Hang Onto Your Hats! Australia’s First LEGO Store to Open at Dreamworld on the Gold Coast!

As if taking a trip to Gold Coast’s Dreamworld wasn’t already a major win for your child, now you can add on a LEGO-fuelled experience! Okay, not quite yet – but, soon.

Dreamworld is set to open Australia’s first LEGO store this coming November. So, brick-lovers rejoice!

According to Dreamworld itself, the flagship LEGO Certified Store will be the largest of the park’s retailers and will have both in-park and out-of-park access. That means you can visit the store without also visiting the park.

Of course, what family really wants to miss out on the in-park attractions? That said, Ardent Leisure’s  (the owner of Dreamworld) CEO Deborah Thomas noted (in a press release on the future store opening) that:

“This new store will be a destination in its own right and an added attraction to the existing retailers, rides and experiences offered at Dreamworld. It is a hugely exciting development for Ardent Leisure, for Dreamworld guests and for tourism to Australia and South East Queensland.”

What does the Gold Coast destination store have to hold for Lego lovers? Well, there are the products, products and more products. But, if you’re looking for more than the norm, you (and hopefully your kids) won’t find yourself disappointed. The Certified Store isn’t just another shop or a regular everyday toy seller. It will have life-sized LEGO models (yikes!), play areas to try out the latest, greatest brickie products, exclusive LEGO product releases and a Pick-a-Brick wall. Whew! Where are you going to keep all this lego? Check out our storage ideas.

It’s not just a store – it’s a total experience.

If you’re wondering what some of those awesome-sounding experiences really mean, here it goes – the Pick-a-Brick Wall (sounds pretty cool, right?) is a custom-built store fixture that features round canisters, filled with LEGO elements and bricks! Along with the wall, the store also holds “The Living Room” – an interactive play space – and a “brand ribbon” display of models which are already completely assembled. The store is also slated to have regular hands-on activities for children.

“There’s no limit to the imagination and creativity that LEGO bricks can inspire. Our brand partnership with Ardent Leisure marks an exciting journey for LEGO Australia. LEGO Certified stores provide a unique and engaging LEGO Shopping experience.”  General Manager for LEGO, Glenn Abell

Image source: LEGONot only will the store go well beyond simply selling, but it is will also become Dreamworld’s largest retail outlet at an area of 350 square metres.

Dreamworld’s CEO Craig Davidson also said, “This will not only give Dreamworld’s millions of loyal customers a powerful incentive to visit their favourite theme park more often, but offers a new world class tourism experience for the burgeoning numbers of international and Australian tourists flocking to the Gold Coast.”

“The LEGO Certified Store will be a fully immersive experience and a LEGO builder’s paradise.”

Even though the store isn’t yet under construction (LEGO and Dreamworld will break ground in July), it’s certainly a destination to look forward to. With the Gold Coast attracting more than 12 million visitors annually, it’s one of the quickest growing areas of Australia. Adding a LEGO-lover experience to one of the top parks in one of the fastest expanding tourist destinations makes for a perfect pairing that your child isn’t likely to let you ignore. Leave room in your luggage – you’ll need it to bring back bricks, never-seen-before sets and anything else LEGO that the kids can convince you to buy!

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