Mum To Be Surprises Military Husband With Amazing Pregnancy Announcement

You’ll love this adorable military pregnancy announcement! Telling your guy that he’s about to be your baby-daddy is always fun!

But, when this soon-to-be mum got the chance to surprise her fiancé, it took a much more emotional turn.

While stationed overseas one airman got a surprise package from his fiancé. American Erik Blanco, and his girlfriend Bee were looking forward to an April wedding. What he didn’t know was that he would soon also be looking forward to an October birth!

Fiancé Air Force SurpriseThis airman’s fiancée finds out she is pregnant. She will not see her soon-to-be husband for 5 weeks, so she decides to send him a little game to break the news. Watch the touching moment this serviceman finds out he’s going to have a baby!

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Posted by on Thursday, 27 October 2016

This so-sweet video has been racking up the views online (and we can totally see why). When the airman opens the package, he finds a cute little game that his fiancé had made for him. She instructs him to video tape the whole thing. Obviously, being so far away from him (2,000 miles!) means that she couldn’t physically see his reaction. And, what mum wants to miss that priceless picture?

military-fiance-pregnancy-announcementAs he opens the “game” he finds a homemade scrabble board and a few special pieces to play with. The first clue reads, “We got _____ in July.” Easy. The answer is “engaged.” The second one follows with, “We will get ______ in April.” Duh? It’s “married.” But, the third one throws the airman for a moment, “And our ______ is in October.” Hmmm. What could that be?

scrabble-pregnancy-announcementWell, as the viewers we know that his fiancé is pregnant. With a shuffle of the scrabble tiles, the daddy-to-be figures it out. Before saying anything, the tears start to flow. Both from him and us—so grab a box of tissues!

After the video was posted on Facebook, and received more than 2.8 million views on Facebook and more than 400,000 on YouTube, the proud new parents commented on the clip. After thanking everyone for sharing kind comments (does that still happen on FB?), the new dad shared a pic of his beautiful baby daughter—born October 4. Like any new dad, he joked (of sharing the photo of his daughter), “Only because I have about 2k pictures of her lol.” We totally get it.

So, how did it all turn out for this super-emotional duo? The oh-so-cute couple got married in April, just like the game said they would. And in October, again just like the game implied, they welcomed their daughter — baby Nyah Edith.

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