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Digital Thermometers – Essential for keeping cool under pressure


It’s tough for the whole family when the little ones are sick, and arming yourself with the best knowledge and tools is one way of getting through the worst of it.

Luckily Oricom can help, their non-contact or non-probe digital thermometers offer fast, safe and accurate readings with minimal risk of virus transmission.

A fever is usually the body’s way of fighting an infection and will not harm your baby, however, in some cases, it may be more serious. If you are concerned always consult a doctor.

How to take your baby’s temperature:

For the most accurate results with non-contact and non-probe thermometer, take baby’s temperature at the temple or if there is sweat present, behind the ear.

Follow the instructions for your thermometer, remembering that temperature can be affected by the way in which the reading is taken as well as environmental factors.

Normal body temperature does vary, however, your baby is considered to have a fever if they are under three months and have a temperature of 38 degrees C or more or under six months and have a temperature of 39 degrees C or more.

To find out more about the Oricom Range of Thermometers, or for a list of retailers, simply head to:

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