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It’s the Natural Skincare Range Mums are Raving About

Looking for a skincare line that is suitable for your whole family, from babies all the way through to adults? One that will combat common skin conditions including eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis, pimples, acne, and old sun damaged skin, is packed full of essential oils and will leave your skin glowing?  We’ve found it!

Think you have tried everything? You may have tried every recommended cream, lotion and ointment on the market, but you have not tried these products yet!

Launched in October last year, the range is a game-changer to the way we currently manage the symptoms of eczema and dermatitis.

It’s called DermaGen by Botanical Chemist and it’s a new skincare brand made in Australia and manufactured in Western Australia.

Discover the DermaGen difference and take the quiz to see which product is right for your skin. 

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This skincare line has been formulated by a community pharmacist who is also a mother of four boys. These products take the fuss out of keeping your skin looking healthy, fresh, young, and blemish-free. But it’s not just for us mums – it’s ideal for our kids too, regardless of their ages.

That’s right – you can use DermaGen’s products on your baby’s sensitive skin, on your kids’ sunburns and scrapes, even pop it into your teen’s bathroom to combat those pesky pimples!

Best of all, DermaGen is:

  • Safe for pregnant women and babies
  • Not tested on animals
  • Made in Australia
  • Steroid free
  • Sustainably manufactured
  • 100% natural derived ingredients
  • The Manuka Oil Balm and Cream, and Propolis Balm are TGA listed to relieve the symptoms for mild eczema and dermatitis

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DermaGen has a whole heap of great products, all of which we would love for you to try. Keep scrolling to enter to win 1 of 10 x $50 gift vouchers to spend on the DermaGen products of your choice.

But first, check out just what DermaGen can do for your entire family.

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Science meets nature

The DermGen range includes a number of all-natural, Aussie-made products that are specifically designed to soothe red, inflamed skin, support skin healing, nourish and strengthen the skin barrier, and help reduce the reliance on topical steroids and antibiotics.

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This is where DermaGen is different.

Their products contain Manuka Oil and Propolis which have many amazing properties such as having anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-fungal, anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

In other words – they work by supporting skin healing! They don’t just mask the problem.

Propolis Balm DermaGen

DermaGen products may be used to help relieve these skin conditions:

  • Acne and Pimples
  • Ezcema, Dermititis and Psoriasis
  • Cold Sores & Mouth Ulcers
  • Sun-damaged or sun-affected skin 
  • Scratches and scrapes
  • Minor fungal infections
  • Molluscum & Chicken Pox
  • Rosacea

The range: 

DermaGen has all sorts of lotions, creams, soaps, balms, and serums that work to relieve various skin conditions, from acne to sunburns, minor scratches to eczema flare-ups. They can even relieve the symptoms of cold sores!

Some of their bestsellers include:

  • Manuka Oil Cream
  • Manuka Oil Balm
  • Propolis Balm
  • Active 8 Serum
  • Skin Radiance Lotion 
  • Liquid Soap & Shampoo

Our top DermaGen product picks

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Follow these steps…

  1. Clean skin with Liquid Soap and Shampoo. The liquid soap and shampoo is all-natural, pH balanced and gentle for inflamed or sensitive skin.
  2. Apply the balm on the spots or use a few drops of Active 8 Serum to the areas that need extra support with healing and calming the red, inflamed skin.
  3. Seal the oils in with the Manuka Oil Cream. Use this twice a day as it’s light and easily absorbed.

Top Picks: Manuka Oil Cream or Manuka Oil Balm, $34.95 and $29.95 each.

DermaGen Manuka Oil

Note: If you or your teen have a mild breakout of pimples or the occasional spot, you can get away with just using the Manuka Oil Cream.

DermaGen products

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One of the biggest concerns for parents with little ones is their baby’s sensitive skin. Eczema is quite common but it can be a pain to treat, especially if the flare-up is bad. Many mums turn to topical steroids, but there is a more natural option.

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For eczema and dermatitis, we recommend the same four, easy steps as above.

  1. Clean skin with Liquid Soap and Shampoo.
  2. Apply the Manuka Oil Balm or Propolis Balm on the affected areas.
  3. Use a few drops of Active 8 Serum to the areas that need extra support with healing and calming the red, inflamed skin.
  4. Seal the oils in with the Manuka Oil Cream. Use this as maintenance twice a day as it’s light and easily absorbed
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In as little as 5 days, this regime will soothe the itchy rash and help the blisters heal. Source: Supplied

TOP PICKS: Our recommendation for eczema is the Manuka Oil Balm, $29.95 and Manuka Oil Cream, $34.95.

We’ve heard countless mums rave about DermaGen’s entire range, including the Manuka Oil Balm to relieve the symptoms of eczema and there are a number of before and after pictures on the DermaGen website that prove just how effective these products can be. It can even help relieve the symptoms of Dyshidrotic Eczema (Pompholyx).

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The balm offers a protective layering that moisturises the skin and helps to heal broken skin, preventing minor infections from establishing. The natural oils and waxes in both balms help to form a natural barrier to minimise water loss from evaporation, keeping skin hydrated for longer.

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Now, onto yourself. You probably want a skincare regime that’s easy and works to keep your skin clear, refreshed, and even reduces the damage we’ve done to ourselves in the past (ahem.. sunbaking with oils in our teens).

TOP PICK: DermaGen’s Active 8 Serum, $40 followed by the moisturizing Skin Radiance Lotion 200ml, $42 which has Vitamin B3, Manuka Oil, Green Tea Extract and Evening Primrose Oil.

Vitamin B 3 helps to increase the production of ceramides ( a family of lipid molecules) in your skin, so the skin barrier is stronger, protecting the body against allergens, micro-organisms and environmental stresses such as UV radiation.

Vitamin B3 also provides your cells with cellular energy to repair themselves. Very useful when you happen to be a sporty or outdoors type of person, as too much UV radiation from the sun can suppress your immune system and cause damage to your cells.

Although applying a good sunscreen is equally as important to protect your skin, what you do after to nourish and repair the damage is important too.

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It’s especially perfect for dry, itchy, sun-damaged skin and works to soothe and hydrate the skin. It works on all skin types too, whether you’ve been blessed with near-perfect skin or are prone to the odd bump or spot.

Plus it’s lightweight, suitable during pregnancy, and won’t clog pores. It also works for minimizing scars by supporting the skin healing process (bonus!).

The skincare solution for all 

If you feel like you’ve tried everything, from creams to cooking staples, but haven’t found the results you’re looking for, we recommend you give DermaGen by Botanical Chemist a go to see the results for yourself.

Safe, effective, natural, and suitable for the whole family, there really is nothing like it on the market. Definitely worth a try!

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DermaGen Manuka Oil and Balm

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Discover the difference DermaGen can make on your entire family’s skin.

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    Wonderful Australian owned and made products that would indeed be a pleasure to use. No nasty ingredients that I would feel confident to use on my family. A variety of products for a range of ailments.

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