Game of Cones: Dog Owner Crafts these 8 Dog Cone Costumes and the Internet Applauds


If there’s one thing I’ve discovered in the past 18 months, it is that dogs are surely one of the many secrets to happiness. Take this puppy Finn, who, following surgery, sported a range of incredible dog cone costumes for two weeks. From Game of Cones to Star Wars, he did it all with that nonchalant look on his sweet face!

The dog cone of shame gets a makeover

Following his desexing surgery, ever the good sport, Finn (and his human) turned wearing a protective cone into a dog cone costume-wearing challenge. Any pet owner who has had to force their pet to wear a cone of shame, knows only too well what a pain-in-the-butt time it can be for both pet and owner. So why not turn it into some fun?

dog cone costumes
The most beautiful Thanksgiving turkey we ever did see. Source: Instagram

14 days of wearing fun dog cone costumes

Golden retriever Finn was committed to quite a few impressive looks during his recovery period. We saw him and his dog cone morph into a martini, a turkey, Buzz Light Year, even Macca’s fries. Take a look at him below. The treats his human had, must have been VERY good for him to be still enough to take his photo. My golden retriever would never…

dog cone costumes
Game of Cones. It’s ON, let the fun begin! Source: Instagram

But on with Finn’s fancy handmade costumes!

Hat’s off to Finn’s human for the costume dedication. We just know this is one lady who would positively slay Book Week. Keep your Pinterest button handy, we think you might like some of these dog cone costumes to recreate for Halloween!

Here are some of our favourite Finn costumes…

Channelling our inner Toy Story fanatic, there was Finn dressed as Buzz Light Year.

dog cone costumes
To infinity, and beyond! Source: Instagram

And a delicious pupcorn cup. SEE WHAT I DID THERE? Nom, nom, nom, you’re looking like a snack Finn!

dog cone costumes
Just one ticket, please. Source: Instagram

Finn the martini glass – most definitely shaken, not stirred. Dry or dirty? Pawsibly both.

dog cone costumes
The name’s Finn. Golden Finn. Source: Instagram

And let’s get a cone costume supersize on the fries! SUPERSIZE ME!

dog cone costumes
Would you like fries with that? Source: Instagram

No puppers were hurt making dog cone costumes, promise

It has to be said, just I case the fun police are ready to pounce, that Finn only dressed up long enough for his photo to be taken. A friend mentioned on Facebook that ‘he had a much more luxurious inflatable (basically Gucci) cone for 99.9% of the day.” You’re so fancy, Finn!

mum central
The most fun recovery EVER. Dog cone costumes for the win! Source: Instagram

Finn made a fantastic – and ever so stylish plus very funny – recovery and is back to his gorgeous self, sans dog cone collar costumes. But we still have the memories of the longest fortnight of his life on his very own Instagram page, Finn the Golden, be sure to go follow his account to see what he’s up to next.

mum central
Even Star Wars got a look in! Source: Instagram

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