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Grab the Kids and Gather Round: The Toy Story 4 Trailer Is Here!

Get ready for another round of Toy Story glory!

That’s right guys, Buzz and Woody are back for the fourth instalment of Toy Story!

And we’ve got the official trailer right here!

So what’s been going down since Toy Story 3, which was EIGHT YEARS AGO. Crazy, right?

Anyhow, the last time we saw the gang they were in toy turmoil as their beloved Andy headed off to college. They got stuck at a daycare, made some new friends, lost these new friends and eventually found a new home with new owner, Bonnie.

Check out the Toy Story 4 Trailer

As the trailer shows us, the new movie will feature the same classic characters. There’s Woody, Buzz, The Potato Heads, Rex, Hamm, that Slinky Dog thing, those three-eyed Alien dudes – plus some sort of weird looking spork.

But that’s pretty much all it tells us.  So we did a little digging and here’s what you can expect this time around. Woody and the crew have been having a pretty good time at Bonnie’s place but all that’s about to change with the addition of “Forky” (that weird spork from the trailer). The gang, plus Forky, hit the road on an adventure where we’re sure a bunch of crazy stuff is bound to happen.

To Infinity and Beyond (again) 

The movie is slated for release in June 2019 and, even though we’re a little lost on what to expect, we are pretty excited about it.

And we’re not the only ones. Check out this cheeky reaction to the trailer:

Curious what other movies are coming out in 2019? Never fear – we’ve got a list right here!

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