Mum Gives Birth to Twins 26 Days After Her Firstborn

If you think having two babies in a year is not possible, this mum has just broken all the records. She gave birth to twins just 26 days after giving birth to her son.

The 20-year-old Bangladeshi woman gave birth to her firstborn son in February this year. It was a normal delivery, we might add. Nothing out of the ordinary. (Not that any birth is ‘normal’.)

Here’s where the craziness sets in – three weeks after giving birth, Arifa Sultana presents at a different hospital to that which she gave birth in complaining of pains in her lower abdomen.

The gynecologist, Dr. Sheila Poddar, performs an ultrasound and discovers that Arifa is preggers (again…or still!).

What’s more, there’s not just one baby, there are two – twins.

In normal circumstances, this might call for a celebration, but not so much in this instance.

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It seems that what Arifa didn’t know is that she had two uteruses. AKA a ‘double uterus’. And both were carrying babies.

According to Dr. Podder, the second pregnancy wasn’t picked up during the delivery of the first baby because Arifa did not undergo an ultrasound. If she had, they would have discovered the double uterus.

On discovering the second pregnancy Dr. Prodder performed an immediate C-section and successfully delivered the twins. Which were a perfect pigeon pair.

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According to Mayo Clinic, having a double uterus is rare (phew!) ‘congenital abnormality’. Initially, the uterus has two small tubes but as it grows the tubes merge together to create one large sack.

In a small number of cases, the tubes don’t join and instead develop into separate organs. This is what is called a double uterus.

A double uterus can have one opening into the vagina or two openings – separated by a thin wall of tissue.

As in Arifa’s case, is it possible to have two successful pregnancies but a double uterus does increase the risk of premature birth or miscarriage.

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While it’s not common for a woman to have a double uterus, this isn’t an isolated occurrence.

Yup. This isn’t the first, or only, case where a woman has been found to have two uteruses and is carrying a baby in each. Who’d have thought it, right?

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