The Edible Blooms Chocolate Garden is a Chocolate Lover’s Paradise … Come Explore It With Us!

Attention Chocolate Lovers! We have something very exciting to share with you!

Each year Australia’s original chocolate bouquet company, Edible Blooms focuses on one main charitable activity, and this year as part of their special 10 year Birthday Celebrations, they embark on the grand journey to bring every chocolate lover and child’s dream to life.

Announcing The Edible Blooms Chocolate Garden!


Partnering with chocolate icons Chocolatier and Lindt and local artisans Bracegirdles, The Chocolate Garden has been cleverly and artistically designed by one of Australia’s most renowned gardening experts; Sophie Thompson.

Well known South Australian Gardening Presenter, from Sophie’s Patch, Sophie has vast knowledge and experience in the world of horticulture plus a wonderful imagination, making her the obvious choice for such a unique task.

Edible Blooms Founder Kelly Baker-Jamieson with Sophie Thompson working on some gorgeous garden designs.

This world first attraction is an inspired 10m x 6m garden design, which we’re sure will leave all visitors, children and adults alike, wide–eyed and drooling..!


Accessed via a chocolate freckle walkway with candy cane fences weaving its way through the centre of the garden, the path will be lined with a row of Lindt chocolate hedges, with a liquid chocolate pond and a blooming Rainbow tree featured along the way.

There will be some cheeky choccie visitors on display and some shrubbery with unique flowers and fruit trees with particularly special fruits! A chocolate fountain, chocolate fairy tree and fairy houses will send chocoholics crazy!

And finally, the spectacularly colourful rainbow will be the highlight of one entire wall, but what will you find at the end of it??

Well… you’re invited to come and visit to find out!

Discover the wonders of this world of fantasy while supporting the children focus charity the Cora Barclay Centre via a gold coin entry fee donation.

The Cora Barclay Centre helps children who are deaf or hearing impaired, learn to speak and reach their full potential. This is achieved through a family-centred practice and professional expertise in Auditory-Verbal Therapy (AVT).

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Monday 28th September to Tuesday 6th October [during centre opening times]

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Westfield Marion, Diagonal Road, Oaklands Park  SA

Edible Blooms opened its colourful doors in 2005 and has been bringing unique gifts to the market ever since. With a national company owned store network in major capital cities of Australia and an award winning team, focused on quality and consistency, their gifts can be anywhere you can’t be. Fast! Made fresh daily and with a guarantee of exceptional quality both of product and service.


Skip the queue and take your family on a magical chocolate tour through the Edible Blooms Chocolate Garden. We’ve got 10 Golden Tickets up for grabs which will get you express entry to the garden, save you the queue and leave you licking your lips and wanting more!

Plus, the first two names drawn will each win a $100 Edible Blooms Gift Voucher to spend on anything from the gorgeous range of gifts on offer. Amazing!

To enter, simply complete the form below, leave your comment below and you’re in the running to win!

Win 1 of 10 Gold Tickets for your Family to the Edible Blooms Chocolate Garden

Avatar of Belinda Jennings

Belinda's a passionate advocate for community and connection. As the founder of the Mum Central Network she’s committed to celebrating the journey that is Australian parenthood. Mum to two cheeky boys, and wife to her superstar husband, they live a busy but crazy lifestyle in Adelaide. Great conversation, close friends and good chocolate are her chosen weapons for daily survival. Oh, and bubbles. Champagne is key.


  1. Avatar of Rita Costa
    Rita Costa Reply

    My daughter Ebony is the biggest Chocolate fan in our house, followed closely by me! If we won a Golden ticket we’d bloom like Charlie in an Edible Bloom Wonkaesque world! We’d be beyond happy!!! Pure Edible Bloom glee!!! 🙂

  2. Avatar of Adriana Pellicone
    Adriana Pellicone Reply

    What amazing work for a great cause. Looking forward to seeing the amazing chocolate artwork. Kellie from Edible Blooms has come a long way since I’ve known her. Well done!

  3. Avatar of Cassie Dowsett
    Cassie Dowsett Reply

    Would love this. My daughter is hearing impaired and has weekly avt sessions with cora barclay. And we loveeee chocolate of course! This is an amazing thing for a great cause!

  4. Avatar of Zena Alliu
    Zena Alliu Reply

    My mum is the biggest chocolate fan in our house (i have been offered chocolate, and then denied the chocolate after mum realised it was the last in the box) followed by boyfriend who is a regular chocolate fan then me. Being a fellow hearing impaired person I love so much that this goes to such a wonderful charity. Xx

  5. Avatar of Simone Pavils
    Simone Pavils Reply

    The biggest chocolate fan in our house has to be hubby. Leave a piece of chocolate under his nose and I swear he will just snort it up, no hands needed!

