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Paint Your Home Like a Pro and SAVE. Your Chance to WIN a $250 Monarch Prizepack

With winter officially over, and my kids out of the ‘toddler stage’, I decided to get my DIY hat on and have a go at painting the inside of my house.

That’s right,  no professional painters. Just me, myself and a few essential painting tools and products. Heck, if those couples on The Block can do it, it can’t be THAT hard, right?

So armed with enough coffee to fuel a wombat, an epic painting playlist and my painting supplies (thanks to Monarch Painting), I was ready to turn my lounge room and entrance into a bright beacon of pure painting perfection.

Considering doing the same? I highly recommend you give it a red hot go!

Come see how I did it and keep on reading to enter our DIY Painting Competition. We’ve got 2 Paint Packs worth $250 each to give away thanks to Monarch Painting. 

Ready, Set, Paint

Before we begin, you should know that it’s been a LONG time since I painted anything. Like PRE KIDS! So I was feeling a little rusty, but thankfully I had some great tools and a whole lot of advice from a Monarch team member in store.

Of course, I didn’t consider the “distractions” (AKA my two ratbags boys) that might arise during the painting process. But even with my lack of experience and my ‘helpers’ demanding snacks every seven seconds, I still managed to get the job done right and it was easy!

How to successfully paint your home like a pro!

I needed:

  • 1 x weekend (two days in total)
  • 2 x litres of coffee
  • Bribes to make my kids go away (includes various food and PS4 privileges)
  • Plastic backed drop sheet
  • Sand paper to sand and smooth surfaces
  • Liquid sugar soap and bag of rags to prep surfaces
  • Blue painters masking tape to prep edges
  • Old sheets to cover furniture where necessary
  • Quality paint rollers, frames and paint trays
  • Monarch Walls, Doors & Trims Brush 63 mm
  • Monarch advance plus wall brush 38 mm
  • Monarch windows & doors brush 22 mm
  • Monarch smart lock mini roller 100 mm microfibre
  • 1 X 6 litres tin of paint for walls 
  • 1 x 4 litres tin of paint for skirting and wooden surfaces 

12 Hours

Total costs: Under $250 

Painting Tips and Tricks to Save Time and Money

1. Invest in the right tools

Make sure you spring for good quality paint brushes and rollers. They have a LOT to do with the way that paint is distributed on to the surface and the quality of the finish you end up with (plus you don’t have to keep pulling brush bristles out of your freshly painted surfaces)!


These were the brushes I used. The standout was the Monarch Windows and Doors Paint Brush (the small purple one at bottom), which is meant for windows and doors, however for me I loved the angled bristles and it worked a treat for me when cutting into skirting boards and trims with real precision and ease. #mumhack

Monarch are known for their amazing quality and massive range of brushes so jump over to the Monarch website and learn more and select the right brushes that will best suit your project.

Monarch Paint Brushes

The Monarch Smart Lock Mini Rollers made the job absolutely effortless and were a standout winner on the job. These are not your typical mini roller.

monarch-mini-roller-3-packThe SmartLock mechanism allows you to attach and remove your mini roller without even touching it. That means no more dirty hands, no messy daily cleanup and a quick and easy way to change paint colours.

In between jobs or overnight, simply insert the roller into the container, click down to release and pop the airtight lid on. Now your roller will keep fresh for up to 2 weeks.

mum central

2. Prepare for minor paint spills

They are bound to happen. I used one of Monarch’s drop sheets which was a great long canvas type drop sheet with a plastic backing. This meant there was no risk of any wet paint soaking through into my carpets.

Throw old sheets over furniture to avoid random paint splatter and keep a clean wet rag handy to wipe up spills at a moment’s notice before it dries. And if you’re trying to paint with kids in the house, there WILL be spills!

3. Preparation is everything

Now I’m a pretty impatient person, and while I’d like to just get paint on brushes, one thing I know is preparation is KEY when it comes to painting.

If you don’t want to sigh every time you look at your painted walls for the next 10 years, it’s important to have the right preparation process. Here’s what to do to get the ultimate result.

PREP: Before you start painting always wash out brushes and rollers. For rollers, wash under tap and remove excess lint. For water based paint, soak your paint brushes in water for 15 minutes. For oil based paint soak the paint brushes in turps for 15 minutes. This allows greater paint pick up, greater paint release and an even, smooth finish.

WASH: Take a warm bucket of water, add a dash of Liquid Sugar Soap and grab a cloth. Now wash every surface down. Get rid of the dust and wipe off any marks so that your paint sticks. Make sure you wipe the surface down after with a clean cloth to remove any soapy residue. And rub any doors, trims or wooden surfaces with sandpaper (usually 120 grit fine grade) to make them nice and smooth. Don’t forget to dust off after sanding!

FILL: You may need to fill fine cracks and small holes. Use Monarch Mini Gap Filler to get the job done. The Monarch mini cartridge is used with a compact caulking gun to get around tight spaces and because you’re using a small amount, this means less waste. Once the filler has dried you can sand to create a smooth surface. Now you’re ready to start painting!

MASK OFF:  To avoid getting paint onto surfaces you don’t want to paint, use quality masking tape to “mask off” your edges. TIP: Make sure you buy good quality tape to avoid paint bleeding through and always remove the tape after you’ve applied the paint (whilst still tacky) to prevent paint from being pulled off.


CUTTING IN: When cutting in, it’s best to use a quality brush to ensure greater paint pick up, paint releases and to get that smooth, even finish. You don’t need to overload your brush or put too much pressure as you move the brush along the edges. Take your time as there’s no rush. That way you get better coverage.

HOT TIP: Be sure to check out Renew in 2 on the Monarch website.  Here you can find all the popular DIY painting projects. Each project comes with a video, step by step instructions and a shopping list. And, even if you’re offline, you can download the PDFs of the shopping list and step by step instructions for future use.  More on that below too.

how to paint your lounge room mum central

Renew in 2 with Monarch Painting

Monarch is so much more than high-quality painting and decorating tools. They are a team of DIY and professional painters who know what it takes to turn inspiration into extraordinary! With Monarch tools, tips and know-how you can transform your DIY fear factor into professional WOW factor!

Their Renew in 2 campaign aims to do exactly that. Directed at the DIY and professional tradesmen enthusiasts who are looking for inspiration and to follow the latest trend in the renovation world.

Renew in 2 identifies the “two” most crucial elements of each project, it can be projects with 2 people, 2 products, 2 days etc. Each painting project comes with a complete video guide, along with downloadable step-by-step instructions and list of items required for that specific project.

monarch-renew-in-twoSome examples of the Renew in 2 Projects are:

  1. Renew your Deck with 2 people
  2. Revive your Pots with 2 tones
  3. Renew your Kitchen Cabinets in 2 steps
  4. Restore your Furniture with 2 people

I have to admit, I surprised myself. I’ve always avoided doing DIY projects like painting because I figured I would mess it up. But with the right tools, I easily completed the job and cut down on the costs.

Two days and two beautiful new areas in my home to admire every time I walk in the door.

Monarch Painting

9 monarch-renew-in-two


  • Great quality
  • Enormous Range
  • Easily available at Bunnings
  • Lasts a lifetime
  • The right tool for every job
Ease of Use
Value for Money
Range of Products


Want to be the master of your own painting project? Here’s your chance!

Thanks to Monarch Painting, we have 2 Painting Prize Packs (valued at $250 each) to give away, featuring:

Fill out my online form.

Once you’ve finished entering, head over to Bunnings to check out the range of Monarch Painting supplies. Monarch have everything you need to renew or refresh your interior or exterior. 

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