer goals right here. Source: Facebook

Maccas Playland is a Paradise for Parents too 

They even have their own Simpsons-themed skate park and bar with an amazing mural, bar stools, life-sized Simpsons characters and Duff beer esky which they bought from Supercheap Auto.
Simpsons skate park
From McDonalds to Evergreen Terrace. Source: Facebook
Because why should the kids have all the fun? 
Simpsons backyard
Source: Facebook
Simpsons backyard
Source: Facebook
We love everything about this Maccas playland palace. What an incredible backyard transformation! Kudos Maggie on an epic job!


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But wait, there’s more! 

Inside the Brennan home is just as magnificent! Check out Billie and Murphy’s Bluey and Toy Story bedrooms, all done by Maggie. 
Tattoo Maggie toy story room
Source: Facebook
Bluey themed bedroom tattoo maggie
Source: TikTok

A Texas-themed Terrace

Across the pond in Texas another family made their children’s dreams come true when they put together this backyard masterpiece. It’s got the works – a sparkling above-ground pool complete with a basketball hoop and a waterslide.
Head down the stairs and you reach the Texas deck with a massive hammock and ping pong table.
backyard inspiration
Source: Facebook
Or, head up the stairs to reach a playground that doubles as a wooden fortress. Not only are there two covered slides, but also a big swing, plus another double slide, a rock climbing wall and plenty of pathways to explore. Look underneath the double slide and there’s also a pretty cool sand pit.
Backyard playground
Source: Facebook

Two-Story Cubby Dream

Continuing on our pathway of playground perfection, we arrive at this stunning two-story cubby house, designed by a dad who happens to be a builder.
dad designs epic cubby house for his daughters
Source: Facebook
Towering more than seven metres, the outside area includes a swing set, ropes and rock climbing walls, a massive spiral slide and even a timber bridge. The mini-mansion even comes with its own zipline.  And wait until you see inside… 

Up, Up and Away

Another cubby that’s out of this world is the Up! themed cubby house, also created by a dad. It took him 15 months to create the cubby that looks EXACTLY like the Pixar film’s version, complete with various colours and adorable and iconic design. We’re UP-sessed!  
UP cubby house
Images via Facebook

Do you have an epic backyard set-up? Let’s see it! Simply head over to our Share Your Story page and fill out the form for a chance to be featured. 

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