The top Australian and New Zealand baby names are in, according to the current BONDS Baby Search taking the country by storm! So far there have been well over 115,000 entries and these names are the most popular entrants.

But we’re not just talking about baby names here – we’ve also tracked down the fave names for our furbabies and most popular names of pregnant mums too!

While the official most popular names of 2021 are set for release later this year (we will have the results ready ASAP), we are incredibly surprised to see the frontrunners.

Most popular names in BONDS Baby Search 

In the girls’ list, there is no Charlotte at all and Olivia is all the way down at #9 although these were the top two girls’ names of 2020.

Mila, Ivy, Harper and Evie all landed a top spot.

Bonds Baby names
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As for the boys’ side of things, there were a few surprises in the top 10 too including Luca, Levi, and Hudson – all names that have never featured in the top ten before but continue to make their way up the charts every year.

However, Oliver topped the list, which makes sense as Oliver is currently the most popular baby boy name in Australia. 

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The pets’ names are even more surprising with plenty of popular girls’ names taking the top spots including Luna, Bella and Willow. Charlie made ALL three lists! – boys, girls and pets.

Most popular pets names BONDS
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And the most popular names for pregnant women? Sarah. Lauren. Laura and Jessica. Check out how this compares to the names of women most likely to have a baby in 2021. 

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Here are the full lists:

Top Baby Names Overall AUS & NZ (Girls)

1 Isla 485
2 Charlie 477
3 Mia 470
4 Ava 454
5 Amelia 401
6 Mila 361
7 Evie 355
8 Harper 347
9 Olivia 339
10 Ivy 328

Top Baby Names Overall AUS & NZ (Boys)

1 Oliver 731
2 Leo 686
3 Noah 657
4 Charlie 477
5 Jack 456
6 Henry 423
7 Levi 403
8 Mason 395
9 Luca 394
10 Hudson 377

Top Pet Names Overall AUS & NZ

1 Luna
2 Frankie
3 Charlie
4 Bella
5 Willow
6 Ruby
7 Milo
8 Lola

Top Expectant Mother Names Overall AUS

1 Sarah
2 Lauren
3 Laura
4 Jessica
5 Amanda
6 Emma
7 Lisa
8 Melissa
9 Emily
10 Amy
11 Sophie
12 Tayla
13 Kate
14 Rebecca
15 Chloe
16 Bec
17 Brooke
18 Jade
19 Brianne
20 Hannah

There’s still time to enter! 

There’s still a bit of time to enter this year’s BONDS Every Baby Search with entries open until 25 February. There are 21 new categories with 21 chances for your little cherub to win. Plus major cash prizes! Oh, and just for entering, you’ll get a 40% off BONDS discount code (via email).

Parents can cross-enter categories too plus you can enter different kids.

Some of the categories include: 

  • Triple Chin
  • Milk Drunk
  • Poop Face
  • That. Tastes. Gross.
  • What’s up with my Hair?
  • Naptime (haha)
  • Furry BFF
  • So Over It
  • Little Old Souls
  • Not my Best Angle
  • Evil Genuis
  • I’m in a Box
  • Plus plenty more!

Check out our previous story on BONDS Every Baby Search to get the full details on how to enter, how to win and what you could be taking home.



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