9 Kid-Friendly Dinner Ideas With Sneaky Hidden Vegetables

Kids and vegetables don’t always go together quite as easily as we’d like. End the veggie battle in your favour with these sneaky dinners with hidden vegetables.

The best bit about these veggie smuggling meals? The kids won’t even know!

If your kids are eagle-eyed and can spot a fleck of colour from across the table, use a fine grater to grate your vegetables to ensure they go undetected.

7 Sneaky Ways to Serve Hidden Vegetables for Dinner

1. Chicken nuggets

From Play Bake Smile¬†comes this genius boosted chicken nugget recipe. Filled with chicken, corn, carrot and zucchini, it’s the chicken nugget you don’t have to feel guilty about dishing up to your kid. Tomato sauce not optional.

chicken nuggets with hidden vegetables

2. Lasagne

Who can resist a heavenly layered piece of lasagne. It’s both filling, comforting AND one of the best veggie smugglers getting around. My Kids Lick The Bowl has an amazing vegetable smuggling lasagne recipe, serving up to 12 people – that could be dinner for two nights easily done!

lasagne with hidden vegetables

3. Spaghetti bolognese

Spaghetti is a firm favourite for many kids and an easy dinner to whip up and let simmer away on the stove top. Annabel Karmel has a fabulous bolognese recipe filled with hidden vegetables. There’s delicious sweet leek, celery, even an apple makes an appearance. Yum!

Annabel Karmel's spaghetti bolognese with hidden veggies

4. Chicken rissoles

Tried and true in my own kitchen, rissoles are fab for veggie smuggling. Kids usually welcome anything chicken with open arms, so we love this chicken rissole recipe with hidden vegetables from Taste.

chicken rissoles hidden vegetables

5. Macaroni cheese

You wouldn’t think you could hide too much in mac and cheese but you’d be surprised! Creamed corn or sweet potato puree make great additions to this favourite. Check out this loaded up macaroni cheese recipe from Julie’s Eats And Treats.

macaroni cheese recipe with hidden vegetables

6. Pizza

Even if your kids only love a cheese or ham and pineapple pizza, you can still sneak some serious vegetables into it. Kristine’s Kitchen shows us exactly how to make a delicious vegetable filled pizza sauce, so the kids are none the wiser.

pizza sauce recipe with hidden vegetables

7. Hamburger

Much like rissoles, you can add all manner of vegetables to a burger patty with little detection. Grated zucchini and carrot are usual contenders but this recipe from Buzzfeed includes broccoli. Who would even think to do that? A must try!

burgers with hidden broccoli recipe

8. Meatballs

Winner, winner meatball dinner! Meatballs, tomato sauce and loads and loads of melted cheese makes for the perfect Friday night dinner. There’s two opportunities for veggie smuggling here – first the meatball mixture and then that beautiful tomato sauce. Head to Kitchen Sanctuary for all the recipe details.

meatballs with hidden vegetables recipe

9. Shepherd’s pie

Topped with fluffy mashed potato, the scrumptious meat filling of shepherd’s pie hides a multitude of delicious vegetables. Pumpkin, carrot and celery make this pie delicious, yet are barely anywhere to be seen! Find the recipe at Taste.

mum central

Happy vegetable smuggling! Looking for more ways to get some veggies into your kids? Try cooking up a kid-friendly Mexican feast!

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