Easter holidays; the perfect time to get crafty with the kids… Here’s some ideas for easy Easter craft projects! 

Making or baking is the ideal way to celebrate the occasion, fill in the often raining long-weekend and enjoy some quality time! We’ve scoured the net so you don’t have to, here’s the best of Easter Craft Projects for Kids.

When it comes to Easter craft there’s so much to choose from. We’ve scoured the archives and here’s a great mix of cutting, pasting, baking, making and colouring to satisfy all your crafty-urges! Perfect from tiny people to older kids, enjoy making some new family memories! Be sure to take some pictures for the album.

Create an Easter Tree

Christmas is an easy holiday for the kids to understand because you put up the tree and then count down for Santa. If you feel that Easter seems to lack the same punchy, iconic way to launch the celebration an Easter Tree is for you! From a fancy store bought timber tree to a gorgeous branch you find outside decorate your Easter tree with the kids and display it pride of place. Local discount stores have cute, affordable decorations or you can craft your own together! Bonus, your Easter Tree can be the centrepiece for your family Easter lunch! A gorgeous new tradition to continue for years to come.

easter tree

Pencil Rubber Stamp Easter Bunny Shirt

This idea is super cute and really easy to do! Grab a plain t-shirt like this Emerson Junior Plain Tee at Big W for $3 and you’re ready to go. There’s a simple to follow tutorial and your kids will have a brand new fashion piece to wear for Easter Sunday!

easy easter craft

Easter Sock Bunnies

You know all those odd socks that are in the laundry desperately awaiting the return of their missing partner? It’s time to set them free with this hippity-hoppity Easter project thats perfect for older children. The Sock Bunny Tutorial can be found here.

Sock-Bunny-Tutorial - small

Make an Easter Wreath

An Easter wreath is a gorgeous addition to your home, it not only adds some whimsy to your entrance way but it’s another great way to get the kids in the spirit and help build some Easter-anticipation! You can make your own here, not hard to do, but a project better suited to older children. Find the tutorial here.


Paint Some Easter Decorations

If you’d like to do some fuss-free crafting you can’t beat these $5 Paint Your Own Egg Kits available from Big W. They produce a super cute end result but we just love that everything you need to complete the project comes all together in one box. There’s no looking for materials or hunting the house for supplies, simply purchase and create!

Make Your Own Painted Easter Egg Kit

Bake Some Easter Cookies

Easter baking is not just quality time enjoyed together but also great for gifting when you’re done! You can purchase cookie cutters like this Wilton Rabbit to get those perfect bunny shapes…

Wilton Sitting Bunny Cookie Cutter Set

Easter Bunny Popsicle Sticks

These little guys are super cute and very easy to make. They’re perfect for hanging on your Easter tree and also to use a decorations on home made Easter gifts (like a tag). Find out how to make your own here.


Record their Tiny Hands and Feet

I’m a total sucker for any kind of craft that records the size of my children at any particular moment. There’s stacks of examples of Pinterest but this little rabbit motif made with a hand is perfect for a fun project now and something to slip into the baby book as a keepsake for later on. Easy to make and don’t forget to pop the date on so you know what year it was made!


Cracking Cress Heads

This adorable idea is perfect to begin at Easter and enjoy through the school holidays. There’s stacks of gorgeous egg cups available in the shops right now, why not let the kids choose their own to add to the fun of the project? Find out how to make them here.

egg cup cress head

Bake Easter Cupcakes

If you’re top-notch cooks there’s no shortage of amazing Easter cupcake inspiration on Pinterest. But if you’re an average cook that just wants to have fun with their kids you can’t beat these super cute cupcake wrappers that bring some Easter flair! Get even smarter and mass produce muffins in them, yes, it’s Easter craft – but you’re secretly going to freeze a big batch for next terms’ school morning teas! Winning!

big w easter cupcakes

Make (or buy) bunting and decorate the home!

Bunting is a festive way to add some more Easter fun to your home. Older kids can try to make their own – we love this idea which gets that on-trend ombre look using paint colour sample cards. If you aren’t up to making your own you can buy Easter bunting very cheaply and the kids will as much enjoy the installation as they would have the actual making. And, bonus, there’s much, much less mess!

easter bunting

If you’re looking for the gorgeous Easter craft projects in our header image you can find them here: Egg Paper Ornaments, 29 Egg Decorating Ideas and Paper Easter Wreath.

From us to you – Happy Easter and Happy Crafting!


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