Legendary! The Device That Lets Dads Breastfeed So Mums Can SLEEP


A gadget that enables dads to breastfeed?

Genius! And it’s about to become a reality. Thanks to this weird but udderly (get it?) wonderful ‘boob bra’, dads can now breastfeed baby too.

Sounds super bizarre, right? Don’t get me wrong – it is. But it could also be a game changer, especially for mums with babies who won’t take a bottle. Or for men who like the idea of having breasts…

dad boob breastfeeding device

Weird, wearable boob that lets dads feed baby

Let me paint a little picture for you. It’s 3am. The boobs are out. The baby is latched. And your hubby is peacefully snoozing beside you.

Although it’s hard NOT to throw a pillow at his snoring, peaceful face, you don’t. Because, you don’t want to wake the infant. AND, because you know that night duties tend to fall on you – the one with the boobs – not your husband. So, night after night, you sleep in 35-minute increments while baby sucks and hubby snores. And slowly lose your mind.

But with this weird and kinda wonderful gadget, you can actually take a break from the late night feedings or leave the house and let dad take over breastfeeding duties. Quite literally.

Meet the Dad Boob

It’s all thanks to Japanese Company, Dentsu, which showcased their prototype at the SXSW festival in Austin, Texas earlier this year.

dad boob dad breastfeeding

The technical name of this bad boy is the “Father’s Nursing Assistant” but we reckon “Dad Boob” has a much better ring to it, especially at 2am when the baby is crying.

Simply roll over, nudge your partner and whisper, “Get the Dad Boob out, honey, it’s your turn.”

Ahhh. Bliss.

How it works

Remember that homemade boob that Jack wore in Meet the Fockers? Well, the Dad Boob is kind of like that. But it’s far more techy. And it was made under the guidance of paediatricians.

dad boob meet the fockers

The theory behind the device is simple. Babies love breasts. They love the shape, the feel, the skin-to-skin. They love to grab at them while feeding, to claw at them with their crazy long fingernails and to bite down on the nipple whenever they feel like it. And, as they get older, they love to whip their head around while still holding onto the nipple, ruining mum’s nipples forever and causing her to grimmace in pain.

Well, the Dad Boob lets babies do all of these things but to a fake breast, not yours. One of the fake boobies holds the breastmilk (or formula) and the other contains the nipple system. The device is soft and shaped like a real breast and is designed to promote skin-to-skin contact for fathers. Freakin genius!

dad breastfeeding with dad boob

Baby hates the bottle? Bring out the Dad Boob instead 

For babies who refuse to take a bottle, this could be a game changer. It means others can take a turn at feeding bubba without having to go through the stress of getting them to latch onto a bottle.

Many babies will flat out refuse to take a bottle, meaning mums are left doing ALL the feeds, even when there’s a whole freezer full of expressed milk.

Trackable, vibrating boobs the way of the future?

What makes the Dad Boob even more unique is its super technical powers. Because the Dad Boob is also a Smart Boob that tracks data about baby’s feeding session and transfers the info to a smartphone. Plus, it vibrates to help lull baby to sleep.

Although not for sale yet, we are curious to see just how well this goes with the public. Would you be willing to strap a boob to your husband for the sake of some sleep? I’m going to go with Yes.

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  1. Avatar of Tom Brinckman
    Tom Brinckman Reply

    I know they are trying to feminise men to the point they are Women but come one for one that child in the image is to old to be on the Boob still and how would this be any different to a good tit on a good brand bottle.
    Fake Boobs don’t feel natural and if I can tell the difference and I don’t feel Boobs that often any more as I am well past 60, then a child that holds one so many times a day will tell instantly it’s fake.
    Just a Father holding their child and rubbing their head or back whilst feeding does more then a fake tit.
    Men are men no matter how much Feminists try to twist and convince them otherwise and there is nothing wrong with being a real Man.
    Stop the nonsense, the Woman should be feeding the baby if it’s being breast fed pure and simple, it’s not a difficult job my Wife did it for our three children with zero trips to the Emergency ward.
    Being a Mother is the easiest job in the world, stop trying to palm the job off to Men that do all the hard work as it is, do Women just want to sit back and relax whilst Men do everything for them even more than they do now ? Breast is best and fake is rubbish, in an Emergency or for some reason a Woman can’t breastfeed then fine a Bottle with a good quality nipple is fine, children shouldn’t be getting breast or bottle fed after 12 months any way as thy have teeth.
    Why is the Man waking up to feed the Baby when he needs to go off to work at 6 am ? How well will he do his job if he is half a sleep from doing the Mothers job as well. To many lazy Women about these days that think they have it so tough, go paint a roof in the middle of Summer or Paint the out side of homes in Winton or Dysart in Summer and tell me which job you would prefer.
    Feminists keep saying how strong and empowered Women are but all I see is how much weaker they are compared to my Mothers and my Wife’s generation.
    Imagine how they will be in the next generation not only fat and lazy but all will be in those mobile scooters lol

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