Try This Streak Free Spray to Repel Fingerprints on Mirrors and Stainless Steel


I’ve always wanted stainless steel appliances. Once upon a time, I went through a phase where I wanted everything in my kitchen to be stainless steel or chrome. They look so sleek and sexy and easy to clean for the most part. But keeping them clean was always a deterrent. That’s why this streak free spray is an absolute gamechanger, and we’re all for it!

Little kids and fingerprints

I had young kids when I went through my stainless steel ane chrome phase, and the thought of their fingerprints on everything made me think twice. I didn’t want to spend most of my time wiping the surfaces to keep their fingerprints at bay, especially when one is a prankster and liked to swear a lot. I also had a boyfriend at the time who liked to write messages on my bathroom mirror, that would obviously show up when I showered. They were not safe for work, and I had to hope I showered before one of the kids did.

Plus, he left fingerprints all over my mirror.

One Handy Woman To The Rescue

Fingerprint-repelling Spray

Cleaning and organisation videos are my porn. There’s something relaxing about watching other people clean and restock. And when everything is all organised, it tickles something in my brain that just feels good.

One woman, who runs A Better Life Organized on TikTok, has shared a video with, what she says, is a magic spray that stops fingerprints and streaks on stainless steel and mirrors.


No fingerprints? Yes please!! This cleaning hack is a must try, so don’t sleep on it. HERES THE MAGIC ⤵️ – Foam spray bottle (optional) – 12 oz WATER – 2 oz RINSE AID (this is the magic!) – 1.5 oz ISOPROPYL ALCOHOL (70%) – .5 oz DAWN DISH SOAP #cleaning #cleantok #cleaninghacks #cleaninghacks #howtoclean #homehacks #hacks #housecleaning #cleaningmotivation [rinse aide hack, repel fingerprints, fingerprint repellent, no more fingerprints, stainless steel, cleaning stainless steel, diy spray cleaner, reduce fingerprints and smudges ]

♬ Bridgerton (Wildest Dreams) – The Theme System

A simple streak free spray solution

This spray is a win for the mirror owning, stainless steel loving folk, a win for those who love DIY cleaning products and a win for those who want to reduce rubbish in their homes.

The recipe is:

  • Foam spray bottle (optional)
  • 12 oz water (350mls)
  • 2 oz rinse aid (this is the magic!) (60mls)
  • 5 oz isopropyl alcohol (70%) (45mls)
  • 0.5 oz dawn dish soap (15mls)

Always perform a spot test in an out of the way area.

Rinse Aid is a surfactant (which lowers the surface tension of water), something people with dishwashers add to a cycle to prevent water spots and helps dishes dry faster.

Dawn dish soap isn’t a common thing here in Australia, you can get it from Costco if you have a membership. Alternatively, Palmolive dishwashing liquid is a great substitute. It’s an ingredient found in many DIY cleaning products.

Isopropyl alcohol, commonly called rubbing alcohol, is usually found in supermarkets and chemists and goes by Isocol Rubbing Alcohol here in Australia.

Streak free spray mirrors stainless steel
Source: TikTok

A Perfect Storm of Ingredients

As the dish soap removes dirt and grime from the surface, the rubbing alcohol disinfects, and the Rinse Aid does what it does for your dishes. As it dries, it protects the surface from streaks and prints, and water just runs off.

I don’t know about you, but I’m always here for a good hack. And anything that gives me clear mirrors and shiny steel appliances is a win in my book.

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