WIN a Söka Tub, the Clever Australian-Made Gadget That’s Your New Laundry BFF

Get ready to soak up the super soaking awesomeness that is the Söka. 

This sleek, innovative new stain-soaking bucket is designed by a Queensland mum, Nicole Gibson, and it’s destined to blow your laundry routine out of the water.

Whether you’re currently knee deep in soiled onesies or battling the smelly socks and sweat stains that come with older kids, the Söka tub is sure to save you space, money, water, detergent and, best of all, laundry time! Check out how below and enter to win one for yourself. 

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So what’s a Söka anyway?

Laundry isn’t always as simple as wash, dry, fold. There are a few added steps in the mix that often go undiscussed. Such as separating the clothes, filling several buckets with hot water, soaking the various stains out of each item of clothing, wringing the wet items out by hand and placing them in the washing machine.

This is where the Söka tub comes in. It’s an organisational dream come true for the soaking step in your laundry regime.

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The sleek and functional tub comes with several compartments, perfect for soaking soiled, coloured, white and delicate clothing all in one space-saving bucket. You don’t have to wring the water out and you don’t have to use three different buckets to get the job done.

It’s compact enough to fit in even the smallest laundry and looks stylish enough to display (unlike traditional nappy soaking buckets). Plus, it’s made of BPA free plastic so you can use it to store all sorts of different things … clothing, food, camping equipment, baby bottles, dummies, toys … and more!

It’s also just right for taking along on camping trips to tackle any quick hand washing tasks that might come up.

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You can pick one up direct from Söka for $79. Or keep scrolling below to enter to WIN 1 of 6 Söka soakers for yourself! 

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Söka – the best thing since sliced bread … but for your laundry!

For Nicole Gibson, the Brisbane-based designer behind Söka, the goal of the Söka tub isn’t just clean clothing. It’s clean living.

The Söka bucket reduces the amount of water and detergent required to soak clothing items. No need to fill the laundry sink every time you need to soak an item of clothing!

Plus you can easily reuse the soaking water in your garden. Simply remove the compartments, carry them outside and drain. The Söka bucket’s compartments make the load lighter and easier to lift.

soka tub

But what we especially love about the Söka’s innovative design is its draining lids. You can easily drain the water out of the bucket without having to put your hands into the water and wring out the clothing.

It’s perfect for those with skin allergies, sensitivities and conditions. Or for anyone who despises wringing out clothing before washing them.


Discover the space-saving, soaking power of Söka for yourself.  We’ve got 6 of these multi-functional laundry legends to give away.

Simply fill out our online form below and tell us why you need a Söka in your life for your chance to win.

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    I crave organisation within the laundry. Multi soaking capability with innovative water saving solutions? I want to soak with Söka.

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    A wonderful giveaway that will truly make each & everyday so much easier; thanks Mum Central and Soka, good luck to all.

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