  6. Avatar of Jess1988

    My partner, Adam. He sniffs out hidden chocolate in the cupboard like a pig snuffling truffles! Milk, dark, white – he’s not fussy; just obsessed. Sophie is his fave garden guru too 😉

  7. Avatar of Kirsten Bettcher
    Kirsten Bettcher Reply

    I am the biggest chocolate fan in my house. I have been called a Hoover when it comes to chocolate!

  8. Avatar of Samira Bousalim Al-Ekhtiyar
    Samira Bousalim Al-Ekhtiyar Reply

    I am a chocoholic and love Charlie and the chocolate factory – sounds a bit like that 🙂

  9. Avatar of Emma Maslen
    Emma Maslen Reply

    I think I would die a happy death after visiting this place lol

  10. Avatar of Bec Cronin
    Bec Cronin Reply

    Me, lucky my kids share the chocolate they get in lolly bags with me!

  11. Avatar of Ashell

    With the taste of chocolate on show – The whole family (and the dog 🙁 ) is aglow!

  12. Avatar of Jessica Charles
    Jessica Charles Reply

    I’m definitely the biggest chocolate fan in my family!If there’s chocolate hidden anywhere in the house I don’t give up until it’s found!

  13. Avatar of Debra Black
    Debra Black Reply

    My 12 year old daughter !!!! With her dad a close second …. She can smell it out at 50 metres !! Along with our pug ! Lol … We have to hide it from him

  14. Avatar of Nadia

    Me!!! Cant keep it away theres always a secret emergency stack hidden in the house

  15. Avatar of Vanessa Lampre
    Vanessa Lampre Reply

    My son is the biggest chocoholic in our house. Chocolate never lasts long if he sees it!

  16. Avatar of Brooke Parker
    Brooke Parker Reply

    She doesn’t live with me but my step mum is the biggest chocolate love I have ever known. Her face lights up when ever their is chocolate and when she eats it all, when their is none left she is still happy lol.

  17. Avatar of Helena L

    My Mum is a chocolate snob. She only buys the expensive stuff and when presented with inferior chocolate she says, “Why would I want to waste my calories on that?!” Picky, picky!!

  18. Avatar of Kelly-Marie Rowe
    Kelly-Marie Rowe Reply

    My nan… it has to be a certain type from a certain place or she just sighs and gives you a look that makes you feel like you have kicked a puppy

  19. Avatar of Brooke Billett
    Brooke Billett Reply

    my husband….he is all about quality v quantity. He eats the “good stuff”, Lindt/Haighs etc but will stop at one square!!!!

  20. Avatar of disqus_Yr8j2w4cvx
    disqus_Yr8j2w4cvx Reply

    OMG!!!!! its me :0 every night I sneak chocolate and if I ever get to have some expensive stuff a gift or when out its as good as a good night in the sack!!! if I don’t have any in the house I have withdrawals :{

  21. Avatar of Cleo Sids

    I am , love my chocolate in everything, cake, biscuits, hot chocolate, melted chocolate or on it’s own.

  22. Avatar of Alex

    I’d like to say that it’s me but really – have you seen a 4 year old’s capacity to enjoy (and eat!) chocolate?!

  23. Avatar of Sarah Stephenson
    Sarah Stephenson Reply

    My 3 children are chocolate lovers! This would be their dream…

  24. Avatar of Dianne Childs
    Dianne Childs Reply

    My eight year old son is a huge chocolate fan! He would love this walk-through experience!

  25. Avatar of kate

    3 chocolate monster children in our home…all their dreams would come true!

  26. Avatar of Lee Miller
    Lee Miller Reply

    My nephew Jayden has only to walk in the front gate and he will smell that there is chocolate in the house – followed closely by his poppa

  27. Avatar of Nicole Woods
    Nicole Woods Reply

    Nobody in my family holds a candle to my 10 year old niece. She is an absolute chocolate fiend! In fact, when she was little she would often fall asleep in the car and it was very difficult to wake her up (she wouldn’t even respond to her own name which was repeated multiple times). I eventually found the quickest/easiest way to wake her was to say the word “chocolate”. Her eyes would snap open and she’d look around to see where the chocolate was. It was hilarious!

  28. Avatar of Robyn

    ME I have real trouble when I go on a diet. So I try to go for Dark Chilli so I don’t eat so much.

  29. Avatar of Rachael Rowberry
    Rachael Rowberry Reply

    My son loves chocolate. For example tonight knew there was a box of chocolates in the cupboard and every hour I heard of different reasons why he should get some, or maybe I would like some and he could try some. His favourite colour is brown because it reminds him of chocolate.

  30. Avatar of Kirstin Trehan
    Kirstin Trehan Reply

    Has to be me in our family followed very closely by our three year old daughter and Bracegirdles is one of the best chocolate makers

  31. Avatar of Bettsy

    Our youngest loves the original Charlie and the Chocolate Factory! He would be fascinated by this AND it’s his birthday in Oct 1st.

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