Hilarious Mum Text Messages That Prove Texting Your Kids is an Art Form

If you have (older) kids AND don’t text them ridiculous things at all hours of the night, are you even a parent? We think not. And these hilarious mum text messages prove it.

Recently Bored Panda posted a list of their favourite mum texts message ever and, well, they are way too funny not to share. Some mums are clearly trolling their kids for fun (and why not?) while others are clearly clueless as ever when it comes to the whole SMS thing.

Either way, the results are text-tastic! Behold 16 of our very favourite ones!

1. Don’t text me 

mum central

2. Twenty questions 
mum central

3. A beautiful day indeed mum central

5. Be like bowtie man mum central

6. Dog park dating mum central

7. Lots of love mum central

8. Mum joke level 1000

funny text message

9. Ah, snap!

funny mum text message

10. Next level parenting 

mum central

11. Spaced out

funny mum text messages

12. No plans

funny mum texts

13. Stop changing Google

funny mum texts

14. Meow! 

funny mum text messages

15. The jokes on you, son 

mum central

16. Emoji overload

funny mum texts

So funny, right!! And proof that parenting only gets better when the kids are old enough to have their own mobile phone. I’m thinking about buying my son a phone now, simply so I can troll him! Consider it my payback for him not sleeping for the first five years of his life.

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