This Mum’s Fridge Organisation is Next Level and Prevents Food Waste

I’m not going to lie, I love myself some fridge and organisation eye candy. And let me tell you, this mum knocked my apron strings off with her brilliant fridge organisation hacks. So much so, I’m feeling inspired to hit up my own fridge. And you will too!

Fridge eye candy aside, we all want our groceries to last longer than a couple of days, right? So listen up!

The fridge overhaul

Natalie from French Hamptons Glam recently posted pictures of her fridge lined with jars of fresh food in the Kmart Inspired Homes Facebook group. The original post was accompanied by this caption.

I’m trying something new with our fridge and healthier eating!”

Fridge organisation
Chop and pack! Source: Natalie Bronickis

And because MOST of us want to achieve a healthier, less wastage of food goal, we should ALL LISTEN to what Natalie has to say.

Every Sunday I’ll be preparing salads, fruits and veggies, meats (and cooked rice, pasta and homemade dressings and sauces – I’m making these today to add to the fridge.”

Important note: Natalie received important advice from other helpful mums about the dangers of storing cooked rice for too long at fridge temperatures. Grateful for the advice, Natalie reassured us all that she would be cooking and freezing rice and pasta instead. Yasssss queen!

Everything is ready to be eaten and stored in mason jars, glass containers, organising bins and turntables all from Kmart. It looks so pretty and had my 17-year-old son and hubby putting together their own customised salads for dinner last night, and our son also ate fruit for dessert. Here’s hoping it is sustainable!”

LOVE. THIS. Natalie!

Fridge organisation
Very pleasing indeed. Source: Natalie Bronickis

The good news is folks, that it IS totally sustainable! Natalie and her family trialled her new jar and organised fridge system over a week or so and she dutifully reported back her fabulous successes to the masses of the Facebook group. EVERYTHING was still fresh and crunchy as a whistle (or at least, what was left of it).

Prep before you pack!

We’re well aware of the need to wash all fresh produce before eating it. (Hello, Chrissy Teigen and her allergic reaction lips), but this kind of longevity confirms it. Natalie writes in her post update:

I washed all of the fresh fruit and veggies… removed stickers/stems where required, dried and chopped based on what we will be eating through the week. This week I didn’t need to buy many veggies, as I still had quite a lot leftover from last week’s shop. It’s all still prepped and perfect, ready to use in cooking and roasting this week.
mum central
STILL FRESH, GUYS! Source: Natalie Bronickis

So what products do we need?

Of her newfound storage system, Natalie says “everything storage-wise in my fridge is from Kmart – acrylic sorting bins, turntables, preserving/mason jars, glass containers with plastic snap lids, and plastic vented containers.” So there you have it guys, stop by Kmart for these awesome wares.

fridge organisation
Look out for these products at Kmart!

And is the fridge organisation all worth it?

The question lingers – is the prep work of washing, chopping and jarring fresh produce worth the trouble?
The verdict is, it is totally worth it! The mason jars and glass containers have kept everything perfectly fresh! The time spent prepping everything is easily made up through the week 10 fold! Plus any time I didn’t feel like cooking anything, we could easily throw together a salad, wrap, omelette. My hubby and 2 kids (aged 17 and 19) commented how much they appreciated having healthier choices that were quick and easy to eat, and it was staring them right in the face every time they opened the fridge!

Natalie does point out that she knows she’s no expert or the first person to store fresh produce like this but she just wanted to share her experience in hope that she could help or inspire others to give it a go too. And Natalie, you superstar, you’ve certainly done that!

mum central
Just one last look before I leave for Kmart… Source: Natalie Bronickis

We’d love to hear about fridge organisation and things that WORK for YOUR family to make the most of your groceries and making healthier eating easier. Let us know in the comments!

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