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15 Easy Slow Cooker Family Recipes to Try (Including Dessert!)

There’s nothing quite like walking in the door at the end of the day knowing your slow cooker has been hard at it cooking the family dinner.

Keen to expand your slow cooking repertoire? Here’s 15 belly warming slow cooker family recipes to cook this winter!

From vegetarian slow cooker meals to meaty morsels, hearty soups and slow cooker desserts, these yummy slow cooker family recipes have something for every taste. And they’ll ensure your slow cooker won’t make it back into the cupboard until spring hits!

1. Baked spuds

Eight hours until lunch? Cooking Classy‘s slow cooker baked potatoes make for a delicious belly warming weekend lunch.

slow cooker baked potatoes

2. Rotisserie style roast chicken

Delicious chicken in the slow cooker? You bet! Dinner Then Dessert shows us just how easy it is to do!

slow cooker roast chicken

3. Cheesy potatoes

Not just for main meals, the slow cooker is also awesome for side dishes. Head to Fresh Family Recipes for the scoop on these slow cooker cheesy scalloped potatoes.

slow cooker scalloped potatoes

4. Baked beans

Kids love baked beans? Homemade baked beans are STREETS ahead of the tinned variety in flavour. Try this slow cooker baked beans recipe from Centless Meals.

slow cooker baked beans

5. Lasagne

A favourite of many families, have you tried cooking lasagne in your slow cooker? Follow the steps from Tastes Better From Scratch and have your garlic bread ready!

slow cooker lasagne

6. BBQ Meatballs

Sticky slow cooker BBQ meatballs sound like perfect Friday night fare, am I right? Savory Nothings has all the set and forget instructions to follow.

slow cooker meatballs

7. Vegetable soup

With cold and flu season here, a good hearty soup is a must. Try this slow cooker vegetable soup from A Beautiful Plate to fuel the body and feed the soul.

slow cooker vegetable soup

8. Pork shoulder roast

From Eatwell 101, a glorious slow cooked pork shoulder roast. Excellent for tacos, sandwiches and everything in between, it’s cooked to tender perfection.

slow cooker pulled pork - easy family recipes

9. Mongolian beef

Fake out take out with this ripper slow cooker Mongolian beef recipe from The Recipe Critic. Just add fried rice, yum!

slow cooker mongolian beef

10. Cheesy chicken penne pasta

Possibly the greatest comfort food to hit little bellies after a cold footy training, The Magical Slow Cooker‘s cheesy chicken looks right up my kid’s alley. Cheese, chicken and penne pasta – what more do you need?

slow cooker cheesy chicken pasta

11. Beef and sweet potato stew

An oldie but a goodie, everyone loves a slow cooker stew. This slow cooker beef and sweet potato stew lends itself to adding all and any of your favourite vegetable add-ins! Find the recipe at Cafe Delites.

slow cooker beef and sweet potato stew

12. Honey balsamic beef

Slow cooked honey balsamic beef in fresh bread rolls looks very promising for a gloomy weekend dinner. Thanks for the recipe Carls Bad Cravings!

slow cooker pulled beef

13. Chicken lo mein

Is your family a noodle loving bunch? Life Made Sweeter shows us how to create delicious, slurpy chicken lo mein in the slow cooker. Ask the kids what their favourite vegetables are and be sure to add them in!

slow cooker chicken noodles

14. Apple crumble

Perfect for when you feel like dessert but don’t have the motivation to make it after dinner – set the slow cooker in motion and have slow cooker apple crumble ready and waiting. Head to Kristine’s Kitchen for the recipe!

slow cooker apple crumble

15. Cinnamon rolls

In charge of the office morning tea? Don’t spend half the night baking when you can have the slow cooker do all the work for you! Sally’s Baking Addiction easy slow cooker cinnamon rolls look like the ultimate crowd pleaser.

slow cooker dessert cinnamon rolls

Enjoy cooking all the food low and slow this winter! Don’t have a slow cooker? Then check out these 13 family meals to make in an air fryer.

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