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10 Easy Last-Minute DIY Halloween Costumes for Pets


There’s nothing quite like Halloween to bring out the child in all of us.

No other holiday compares to the thrill of dressing up like your favourite character and running around with your kiddos in the dark collecting lollies from strangers. While not everyone loves Trick or Treating if you are planning on taking the kids this year, why not bring your dog too? Just make sure they are on a lead at all times and that they are dressed up too. Because Halloween costumes for pets are way too cute!

Halloween is creeping up pretty quickly so here are 10 easy, last-minute DIY Halloween costumes for pets. No crazy crafting abilities required.

Just make sure your pet is up for the excitement that comes along with the festivities.

Fun Last-Minute DIY Halloween Costumes For Pets

1. Colourful Piñata

DIY halloween costumes for pets
Source HomesAlive and PetGuide

Your pet will be ready to party with this fun and simple Halloween costume.

The beauty is there’s no sewing required. All you need is an old pet T-shirt or a baby onesie for smaller pets, some colourful fringed felt (for a more durable costume), crepe or tissue paper strips, and a hot glue gun.

Simply glue the strips of felt or paper down the back of the T-shirt.

If your pet tolerates hats, you can take two party hats, cut them shorter if your pet is on the smaller side, and glue felt or paper strips onto each hat. Glue some ribbons to tie around their head.

And there you go, be ready for the compliments!

2. Spooky Bat Dog/Cat

Bat costume Halloween costumes for pets
Source: MeowBox and Paradepets

This is another no-sew, easy costume for your furry friend.

You’ll need black felt or construction paper, a wide black ribbon (optional), scissors, and a glue gun.

Outline and cut out the batwings. This is easier if you fold the felt or construction in half so both wings are the same size.

You can glue the wings to the ribbon to tie around your pet, or you can simply glue them directly onto their harness.

If you want to get fancy, you can draw details on the construction paper wings with chalk or a white marker, or glitter to add some shine. You can include your kiddos for this part as they will surely enjoy embellishing them.

3. Sweet Angel or Mischievous Devil

Halloween costumes for pets
Source: Costume Works

Similar to the spooky batwings, you can make angel wings out of white felt or construction paper, wide white ribbon, scissors, and a hot glue gun. The angel halo can be made out of golden or white pipe cleaners and ribbon to wrap around your pet’s head.

For the naughty devil, you can use red felt or construction paper for the horns and ribbon to tie them around their head. If you want to go the extra mile, you can make a cape out of red fabric for more drama.

4. Pumpkin Costume

Halloween costumes for pets
Source: Thedapple and Temu

You can have fun turning your furry friend into a cute or spooky pumpkin with this quick and customizable get-up.

All you need is an orange pet T-shirt or onesie and a black marker. Draw the pumpkin face of your choice on the back of the T-shirt or the chest area, your choice.

If you want to go the extra mile, cut a leafy fringe from green felt and hot glue it to the neck.

Now tell me, does it get easier than this?

5. A 90s Beanie Baby

DIY Halloween costumes for pets
Source: Brit and Homes Alive

We all remember beanie babies from the 90s. Many of us tried to collect as many as we could get our hands on.

To turn your adorable fur baby into a life-size version and relive the craze you’ll need red and white construction paper or felt, ribbon, scissors, and a glue gun.

Cut out a red heart shape, and the letters ‘T’ and ‘Y’ (make sure they’re in the right font). Hot glue the letters onto the heart and attach the ribbon to the back of the heart.

That’s it. If it’s possible, your furry friend is now more adorable than before!

6. Bloody Knife and Bandana

Halloween costumes for pets 2023
Source: Sew Doggy Style and Etsy

You’ll have a furry serial killer on your hands with this no-sew costume.

Cut red fabric or felt into a triangle making sure the neck side is long enough to tie around your pet’s neck. Then cut the lower part of the bandana to look like dripping blood.

If you want to be extra fancy, outline with red glue glitter or paint for a more dramatic effect.

Cut out a knife handle and sharp end from lightweight cardboard, like a cereal box, or construction paper. Hot glue each piece to the bandana.

Another alternative is to take a white bandana or piece of fabric and splatter it with red paint for a very bloody effect.

7. Football Player

Halloween costumes for pets
Source: Side Walk Dog and

Envision your pet as a pro athlete? Then this quick and easy costume is for you, err, I mean, your pet.

Simply take your favourite team’s jersey and put it on your pet. Or grab a pet T-shirt in your team’s colour, cut your favourite player’s number out of white felt, and hot glue it to the shirt’s back.

Now, let’s go, team!

8. Business Pup/Cat

Halloween costumes for pets
Source: Homes Alive and Dogtv

It doesn’t get easier than this! Your pet will be ready to negotiate for treats with confidence with this simple costume.

Find an old tie and loosely tie it around their neck. Or tie it and glue it to the ribbon or their collar if you prefer. You can even cut it down to size if you have a short furry friend.

9. Super Pet

Halloween costumes for pets
Source: Dogtv and Instructables

This one is super simple!

Take a piece of fabric in the colour of your choosing. Cut out your pet’s initials out of felt and hot glue it to the cape. Loosely tie the cape around your pet and they’ll be ready to save the day along with some yummy treats.

10. Shark Pet

Shark costume for pets
Source: All Created and Wear Wag Repeat

Beware of Shark Dog (or Cat)!

This unique costume is sure to turn heads. Bonus points if you dress up as a surfer who got away.

Using foam board or cardboard, cut out the shape of the fin and a square piece to glue the fin to for support.

Take a long, wide grey piece of fabric and hot glue the square piece in the middle. Then, glue the fin to the top of the fabric. Tie the fabric around your pet’s chest. You can also use Velcro if you prefer.

Use foam board in the colour of your choice to make a bitten surfboard. Make one end rounded and the other jagged with ‘bite marks.’ Don’t forget to wear swim/board shorts and flip-flops.

We hope you find these ideas easy enough to pull off at the last minute. Happy Trick-or-Treating!

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