Need Some New Mum Jeans? We DO NOT Recommend These Ones

Ahhh, the classic mum jeans. They give you extra room around your thighs. They have a comfortable high waist to tuck in that post-baby paunch. And they help keep your tush taut.

These are not your average mum jeans. Oh no. These are something else entirely. We’re just not sure what.

Denim jeans are a style staple for all of us. Comfortable, classy and curved to your body, they easily cover up the extra lumps and bumps AND look good enough to leave the house in.

mum central

Then there are these jeans. Relaxed, ripped and ready to turn heads, these jeans cover up next to nothing and look like the dog chewed them up. And they cost a mere $168.

Where’s the rest of them?

Let us introduce you to the next generation of jeans – the “extreme cutouts” by LA-based designer Carmar Denim. These ‘relaxed fit, high rise’ huggers allow you to show off your underwear AND your legs at the same time. #mumgoals

weird cutout jeans are not for mums

Described as “high rise pants with large statement cutouts on front and back”, the extreme cutout jeans leaves very little to the imagination.

But they do leave us super confused.

Please explain

Who are these for? When would you wear them? And how in the hell are they selling for $168???

Perhaps they are designed for extra hot days when you want to wear jeans but you don’t want your thighs to chafe. Or maybe they are meant for people who really need pockets but don’t want to wear full length pants (shorts are a thing too, BTW). Or perhaps they are just a clever marketing tactic.

‘Our generation is doomed’

Whatever the case, we’re not the only ones confused. Social media is alive with comments and questions over these interesting jeans.

“People could make these jeans themselves for less than $5,” one commenter wrote.

“Why would any person spend money on this when you could do it yourself in two minutes?” another said.

“Get ready to turn heads because anyone who sees you wearing these will think you’re batshit crazy! And then they’ll KNOW it if the figure out how much you paid hahahahaaa”

And this: K so you guys are a denim brand.. where’s the f**king denim?

cut out jean trend

Whatever the case, we’re going to give the extreme cutout jeans trend a miss. I think my kids would literally die (or at least disown me) if I rocked up to the school pickup in these.

How about you?

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