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REVIEW: Mums Weigh In on the Lightweight ergoPouch Sleep Suit Bag

Longer naps and a sounder night’s sleep? It’s in the bag, thanks to ergoPouch.

And, as it turns out, we’re not the only ones who think so.

We recently asked 15 mums to test out the latest ergoPouch sleep suit bag on their tots. And ALL of our testers agree – the ergoPouch delivers a winning combination of comfort and convenience when it comes to naps and nights. 

ergoPouch summer sleep suit bag review

If you’re in the market for a sleep suit for the upcoming warmer months, then the ergoPouch 1.0 TOG is a must-try! Come find out exactly what mums thought in our ergoPouch sleep suit bag review. And it you like what you read, there’s a special ergoPouch offer just for Mum Central readers.

“It was a godsend”

Seven infants (under one). Five toddlers (under two). Three preschoolers (under four). One sleep suit – the ergoPouch 1.0 Tog Sleep Suit Bag.

And the verdict?

mum central

100% of our mums would RECOMMEND the ergoPouch Sleep Suit Bag to friends.

mum central

After using the ergoPouch Sleep Suit Bag, 100% would buy ergoPouch products again in the future. 

And almost every one of our mums agree that the ergoPouch Sleep Suit Bag helped their child sleep more comfortably in the warmer weather.

mum central

So just what makes this ergoPouch sleep suit so different and so special from others? Here’s what the mums of our tiny testers had to say:

  • “What a great invention!! A sleeping bag that allows my little one to transition from car to bed safely without taking her in and out of the suit. Love it!” – Laura P.
  • “This has been a brilliant little suit, that has allowed my little one to remain mobile, but also a
    comfortable temperature at night, so as to not wake frequently! That’s a win in my books!”- Rebecca L.
  • “I can’t fault this product. My little one has slept better at night. It’s been a godsend in our home.” – Cathy P.
  • I would highly recommend this sleep suit to other mums, especially those with babies that need the pram motion to fall asleep and then to be transferred to their cot.” – Jordana H. 

ergoPouch sleep suit bag review

Transition made easy

The magic behind the sleep suit is the ease of transition. Not only does the sleep suit come with zippers for easy nappy changing, but it is also designed to go from “bag” to “leg”, perfect for active adventurers who prefer a bit of playtime before sleeptime.

  • “It was fantastic. We could get up, nappy change then straight to the car for school drop off. So much easier! It also made sleepy weekend morning breakfasts in the highchair a breeze too.” – Mary I.
  • “The feet/leg option makes night time settling safer (no falling down or tripping) and she loves the comfort it provides.” – Amanda P.
  • “Not having to wake up bub to put a swaddle suit on made an easy stay asleep transition.” – Bronwyn E. 

ergoPouch review

Car-to-cot, without waking up

The transitions don’t end there! Another brilliant thing our mums noticed about the ergoPouch is how it can easily accommodate a tired tot, regardless of where he or she is. Transfer your sleeping sweetie from the capsule, car seat or pram into the cot without disturbance.

  • “I have never successfully managed the transfer of my sleeping child from car to cot, but with the ergoPouch, I finally did it! Getting the car seat harness on and off is a breeze. I highly recommend it.” – Maree A.  
  • “The changing from the ‘bag’ to legs was so handy for going from bed to car and back again.” – Cherran K. 
  • “I was able to put bub in the pram and take him for a walk to help him settle down for his nap, and then transition him to the bed. – Kelly H. 

Mum Central readers review ergoPouch sleep sacks

Sleep soundly, little ones (and rest easy, worried mums)

Regardless of what promises a product can offer, the most important thing is safety. And this is one of the main reasons our mums loved the sleep suit bag. Not only does it offer a safe sleep, but it can help bub stay asleep for longer.

  • “My bub is a wriggler! The sleep suit means we don’t need blankets, nothing to get tangled in, no getting cold kicking off the sheets! He didn’t get hot or sweaty and he kicks his legs about giggling when I change the zipper attachment.” – Kelly H. 
  • “He felt cosy in it, and I felt more comfortable knowing he would keep it on all night (as opposed to the usual kicking off all his blankets).” – Amalie B. 
  • “The ergoPouch Sleep Suit Bag is versatile, comfortable and has helped my son sleep better. We love it!” – Courtney S. 

ergoPouch sleep suit bag review

The final verdict?

This is an “amazing product that is worth investing in. You can see the quality before even touching it. Makes sleep transitions easier, makes bedtime easier. It’s just the bomb!” – Amanda P. 

Mum's Choice Thumbs Up AwardWith a 100% recommendation rating from our testers, we’re happy to slap our seal of approval on the ergoPouch Tog 1. Sleep Suit Bag.

We hope our real mums’ review has helped you decide whether the ergoPouch TOG 1.0 Sleep Suit Bag is right for your wee one. If so, you can pick one up in your favourite design from ergoPouch or enter our ergoPouch competition, where you may be one of the lucky mums to win your very own.


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This is a sponsored article for ergoPouch. All views and opinions are those of our testers.
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