Spending time with Grandma is precious… but is it priceless?

Apparently not! One mum was left horrified and “hurt” (not to mention, broke!) when her own mother sent a $475.50 bill for costs incurred after spending time with her granddaughter.

The $475.50 bill (yes, 50 cents was included on the invoice) included an itemised list of things such as petrol to and from the airport, admission to a museum and transportation into the city.

Burned by Grandma

The mum vented her frustrations through The Washington Post’s Ask Amy advice segment. Using the name, Burned by Grandma, the mum explains, “I sent a check for $300 to my mother to cover my daughter’s expenses during her visit. Upon my daughter’s return, my mother sent me an invoice for $475.50 (that’s about $600 in Australian dollars!) for additional expenses.”

Obviously hurt and angry, the mum admits, “I don’t trust her to spend time with my daughter because it is just too costly for me (financially and emotionally).”

Oh, but it gets better! Because, as the mum explains, this unexpected bill arrived soon after Grandma stayed with the family for four months and didn’t pay for a thing.

‘We paid for everything, including a nice vacation to an island over Christmas,” Burned by Grandma writes.

The mum admits that Grandma is known for her Scrooge-like tendencies, with the rest of the family staying away due to her stinginess.

What’s the deal, Grandma?

What does Amy say the burned mum should do with her penny-pinching relative?

Amy suggests that it’s time to have “the talk” with Grandma. Grandma obviously has a problem sticking to the budget. Oh, and one with picking up the phone to ask permission to spend $500 extra on trips into the city.  Amy also mentions that this itemised list may be her “passive aggressive way of telling you she doesn’t actually want to host your daughter”.

Burned by Grandma, indeed.

As Amy explains, it’s time for mum to “to decide whether this relationship between grandmother and granddaughter is one you can afford to foster”

Family. You gotta love them. Or at least put up with them (even if they are complete tight arses). What would you do if you received an invoice like this?

Burned by Grandma isn’t the only one who has received an unexpected invoice. Check out our article on 5 -Year-Old Alex Nash Billed For Not Turning Up at Birthday Party. 


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