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A Touching Tribute to the Amazing Work of Neonatal Nurses with Premature Babies. Bravo!

Neonatal Nurses Day may have been last week, but the accolades and appreciation are still going strong – especially on Facebook! With more than 1.9 million views, Kleenex’s video celebrating one of these amazing RN’s has proved to be a tear-jerker the world over.

If you’re not completely sure what a neonatal nurse is or what these pros do, it’s easy to understand. They care for some of the teeny tiniest of patients in intensive care units of hospitals. They help premature babies as well as infants who are born with any number of issues, including birth defects, illnesses, infections and genetic conditions.

Even though neonatal nurses have been saving lives and spreading their own brand of caring to children and families for decades, it wasn’t until 2000 that an actual ‘day’ was established to recognize these much-needed practitioners.

As part of this year’s celebration Kleenex’s sponsored video really struck a chord with FB viewers. Ok, ok, so you’re saying, “But, it’s a sponsored Facebook video post, right? It can’t be all that!” Wrong. Even though sponsored technically equals promotional, this video clip truly highlights the nurse, and not the product. Yes, you may need to grab a box of the tissues to watch the video. But, you really won’t notice the ‘ad’ factor when you view it.

So, what’s the buzz all about and why have nearly two million people watched this two and a half minute tribute? It celebrates one neonatal nurse and the impact that she’s had on countless lives. Even though the clip certainly paints her as a hero, the nurse star doesn’t see herself as one. What’s truly humbling is the way in which she views herself. It’s not a shocker or some well-kept mega-secret that there are plenty of people out there who do their jobs to get recognition of some sort or another. But, this nurse is quite the opposite. Day after day she goes to work, not for the money and not for the accolades, but for her love of it.

Noting that she treats these teeny patients as if they’re her own children, the love that she feels for each and every one of them pours out in the video. If her own story doesn’t get to you, the parent interviews are sure to draw out one little tear (or more than a few). Not only are these mums and dads giving their most sincere thanks for the medical care provided by this amazing lady, but they’re also showing their feelings about the support and love that she provided. It’s easy to make a ‘job’ just a job – to stand back and do the work without making a true investment. This neonatal nurse jumps in head first and gives her all to these families. She puts her heart and soul out there, and the video clearly captures her commitment.

The thankfulness of the children themselves will also pull on your heartstrings. Obviously a baby can’t say, “Thank you” and they aren’t going to remember the caring that this nurse provides. Through stories that their parents tell and the photos taken by the nurse herself, these now-big kids can look back and see how one woman’s caring gave them life.

What’s the social media response to the video? Of course, there’s the growing mountain of views, likes and shares that show the popularity of the clip. But, let’s not forget about the comments and photos. Check out the original post to see photo after photo of healthy, happy children who were once in neonatal intensive care units. Comments accompany the pics, sharing mums and dads words of appreciation for their own neonatal nurse saviors. Comments of new and newish moms echo the sentiment of the video with appreciative words such as, “My 24 weeker! 99 days in the NICU. Now a perfectly healthy and happy one year old! So thankful for all of his nurses and doctors” and, “Our NICU nurses kept us sane and were the most important people in our life for those nine weeks before coming home.”

Even if you don’t have a baby who was in an NICU, being a mum makes you appreciate the job that these nurses do and the sweet (and totally not sappy) love in this viral video!

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