This 8-Year-Old Isn’t Shy About Her Feelings On Gender Stereotyped Clothes

When was the last time that you took a good look at clothes for girls, and clothes for boys? Well, this little girl has taken a major look—and, she doesn’t like what she sees!

Go into any kids’ clothing store and you’ll see adorably sweet little outfits. But, they’re often very gender stereotypical. Hey, it’s been this way since you were young Right? You had a pretty pink tutu skirt, while your big brother had a superhero cape.

You’re thinking, “Well, haven’t times changed?” Apparently not. This 7-year-old girl went shopping and had a serious issue with the clothes she found. She noted that the girls’ clothes said things like, “I feel fabulous?” (and that isn’t even making note of the shiny diamond ring—because along with unicorns, rainbows, hearts and perfectly pouty lips, apparently jewels make girls feel fab), “Hey” and “Beautiful.”

What did the boys’ shirts say? Um, not, “Handsome” or “Cute.” Instead they read, “Desert adventure awaits”, “Think outside the box” and “Hero!” Really? Yes, really.

When asked what she thought of the shirts, she argues that they’re unfair. And, rightly so! She says, “Everyone thinks that girls should just be pretty. And boys should just be adventurous!” She goes on to say that she doesn’t understand why girls’ and boys’ clothes should be separated, “Because we’re just as good as each other.”

These tops go a step beyond the stereotypical blue for boy and pink for girl. As the 8-year-old points out they’re telling boys to go for their dreams and think big. And what should girls be doing? Perhaps, just being pretty. Or maybe saying, “Hey.”

We should all take a tip from this 8-year-old and help girls to see that they’re every bit as adventurous as boys!


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