Mum Nails Response to Daycare’s Request to Dress Baby ‘More Like a Girl’


Baby boys should wear blue and baby girls should wear pink.

Yes, they should. If they want to. Or, you know, shouldn’t. Because colours are colours and don’t actually have ANYTHING to do with gender.

That’s why we’re saluting this family who took to Reddit to share a hilarious newborn happy snap after being advised to dress baby “more like a girl”.

Dress like a girl

Steve and Jessica Rold are parents to a two-year-old son, Phineas Wilder, and one-month old daughter, Clementine Kind. And they were a little bemused when they arrived at daycare last week to collect Phin, only to be told they should consider dressing his baby sister a little more ‘girlie’. If only the daycare staff had thought to channel baby Clementine’s middle name instead of getting all judgey about her wardrobe.

“A few of the older teachers at the daycare made suggestions that we should think about dressing our girl in more dresses. Or [consider] putting bows in her hair so that the other kids would know that she was a girl.” Steve

So artist Jessica took the advice to heart and popped a bow on her daughter’s head. A bow of the post-it variety that is.

dress baby like a girl - Clementine Rold

Baby, take a bow

YASSSS Queen (both mother and baby). It’s the perfect response to one of the more bizarre daycare requests we’ve heard – to dress baby more like a girl.

Steve says the couple weren’t trying to make a statement about gender. They just hadn’t got around to buying anything new for baby Clem. And who says baby girls can’t wear blue, anyway!

“We never bothered to find out the genders of our children ahead of time,” Steve tells Babble. “ Most of what my daughter wears at the moment are hand-me-downs we bought before we knew our son was even going to be a boy.”

Even though times are slowly changing when it comes to gender pigeon-holing, we still see clothes, toys and even activities pitched to specific genders. You’ll find plenty of girls’ clothes with sparkly unicorns and the words “Cute” and “Princess” but no ‘proper’ Batman shirt. You’ll have to cross the aisle for that. Because Batman is for boys (apparently).

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    The staff obviously spend time gossiping rather than supervising the care of babies. Use of “hand me downs” is very common. Staff should be concentrating on the health and wellbeing of the baby (e.g. the baby being well cared for at home etc.)

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