Oh Em Gee The Cutest Disney Princess Babies on Instagram


Is there anything cuter than a fresh from the belly newborn? 

What about a fresh from the belly PRINCESS newborn?

It’s the photoshoot theme taking Insta by storm and we can totally see why. The #disneyprincess and #disneybaby hashtags are a treasure trove of cute-spiration.

Check out our pick of the princess litter below. 

A whole new worldDisney Princess Babies

Just about the cutest Princess Jasmine we ever did see!

Under the sea

mum central

Ariel, complete with her magical ‘dinglehopper’ (fans of the movie will know what we are on about!)

Sweet sleeping PrincessDisney Princess Babies

Sleeping Beauty in a gown fit for, well a princess. Let’s hope there was a double nappy situation going on to avoid any poonami catastrophes!

Princess of the forestDisney Princess Babies

Snow White and the whole (animal) gang. No dwarfs as far as we can see.

The belle of the ball

Disney princess babies photoshoot Belle

Baby Belle, sans Beast. Still pretty darn cute!

You shall go to the ballDisney Princess Babies

A sweet sleeping Cinders and her magical pumpkin.

Tale as old as timeDisney Princess Babies

A tiny baby Belle, this time with her beast. Disney princess babies, how we love you!

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Images source: Belly Beautiful Portraits

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