Down & Dirty Secrets: How to Conceive a Boy!


Fed up of all things girly? Or maybe pink just isn’t your colour? Perhaps you have a gaggle of girls and would love to add a little boy to the mix.

Some folks will do whatever it takes to try and guarantee the gender of their offspring. If you’re one of these people here’s a few tricks to try that claim to help conceive a bouncing blue bundle…

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Yup. I’m serious. I hate to be the bearer of bad news but you’re gonna have to hold off on all that shagging If you want a boy.  Anytime, anywhere, spontaneous sex is out and perfectly timed intercourse is in!Why’s that I hear you ask? Well, boy sperm are believed to swim faster than girl sperm but boys die off quicker than girls do. So, if you want your partners Olympic sprint boy swimmers to get to your egg before the marathon girls catch up, you need to cool that libido down. Following the Shettles method (dates back to the 1960s) you ideally need to have sex as close to ovulation as you can; that’s 24 hrs before or up to 12 hours after you ovulate. You might want to invest in a ovulation kit to get your timing as accurate as possible. Having a ton of sex outside this time frame will only stack the odds against you.

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To give the male sperm a decent shot at the prize you can help them out a bit. Crawling onto all fours allows your man to go deeper and deep penetration will be your best friend if you want a boy! Forget the old school missionary position and do it doggy style, get busy standing up or jump on top and go for it like you’re a prize-winning cowgirl. I’m sure neither of you will have any complaints.

The deeper the ejaculation, the less distance his boy swimmers need to travel. Think of it as giving them a head start. Remember, its quality not quantity! Oh and PS, if you can hit orgasm that also puts you out in front as it helps create a more boy friendly environment down in your lady bits.

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Male sperm like an alkaline environment so get some steak on the menu and dig into the salty, starchy stuff. Why starch? Well, some scientific research has proven that diets high in glucose increase the chance of conceiving boys. Since starchy foods like rice and potatoes elevate your blood glucose levels, it’s a good reason to add them to your shopping list.

Fill up on beans, plenty of leafy green veg and lots of orange stuff- pumpkin, sweet potatoes and carrots. These are believed to help the Y chromosomes (boys) survive longer. If it’s too acidic down there, the boys just won’t make it.  Cut out dairy (step away from the ice-cream) and fill up on potassium rich foods like bananas, spinach and brussel sprouts.If you’re not a fan of seafood, now’s the time to learn to like it as it’s a fresh source of zinc and zinc is said to greatly increase a man’s sperm count. The higher the sperm count, the higher the chance of a boy so chow down on the seafood chowder!

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We’ve covered your diet, when to have sex and even how to have sex! And just when you think we’re done, here’s another little nugget of information for you… Male sperm like cool environments so to reduce the heat in your partner’s nether regions get him in some loose, cotton boxers. Boxers allow him to hang free and easy and as they aren’t as restrictive as jocks he’ll be a bit cooler down where it matters. Think of it as acclimatising his swimmers ready for the big race to the finish line.

Talking of climate, your partner may want to have a cold shower before getting down to business. This is said to help control his temperature therefore once again, making it easier for those boys to thrive.

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It’s your partner’s sperm that ultimately makes the gender decision! There’s a 50% chance you’ll succeed at conceiving a little boy but at the end of the day it’s all down to fate and luck. In saying that, some of the above ideas have proved to be very effective, especially the Shettle’s method so go ahead and give it a try.

There you have it. We’ve given you the ammo, the rest is up to you! Go forth, have fun and see what happens! Oh and if you’re thinking a girl might be your thing, see the “How to conceive a Girl” guide! Good luck!

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