Dad Texts Wife Hilarious Pics of How He is Looking After the Baby

“How are you guys going?”

A text we’ve ALL sent to our husbands when it’s they are on daddy duty.

Well, this dad, who happens to be a graphic artist, got a teensy bit sick of receiving this text message from his wife every time he was watching the kids. So he did what all graphic designer dads do best. He instilled the help of Photoshop.

Not only is this particular dad a graphic artist but he also works from home. He watches his two-year-old daughter, Alix, during the day while his wife works outside the home. And thus, now when his wife sends him the “How are you guys going” text, his responses go a little something like this:

1. Dads can multitask TOO

This screams of “Look mum, NO HANDS!” to me. Well played.

funny parenting
Dad CAN do 2 things at the same time!” Source: Instagram

2. Hanging at the skate park

At least he dressed her well for the occasion, right?

funny parenting
My dad and I went skateboarding today!” Source: Instagram

3. Field trip!

Kids these days, always risking it for the ‘gram.

funny parenting
“The view here is amazing!” Source: Instagram

4. A shocking discovery…

And they said those outlet covers are child-proof.

mum central
“I was shocked when dad asked me to fix the electricity.” Source: Instagram

5. Toddlers are SO good at hiding from Dad

When you can hear noises on the roof but don’t know what they are. Kids maybe?

funny parenting
“I couldn’t find Alix inside so I checked the roof…” Source: Instagram

6.  What a simple trip to the post office looks like

I mean, at least be wearing a helmet. SAFETY FIRST.

mum central
“We’re delivering Christmas cards!…” Source: Instagram

7. Balance is key, it really is.

Fresh air in the lungs and a beautiful day for a walk, am I right?

funny parenting
“Home schooling: balance on-line” Source: Instagram

8. Speaking of home schooling, it’s going well…

This is what they mean when they say “home IS an education”.

mum central
“Holidays are over. Back to home schooling.” Source: Instagram

9. At Ikea, you must try before you buy

First the couch, then the meatballs.

funny parenting
“Ikea feels like home” Source: Instagram

10. Dinner prep is all under control

It’s fine darl, the oven is clean as a whistle!

mum central
“I love cooking with my dad.” Source: Instagram

11. Reminding ourselves that children are a gift. Albeit, a noisy one.

Some gifts are harder to regift than others. #fact

funny parenting
“2020 is almost wrapped up.” Source: Instagram

Imagine being on the receiving end of these messages? The horror! The hilarity! The OK BABE, I GET IT NOW. You’ve got this.

After all, what happens with dad, stays with dad. Though let’s be honest, how many of us wonder what actually DOES happen at home when we’re not there?

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