You Won’t Believe These Amazing Disneyland Weddings: Turn Up The Romance!

Who wouldn’t want to get married in the happiest place on Earth? If you’ve ever imagined what a Disneyland wedding would be like, it’s time for your fantasy to meet reality.

So, Disney isn’t just for the kiddos. If you’re feeling the love and you’re a mad Mickey fan, you could actually get hitched there! Yep, a Disneyland wedding! Find out more.. 

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It turns out Disney isn’t just for tot-centered trips. Instead of waiting for their honeymoon to visit the park, some couples actually have the wedding there! That’s right, their big day is right alongside Mickey, Minnie and all of those princesses. Yes, we know just how much your little one adores Ariel, Belle, Jasmine and all the other cartoon characters.

If you’re starting to think, “Gosh, a Disneyland wedding? That must be a real challenge to plan?” Can you imagine? It’s your special day and some kid is puking on the concrete (after eating a whole pizza and then going on a twirly, whirly ride) mere feet away. Um, no. Well, a Disney wedding isn’t exactly a pop into the park, set up camp wherever there’s space available, grab your princess dress and get hitched type of ordeal. Nope. It’s a much more refined experience. And, Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings can take care of the whole thing – or at least help out in a major way.

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Disney destination weddings are available in the Florida and California parks, along with Hawaii and on their cruise line. Along with the totally scenic settings, let’s not forget about all the other details. Oh, so you say you adore the princesses just as much as any little girl does? After all, you grew up wishing that you could be Cinderella or Sleeping Beauty. You waited for your Prince Charming, and then suddenly he arrived. He popped the question, and now a dress worthy for a princess is totally in order. Never fear, there is a Disney Fairy Tale Weddings dress collection by designer Alfred Angelo. With annual collections inspired by some of Disney’s most beloved characters any adult woman can get married in a gown that makes her feel like the princess that she knows she is.

And, then there are the cakes. Imagine a decadent fantasy cake. Think Beauty and the Beast in fondant or Alice in Wonderland cupcakes.

Oh, and a Disney wedding isn’t just an amusement park experience. From a jewel-toned Aladdin theme to ocean-inspired hues from The Little Mermaid, brides and grooms can create (with the help of a Disney wedding planner, of course) the perfect reception to go with the wedding. Ah, a little girl’s dream come true!

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